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  1. Just posted in a certain thread and once again reminded myself of this irritating thing someone said that refuses to leave me alone; I can't remember their exact wording, but it was something about women having long hair not for themselves, but to impress men. I've had long hair my whole life, and in that moment I considered cutting it all off purely to "look" more valid in my identity. 

    It's stupidly difficult for LGBT folk to prove that they are, in fact, exactly what they identify as without looking a certain way. You don't have to look girly to be gay, and you don't have to be a tomboy to be a lesbian; honestly, if I could just stop outside opinions from having effects on your psyche, I would.

    You may have noticed me posting in more LGBT positive threads recently; that is mainly because I really want to express that you can be LGBT and whatever the fuck else you want, so long as it isn't illegal. My main goal on this forum as a whole is to make people feel valid, and to anyone who sees this status update, please know you can DM me whenever you need someone to talk to about these issues. While I may not know exactly what you're going through, I want happiness and acceptance for all, in bodies that make them feel beautiful and valid.

    Whatever you need, ever, I am here.

    Your local lesbian lover of pastel horses,

    Scone x

    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Amen, my friend.

      No one has to look a certain way to be a certain way. If you like having long hair, then keep it. Do what makes you happy. No one is under any obligation to do anything for anyone. You are the master (or mistress, or whatever title you like) of your own destiny.

      I've been there before. I've had comments that have stuck with me, made me doubt myself or made me wish I had at least thought of a better line to respond with. But it's not something that needs to hold me back. So I'm going to choose to hold my head high and keep going forward. :)

  2. Those cheap baubles that smash and go everywhere when they hit the ground? I guess that'd be annoying?
  3. Welp, guess I've gotta start using that French GCSE I got more often now--
  4. I'd probably try to see if I could steal tattoos like cutie marks
  5. Because you're meant to use the spare hotdogs to pretend to be a Sabre Tooth Tiger, duh! Why is the sky blue?
  6. Element of Disneyworld-- no, wait, that would just make you the Element of Magic!
  7. I'm fairly certain you're exactly the same person who was above me last time I commented in this thread??? Absolutely wild!
  8. The Ego Movie, it's just about a really egotistical person getting dunked on?
  9. Strummer of (Lyra's) Heartstrings
  10. To cave in the skulls of the unworthy? Why don't snakes have feet?
  11. IKEA furniture...sweet, sweet Swedish wood smell... Favourite toy line, other than ponies?
  12. Thinking about my new Pikachu figure thingy that talks...I want to go home and work out how you "train" him, because apparently you can do that?
  13. I'm gay anyway, but I'd have to pick my darling princess, Cadance. She's so prettyyyy...