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  1. I feel like Cadance would vibe with those poppy, sappy love songs played no stop on the radio
  2. SQUEEE I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT FANCLUBS UNTIL TODAY! Cadance is the absolute sweetest pony in both design and personality, I absolutely adore her!! She's the pretty pink pony princess of my dreams
  3. I like FiM a lot, but it's nowhere near my favourite show/series...that would have to be either Evangelion or Fate/Zero
  4. I personally just have a severe addiction to personalising everything,'s not always ponies, but I always need to put my own spin on everything or I feel like a sheep
  5. Perhaps I have decorated my room a little... Of course that's a joke! I have so much pony stuff gathered over my years in the fandom that it pretty much covers every surface now... I don't have a problem, I promise!
  6. I frequently get into things this way. I generally HATE sitting down and watching things (curse my short concentration span!) but I love to read, so I usually just read the wiki pages to get up to speed and just watch the necessary episodes. I don't do this for MLP as much, but with long running anime I like (Naruto, for example), this is the ONLY way I can go about getting into it
  7. Toasted Scone is very much in love with Twilight Sparkle, but...well, Twilight doesn't even know she exists
  8. Toasted Scone and Twilight: They're both incredibly intelligent ponies, and much like Twilight used to, Toasty lives pretty much in a library (though all of her books are about poetry) Melon Ice and Applejack: Both worker ponies, and they even have the same amount of siblings
  9. A million hair ribbons (all in matching pairs, of course), pink glasses, and a charm necklace from her best friend Ebony
  10. 1) "I-I...hmpf, I think I slept through e-everything that he did! Yep, it had n-no effect on me! But in his presence...I'd rather n-not be around such a chaotic being, thank you!" 2) "It's not like I u-use my affection for anything else, so...y-yes, I'd be quite happy with a Changeling living nearby. How much more a-annoying can they be than usual ponies, anyway? 3) "PRINCESS TWILIGHT!! I mean, ahem...I q-quite like the idea of being ruled by the Princess of F-Friendship...ehehe..." 4) "As long as he left me'd be fine. H-he can do his own thing. It doesn't matter to me..."
  11. My OC's an Earth Pony mainly because I didn't want her to have any fancy aesthetic things. Her colour scheme is as mundane as her way of living, so why would she need wings or a horn? All she wants from life is to write poetry and live alone, so...Earth Pony was the obvious option
  12. She used to be an overworked news columnist for her homeland, as she was able to get exclusive interviews with their newest Princess, but after moving to Ponyville, Toasted Scone went silent. Nowadays, she makes a living peacefully writing poetry for anypony who wants it; it's said that on Hearts and Hooves day, she makes more money than any pony in Equestria
  13. Toasted Scone: 1) Despite being quiet and sour usually, she loves writing sappy romantic poetry (usually about Twilight) 2) Due to a mistake spell, she once became an Alicorn for a half hour; but just in looks, as she couldn't fly or use magic 3) When worried, she speaks far more eloquently than usual; if you scare her, she'll start vomiting the thesaurus right at you!
  14. Originally from an Alternate Universe, Toasted Scone and all the ponies of their unnamed land now live on a large island just off of Equestria; Toasted Scone eventually moves to Ponyville, often accompanied by her poorly named pink princess friend, Ebony Halflight
  15. As someone who is both LGBT and a brony, I have to admit that putting both of these things in the same category is nonsensical; bronyism is something you can stop if it's badly affecting your life and relationships with family or friends. Being LGBT, on the other hand, is something intrinsic that cannot be changed.