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  2. Hey guys! How are you all doing on this fine day?

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  4. Hey! Thank's so much! I can't wait to talk to you all and make lots of new friends! Maybe even local ones! Howdy! I'm already enjoying my time and I think the fun is far from over!
  5. Hey!! It's a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for being so friendly! Of course we can be friends, thats why we're all here! Hey there! Thank you, I've already met plenty of awesome people and I can't wait to meet more - I just don't know where to begin!! Thank you!- I'd appreciate a mug of cider right now, that would be great. Hehe! Thank you! I'm happy to know you understand about the judging, as most of us do. I'm more than happy to work myself back up again! I've been mega-binging, currently on Season 5. Probably could have done better, but I'd like to remain relatively sane (but I'm watching a cartoon horse show so..) Thank you for all the messages! Sorry I didn't get back to you all as fast as I did, as these didn't come through until later on. But thank you very much!
  6. That's incredible! The detail is fantastic, I'd love to learn such skills but I think the time I do it'd be long out of fashion. Speaking of out of fashion, do you think custom plushies / non-Hasbro pony plushies will go out of fashion any time soon? It'd be lovely to get one but as many know it's very difficult to must up the courage to get one. Do you think they're worth all the money? P.S. I love the little jacket you get with him that can be taken on and off!
  7. Something really pathetically dumb that would probably only affect me or just the subtle thing that makes life a living hell!
  8. It was very hard to watch- not because it was bad, but because of the emotional build up. I felt like I had missed out on so much. The main issue was is because I dropped out back in season 3 and then came back as the final episode came out. It was a shame I went so long without actually genuinely watching the show. It was heartbreaking that I missed out on so many amazing moments. Unfortunately I cannot turn back time and I can take that as my own lesson as to not to feel like I should stop watching / doing something I love. You never truely miss it until it is finally gone, and then it's really awful. Gen 4 was something unexplainable and surprising that will never be able to be overthrown in my opinion- maybe because it came out of the blue and was such an amazing thing, you never knew what to expect. Just my thoughts! Had to vent a bit.
  9. Howdy! Popping by to say awesome art! These are great pieces and I'd like to know some of the thought process you put into making these! Probably a pretty weird question, but I always want to learn new techniques myself. I plan on starting out as an artist and drawing my own OC, but if you'd be able to work on my OC I'd really appreciate that a bunch. That would be totally radical. My OC's name is Cookie Crumble! Bit lacking on thought and process but I'm working on it, the most I've got on her is a few images but they are all basic.. Her CM is a work in progress, no need to draw it on! It's the best I can do, but if you could make something off this that would be lovely. Thank you for reading!
  10. Hello there everyone! Hope you are all okay!

  11. I've been a fan of the show since about 2011 (boomer moment), when I was browsing the interwebnets things and found various clips of the show. This was also about the time full episodes were on YouTube- and this was great! I quickly became a fan in secret, and opened up about the show not too long after. Though, I opened up a bit too much, and subjected myself to a bit of judgement (oh no)! I went on a fairly long haitus from the show shortly after having recieving such, hiding away all my mechandise I had bought. I came back in 2015, and having not learned my lesson as good, I went back into hidign about my love. I never thought about joining a Forum, or Discord.. But after hearing the show was ending on a high-note, I knew I had to make a return.. And well, here I am! It's unfortuante that I lost all / most of my merchandise, but starting fresh is even better! It allows me to experience this fandom fresh and amazingly once again! It's a real shame I missed out on most of the hype of watching the show, and I haven't seen a single episode since I dropped out on Season 3. If you got this far, thank you for reading so much! It's really great! And if you skipped to this end part, thank you for still clicking on this thread! Don't be afraid to ever message me, just remember to bring a cookie..- So! What do you guys think? Should I build my way back up and binge watch every episode again? Any advice? Have a great time everypony! Hope to see you soon!