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  1. R.D.Dash

    Twilight's Mane

    Magic self styling hairstyle get yours only for 9.99 bits
  2. R.D.Dash

    Name an iconic duo

    Trixie and Starlight
  3. Can't wait for her to get a makeover to become Edge so she could still get the same treatment.

  4. a94224538a98c67a08ffdbed868b519f.jpg

    Spend some time freeing up space from my email, to tired to finish today.

    1. Matraxial Artemi

      Matraxial Artemi

      Gets some rest, you'll clear 'em up tomorrow! ^^

  5. medium.jpg

    Is she going to be okay, I guess L is going to finish the cake.

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      and this, children, is why the moon has a face again

  6. Hm, nothing exciting would have happened, if I had to guess then many characters would openly smoke and drink booze
  7. R.D.Dash

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    @Beauty Divine, @Raririsu, @Tacodidra, @The Recherche, @Phosphor, @TBD, @Alexshy, @Sparklefan1234, @TwilySparky,
  8. R.D.Dash

    What makes Trixie so relatable

    I think she is like down to earth girl. She is relatable because people can appreciate her by saying hey that's totally me. Or, she is behaving like I would behave. She is like a realistic version of the idealistic woman if that's make sense.
  9. So many people said yes, when I would probably won't bother with it if it wasn't necessary.
  10. R.D.Dash

    Do you have bad attitude towards vegans as people?

    As long as they are not in your face about it, then there is no harm done about it.
  11. So then if anyone asks you what the value of pie is it's a 355/113. And they will reply close enough.

  12. Oh please no. Sunset's she-demon is one of the worst OC designs to date. Midnight Sparkle happen to be slightly better but I would still hesitate if I was Hasbro.
  13. For whatever reason video games just love revolvers and the sawn off double barrel shotguns.Well here is the problem with that, suppose you are in the wasteland and your oponent is a pack of ghouls.

    So for simplicity sake you take out your double action revolver fire off all of bullets take a speed loader and quickly reload the gun to defend yourself from those pesky ghouls

    The only problem is that just a fantasy, since you are in the wasteland there is no chance in Tartarus that you even have that magical speed loader, so you have to reload one bullet at a time, so by the time you do it you are screwed.

    The sawn off is the same type of problem only now you have two shells instead of six bullets (well five if you don't want to shoot your own hoof off). 

    1. Phosphor


      I love revolvers... in real life. 

      Elegant pieces of machinery.  :darling:

  14. misletoe_mishap_by_mistydash-d86nnck.jpg

    Nom nom, i wanted to eat it

    1. Lord Valtasar
    2. Tacodidra


      Another really adorable drawing! ^_^ Especially Twilight as a reindeer is cute! :P

  15. Someone put a brand new battery backup unit into the trash. I am almost expecting some kind of catch from it. On another hand I don't really want it