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    It's kind of difficult for me to believe that Alderaan had no weapons present on the planet. The only way we hear it in the cannon is when Senator Leia gets captured with the charge of treason, and then she says that line. It would be like this is what the rebel scum would say, and yet everyone takes her word for it.

  2. R.D.Dash

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    I really hope that it doesn't mean this is going to be the last year this forum will be active.
  3. medium.gif

    Now if you look ahead right over there you will see a three dimensional tree, just look at it that's your next movie

  4. R.D.Dash

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    I'd rather it let end on the 9th season with the proper ending then having it to be a walking corpse like Simpsons with 30+ seasons. The jokes are going to be unfunny, people would say that the golden years were the first 10 years...
  5. R.D.Dash

    Will Twilight and friends appear in future generations?

    I am not really sure, since they are rebooting them anyway they might just completely different ponies.


    That's the best song for those two.

  7. R.D.Dash

    Would you eat the avatar above you?

    I don't normally eat ponies, so no
  8. full.png

    This is one of the wierd situations where in this case Japanese dub is outperforms  the original version. 

    In the Party of One Pinkamena-san started to use really deep voice instead of her usual squicky self I really thought that one and a half video is actually longer than it actually is.

  9. R.D.Dash

    Why do people hate good guys?

    I'd say that everyone likes a good villain, because it's not about if they are good or evil it's what they do I guess. Like if the good guy does have a cardboard personality then it doesn't really matter if they are holier then thou. They are just boring Let's look at this from this angle, sometimes it's really gets tiring to always root for the 'good' guy then you might want to switch sides.
  10. 15 years of amazing history of the Martian rover.

    1. Rikifive



      That's really interesting! :o 

  11. This is the best response I ever seen, like no one upsets Dashie like that:laugh:, kick the fuzball:wacko:, Flutters is cool though.

    1. A.V.


      "Don't make him get out his cake-decorating kit!"

  12. 17 months? I don't feel like it's really fun anymore to be a teacher in that school. I get it Fluttershy is the best waifu, but if It was me I would just refused to take the award after 6 months or so.

    1. Tacodidra


      At least it's a pegasus winning! :P If Applejack won so often, how would she even put those pictures on the wall? :dash:

    2. R.D.Dash


      Somepony could probably helped her if she couldn't climb that high.

      The teacher of the month feels more like  Fluttershy fan club at this point to me, and not  that something like any pony could actually get if they tried it.

  13. That would have probably been really funny.

  14. R.D.Dash

    Hearts and Hooves Day Trivia.

    Sneak peak #3 that would help