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  4. My biggest fear right now is that I probably won't find a spare audio jack earphones. There is going to be those USB type C headphones, and I would have to find an adapter or something. Anyway, good night everyone and see you tomorrow.

  5. Pinkie Pie- first five minutes of Up Fluttershy - Lion King,(Applejack joins her and they both cry the river of tears) Fox and the Hound Applejack: Toy Story (all of them are sad) Rarity : Titanic, Saving Mr. Banks Rainbow Dash: Armageddon (maybe), Men in Black 3 (Applejack joins her and they both cry out a river of tears) Twilight: Meet the Robinsons (maybe) Bonus Round Princess Luna: Moon Bonus Round Princess Celestia: Sunshine
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    Have you got on an airplane yet?

    I ve been on a few flights, the thing is the longer the plane ride the higher the chance of mental freak out you are going to get. But usually it's very calm experience almost feels like you're in some giant room. You usually see a lot of clouds so there is not much to see
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    It's a good thing that I don't sleep at night
  11. They say that Neon Genesis Evangelion is a perfect background song for everything, its probably true statement be\cause with lots of editing even mlp could fit very well.

    1. Jordan D

      Jordan D

      You mean Cruel Angel Thesis? And yep, it is pretty perfect! Even if the first few lines sound almost just like the Who song from How The Grinch Stole Christmas..

  12. Based on the description alone it sounds like one of the new stories that I probably never read, and because of that I can't find it, sorry
  13. R.D.Dash

    General Do you drink alcohol?

    One time about forever ago I drink a bit of hard cider. Has the same taste as a non alcoholic beverage. I still enjoy it.