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  1. tall.png

    Well here's the second one, sorry Spike you've been replaced.

    I think I should go to sleep soon, see you all tomorrow 

    1. Tacodidra


      Good night, my friend! :D

  2. 1467341215.joakaha_...mlp_fim_-_flutterb

    Don't know who that pony is, but she looks very delicious

  3. R.D.Dash

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  4. A shipping wheel of Pinkie Pie, I like their Disney mouse ears


  5. R.D.Dash

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  6. R.D.Dash

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    How can something that cute be so dangerous?
  7. Another night of vampire Twilight shenanigans


  8. full.png

    I am just saying this is most adorable couple ever

    1. Tacodidra


      Human Cozy is cute... just like her pony version. ^_^ Cutest villain ever! :yay:

  9. 1194512__safe_starlight+glimmer_sunburst

    Twilight are you okay? Sunlight or Sunlight? ....

    Oh, I think I get it they are both Sunlights, just for this I am going with the candy.

    I think when Starlight went through the mirror with Sunset, I think we just got a 3rd Sunlight ship. 

    Reality is going to be destroyed at this point

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    2. Trix or Treat?

      Trix or Treat?

      you know which ship is imune to codephrases?
      Starlight x Twilight, no matter what, you end up with a single pony's name
      (unless you go the startrix route and use the first part of both their names, or their second name(sparkle/glimmer)

    3. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran


      (TrixGlim) yeah.. maybe we should stop it there.

      I don't think you need to shorten the names of these ships, since we don't speak about them so often.

      Starlight x Twilight is enough for me to understand.

      same as Starlight x Trixie.

      do you think, that Starlight x Sunburst will be just friends at the end?

    4. Trix or Treat?

      Trix or Treat?

      twistar, like sunlight, could mean any number of couples
      twilight/ star tracker
      i think so yes, the show seems to be very carefull with the ships, if they make a ship come true, they automatically destroy many other ships,(they kinda did that with Sugar Belle/Big Mac, who had both Cheerilee and Marble Pie, and who knows who else) the 3 weddings we saw were all of characters that appeared in that episode

  10. I would have to go away soon for the night ain't I? Here is my favorite siren to keep you company.


    1. Trix or Treat?

      Trix or Treat?

      she most definately is best siren


  11. c6a.png

    I think that EQG Twilight  is between tier 5 and 6 on the pony-human scale, she doesn't have a horn or tail but she still kept her purple skin

    1. Tacodidra


      Looking at these, I think the Equestria Girls designs have a pretty good "in-between" look. :) Not that those are bad, but some of them do look a bit odd to me – namely 2 and 3, which are pretty much a pony head on a human body. :mlp_blink:

      I think the reason why she doesn't have a horn (even though the ponied up versions have wings) is that a human with a unicorn horn on her forehead would look pretty creepy... :please:

    2. R.D.Dash


      Their designs would have to be designed to be a bit more cute,moe and animal looking for them to keep their horns. 

  12. R.D.Dash

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  13. for a civilian nonmilitary robot Codsworth is very deadly, what does he needs a flamethrower and the buzzsaw for?

    1. Jedishy


      A buzz saw is great for landscaping such as trimming the hedges or pruning a tree. Burning leaves or clearing snow is one civilian use of a flamethrower depending on land size and legality in your area. They are actually both landscaping/farming instruments that are legal irl. 

    2. R.D.Dash


      still its very odd to have him babysit a baby, it would have made more sense if they did have Ms Nanny in the house

    3. Jedishy


      Yea but with the wife just going back to work and the hubby just getting out of the military I bet you money was not exactly rolling in. I mean at the time of the game's opener the economy in most of the US was tanked with food riots and hyperinflation. So it's likely they spent the cash on something with the most utility. 

  14. rainbow_dash_realizes_by_cyberglass-d4oq

    Dashie no more cider for you

    1. Tacodidra


      I can imagine a lot of bronies went through how she feels here. :P And it's impossible to watch "Read It and Weep" without thinking about someone becoming a brony. :laugh:

  15. lyra_s_destiny_by_cyberglass-d5zdxbu.png

    This is not what she wanted, Lyra has the wrong destiny

    1. Tacodidra


      Probably the only pony who wouldn't like to become an alicorn! :laugh: If only she knew about the portal...