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  1. Cupcakes of any kind really, though I do enjoy chocolate chip muffins quite a lot too!
  2. I'll be doing what I've been doing for the past ten minutes- bouncing back and forth between here, Discord, and YouTube
  3. Man I can relate to this on like a spiritual level
  4. King of Canterlot

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    I decided to start reading my copy of Fallout: Equestria that I bought back at Trotcon 2019, I had been reading it before but then I tapered off and went on a sort of hiatus from it for a little while, though last night I decided to just start reading it again, picking up right where I had left off!
  5. Pretty much this right here, though I don't think it's necessarily ignored, fans just tend to pay a lot more attention to the main series, so one-off things like Rainbow Roadtrip may not get as much time in the spotlight. Regardless, I thought Rainbow Roadtrip was very good, a lot better than the then-current season 9 of the main show was. It just felt very refreshing I suppose was the best way to put it, with different writers and animation directors working on Rainbow Roadtrip it just felt like it had more life put into it than the main show during season 9 did
  6. My mom gave me the option of having either a graduation party (which I didn't really want anyways) or a graduation trip to anywhere I wanted. Obviously, I took the latter option and we ended up going to Trotcon out in Columbus, Ohio! Trotcon 2019 was the first MLP convention I had ever been too, and it was quite an amazing experience Hopefully conventions can come back soon because me and my mom are planning to return to Trotcon once they do and turn it into an annual type of thing!
  7. Hey everypony, I hope you all had a wonderful week and a happy Friday today! :yay: I was busy with college classwork earlier in the week and then I had some personal stuff yesterday that just wiped me out mentally and physically, I've never slept so hard in my life I think last night :laugh: Anyway, I'm feeling better today and I just remembered that since I've been so busy, I haven't gotten around to posting my weekly piece of artwork yet! :P I promise this will be the last fruit bowl artwork I'll be posting! :D My art teacher had us practice in the early weeks of the course by painting fruit bowls for every painting, that's why my last like, three postings have been nothing but bowls of fruit :sealed: This will be the last fruit bowl though, trust me! In this particular painting we were experimenting with different kinds of textures we could give our paintings through the use of different brush strokes, you can see that the fuzzy part of the mitten I painted actually does look a little fuzzy because I caked on several layers of paint on top of each other to give the painting itself a texture to it, resembling how the fuzz on the real mitten looks and feels like. I think this painting turned out super great and I hope you all like it! :ticking: (This painting is called "Mug and Mitten" in case you were wondering! :squee:


  8. Ehhhh, yeah but reddit memes are usually garbage-tier and cringe though I don't use Reddit for anything. I think the communities on that site can tend to be pretty toxic and drama filled, it's really not worth it for me to even waste my time browsing it
  9. Yes, I'm still friends to this day with my best friend that I made back in second grade Even though we live in different states now I'm in regular communication with him on Discord and texting. We also play together on our shared realm server too on Minecraft!
  10. King of Canterlot

    General Where are you right NOW?

    I'm in my bedroom, where I usually always am
  11. Currently I've been doing a lot of Minecraft on my friend's realm server, I crafted an enchanting table so I'm building an addition onto my base so I can place the table in a library of bookshelves to get the best enchantments
  12. Monopoly. I mean, has anyone actually finished an entire game of Monopoly before?
  13. It's never stated anywhere outright in the show, but I believe that it is implied that they have passed away. It would be a little too dark for a kids show for somepony like AJ to go "Hey AB! Guess what!?!? Mom and dad are dead!" This is also why (since it's simply implied that they're passed away and to keep from being too dark) that we'll never know for certain how they died. I suppose it could have been an accident perhaps on their way to make some apple-related delivery to a dangerous part of Equestria, maybe they were attacked by wild animals out in the apple orchard or on their de
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