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  1. King of Canterlot

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because that "baby" your holding is just a doll your using to try and trick me, I'm smarter than you think comrade
  2. King of Canterlot

    Which Shadowbolt (excluding Sci-Twi) is the most attractive?

    The most attractive? Indigo Zap, she's a totally hot badass
  3. King of Canterlot

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because @Cypherhoof also thinks strawberries are better than apples 2 against one m8, wat do?
  4. King of Canterlot

    re-name the user above based on his/her avatar

    Pony_Assassin (gotta make sure there's the trademark underscore!)
  5. King of Canterlot

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because strawberries are better than apples (meant for @Aurora Wolf, sorry I got nothing for you @Cypherhoof you little ninja)
  6. King of Canterlot

    Does the fandom still like the Mane 6 even today in 2018?

    I believe so, I've always enjoyed the mane 6, some characters more than others, but the fact is is that I still love episodes featuring the mane 6, and yes, we have gone through a lot of story ideas in these past 8 seasons of the show, but that just makes the writers have to get more creative and create more interesting plot lines for episodes with the mane 6. I also think they're able to keep mane 6 episodes interesting cuz the writers introduce new characters into the show (such as Mudbriar) that the characters of the mane 6 can interact with. So as far as I'm concerned, I'll always enjoy the mane 6, I'll always love Rainbow Dash as my favorite mane 6 pony (so far nopony else is as awesome as her to take that spot from her, at least in my view) so if your worried about people in the fandom not liking the mane 6 anymore, I don't think you've gotta be worried, after all, the mane 6 are kinda the face of the fandom itself
  7. King of Canterlot

    How many states have you been to

    I've been to a few, the obvious ones are Minnesota (Born here and currently live here), Missouri (Lived there for two years), and Illinois (Lived there for about ten years). I have also visited these other states on family vacations or because I have visited family who live in these states- - Wisconsin - Michigan - New York - Maryland - Texas - California - Hawaii - South Dakota - Iowa - Arkansas Those are all the states I've been to where I've at least spent one overnight, I've been to a few others (Indiana, Virginia, and Florida) but I pretty much just drove through those states to get someplace else, or for like pit stops on trip, so they don't really count
  8. King of Canterlot

    The WPCC Lounge

    Confused Dashie is confused I suppose though a lot of it has to do with the who the teacher is, how much course material there is, all that type of stuff I would suppose
  9. King of Canterlot

    The WPCC Lounge

    God people were right, this lounge is pretty dead now, such a shame too cuz it used to be the busiest place in the whole forums at one point Anyways...... hope everypony is doing well, I've been busy with my AP Psychology class, if I pass then the class counts as a college credit! So that'll be one less general-ed college course I'll have to pay for But holy cow it's fast paced, are all college courses super fast-paced @TheTaZe? Your in college right now so I guess you would know
  10. King of Canterlot

    Least favorite of the Mane 6?

    For me its close between Rarity and Pinkie Pie....... but I had to choose one so I went with Rarity Not that I hate her or Pinkie Pie or anything, just Rarity and her episodes can be a little "meh" at times and Pinkie Pie can just be downright loud and annoying.
  11. King of Canterlot

    College brony

    I don't see why not, people bring all sorts of things to college, bringing some pony things to your dorm or whatever isn't a huge deal. At least that's what I think, you could ask @Prospekt, I know he's in college right now so maybe he'll have more insight into this than me, as I'm not in college comrade
  12. King of Canterlot

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Luna isn't the only gamer pony in Equestria
  13. King of Canterlot

    How pretty would you say Fluttershy is?

    How pretty would I say Fluttershy is? Well she's 20% less prettier than Rainbow Dash! But really, I think Fluttershy is indeed a very pretty lovely pony, I would say that on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the least pretty and 10 being the most pretty, I would place Fluttershy at an....... 8, that sounds about right. Her voice is soft and caring, and really the design of Fluttershy herself is very calming and gentle, a lovely pony to go on walks with or just sit and chat in the garden with, surrounded by her fluffy animal friends
  14. King of Canterlot

    Have you ever forgotten something important?

    One time just a few months ago I forgot that I had a shift scheduled at work so I didn't realize until I was looking through my schedule for my weekend shift and realized that I was supposed to be at work right now for my shift (I think it was like a Friday or something?......) Anyways I ended up being 20 minutes late to my shift, so I stayed an extra 20 minutes after my shift was supposed to end cuz I felt bad that I had gotten there so late. There's probably other important things I've forgotten too but I can't think of any besides that one at the moment
  15. King of Canterlot

    Is Pinkie Pie Mexican?

    Yeah, I'm gonna have to say no comrade. Just cuz we've seen her speak Spanish like once and she's worn a mustache just to be random doesn't count as herself being Mexican. I agree with what this comrade says, her family is supposed to represent the Amish so it is more likely she would be of some German/European descent.