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  1. I'm honestly not sure, I don't really crush on other people.
  2. Honestly what first comes to mind for me is the season five premier, both those episodes were chalk-full of creepy/weird stuff, at least I thought so. From the mane 6 being locked up in that room with the loudspeaker to that scene where Night Glider, Sugar Belle, and Party Favor corner the mane 6 in that dark basement with those big-ass creepy smiles on their faces to when Starlight Glimmer rips off their cutie marks in that cave with all the town ponies watching once again with those big creepy smiles on their faces, that was all really creepy.weird stuff. I mean it in a good way though, I love those episodes, but they do give off an unsettling vibe for sure.
  3. I watched Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree on Netflix a couple weeks back, I also watched Equestria Girls Friendship Games a few nights before watching Legend of Everfree as well. I honestly forgot how much I liked the EQG movies because it had been such a long time since I had actually sat down to watch a few!
  4. @China (100% NOT China) I'd ask him to kindly go raid Genos's fridge instead. I'm sure his student wouldn't mind
  5. Twilight is the princess of hayburgers!
  6. This is a level of adorableness on a whole new level!
  7. I actually use 4Chan occasionally to post in /mlp/ so I would be against any ban on that site. I don't know enough about Kiwi Farms, but for the sake of freedom of speech and internet freedom I would be against shuttering that site too, as toxic as a community it is.
  8. Do I write? No I don't. I should write, I actually think I would be pretty good at it, writing fiction fantasy stories and whatnot. I just don't have enough motivation to write anything though, I think I could probably get started, but I would just lose the will to keep writing after a while. I greatly envy those who can pump-out several thousand-words fanfictions, like on FIMfiction. I actually have a whole MLP fanfiction in my head that I have all planned out, all sorts of characters and settings and the whole plot and conflict all stored in my head, but that's probably how it's going to stay, in my head. It will never become an actual story on paper.
  9. Absolutely disgusting, we live in a post-left hand world, off to the gulag for you, Comrade! As for the OP question, I have mild autism and I have some trouble interacting in social situations I also have struggled with Insomnia for most of my life, it really sucks
  10. I'm not honestly sure about the other mane 5 but I know for sure that Twilight Sparkle has to be bisexual, her color scheme closely resembles that of the bi-pride flag and besides that, she just seems like the type of pony who wouldn't be bound to date just one gender. Her being bisexual in my head-cannon also helps me relate even better to her because I'm bisexual myself
  11. Ponyville in the year 2010:


    Ponyville in the year 2109:


    Ponyville becomes a sprawling metropolis, it's growth is further fueled by Princess Twilight relocating the capital of Equestria from Canterlot to Ponyville. Twilight also founds Friendship Incorporated, a business sanctioned by the government to mass-produce friendships for ponies, it's headquarters occupies one of the tallest buildings in the city and it's one of the largest employers in the city as well, from it's corporate offices to it's factories on the outskirts of town to the hundreds of delivery drivers, Friendship Inc. revolutionized the magic of friendship. :proud:

    Do you guys like my city? Ponyville has a population of over 311,000 ponies- it's quite a different city in the year 2109 than it was at the start of the show in 2010! :P  

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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

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      *friendship falls from the sky*
      New Yorker: EEYYYY!!! I'M WALKIN' HERE!!!!

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      Cash In

      If that's Ponyville, I'm scared of seeing Manehattan in 2109.

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