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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. You haven't been here in a long while. Where did you go? 

  3. Happy birthday, my Soviet sweetheart!:balloon::wub:

  4. Merry birthiversary!!! :balloon::balloon::balloon:

  5. Happy birthday mine dude! :wub:

    Image result for mlp rainbow dash birthday

  6. Happy birthday mate!
    No seen you in ages, but I hope you have a great birthday1516913764942256432694.thumb.jpg.2f1d85cc4fc474eb7dd2936279e1df52.jpg
    ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) 

  7. Happy birthday man! Hopefully you got to eat some cake today!



  8. Merry Birthiversary dude! 

  9. I went to McDonalds tonight and got a girls happy meal so I could get a pony toy, I was kinda hoping that I would get Rainbow Dash, but I didn't, I got Fluttershy but she's cool too, just not as awesome as Dashie is B)

    How many of you other guys have gone to McD's to get the pony toys? I went tonight cuz I'm not sure how much longer they're gonna be around before they get rotated out, so I thought, well it's now or never, so I finally did it, I got my happy meal pone :fluttershy: I will say however, that I was supposed to get a strawberry flavored go-gurt with my happy meal, and that upon returning home I found out that my happy meal was missing the go-gert, so I felt slightly ripped off, I mean it's not a huge deal, but still...........

    Anyways that's all, hope your all doing fantastic comrades :mlp_grin:


    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I went to McDonald's once and got food poisoning. Same thing really, if you think about it.

    2. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      Haven’t seen you in forever, comrade! :laugh: Can’t say I’ve been to McDonald’s recently, the food makes me want to throw up. :P Glad you’re doing well!

    3. Cash In

      Cash In

      I don't think the pony toys are even available where I live :P.

      Anyways I rarely go the McDonalds nowadays. I'm not huge on their food, to be honest.

  10. Oh hey look comrades, it's @Longhaul's birthday, BOW DOWN AND TELL HIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! No, I'm just kidding comrades :mlp_smug: but really, hopefully you have a great birthday Longhaul, here, have a Dashie adorably eating pizza :dash:



  11. Dashie always strikes the best poses, as she is after all, totally awesome
  12. Happy forumversary, comrade! Just happened to notice. ;) 

  13. Banned for banishing thy King! That is treason, off with your head!
  14. I've heard that they're supposed to animate all of G5 in Toon Boom, but those are just rumors....... as for EQG, I'm not actually sure, it would be interesting as heck to see it happen though, it's kinda hard to picture EQG looking similar to the MLP movie, but if they're going to use Toon Boom which is what they used for the movie, I suspect that EQG would look similar to that general style. I'm sure it would look fine if they did use Toon Boom for EQG, I really liked the MLP movie art style and it would be neat to see that get brought into the EQG universe.