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  1. As a princess I'm commandeering this bed for myself! You'll just have to sleep on the floor peasant
  2. I got my mom a present for Christmas last year But I suppose your looking more for romantic love, in which case I've never done before because neither of my past two relationships lasted long enough for me to even get that far Last time you went down a water slide?
  3. Since when do princesses make their own breakfast? That's the job of peasants like you! Better get cooking!
  4. I'm not really watching the videos per say, more just listening to them as I browse the forums here Right now I'm listening to Nui Harime's theme song from Kill La Kill, it's pretty badass, I kind of forgot how great of a soundtrack that anime has
  5. This right here. I really loved how they had originally wrote Celestia back in the early seasons of the show, however I really didn't care for the way she was written in the later seasons of the show. I think a lot of it had to do with the new writers not knowing how to properly write her character or how to make her properly evolve as a character. I feel like she went from a wise all-knowing leader at the start of the show to an overly hyper dumbed-down silly filly by the end of the show, something that I didn't like and I don't think her character should have evolved in that way.
  6. Alright, this is clearly getting out of control, I need to put some extra locks on my windows or something
  7. That's pretty cool Comrade! When my grandpa was a young man he said he went out to California using Route 66 Now as for me I believe I already posted in this thread once about my trip in August of 2019 to Fort Myers Beach, Florida. However since that time during this year I've gone on several shorter and more local trips on weekends to places like La Crosse, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota. This October I'm actually going to be going down to Nashville, Tennessee for an extended weekend down there in a lakeside cabin