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  1. 5/10 It's pretty well put together but I'm not sure how I feel about G5 yet
  2. King of Canterlot

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    6/10 Could be better, a little too much bright colors
  3. Believe it was from some leaks about the movie from a few months back (the leak that gave us that unfinished animatic I believe?), which actually if Equestria really is this super divided place now in the new gen it being ruled by careless divisive alicorns seems to fit right in
  4. Oh hey I may as well drop these cuties in here! These are EQG plushies of Twi and Rainbow that I bought from a preorder from Abby Starling and Sophie Scruggs a while ago, though they were only recently delivered. Dashie even has her name and cutie mark embroidered onto the back of her little vest!
  5. None of them because we know next to nothing about them or their personalities/voices, in fact we don't even know the stallions name yet how could I say that he's my favorite? I'm waiting until the movie comes out and watching that to make any decisions about likeableness of characters/of the series itself
  6. I'm with you there, 3D CGI stuff is just too generic, and it doesn't look as timeless as G4 does. But, that's just the way the animation industry has been moving since Flash pretty much shut down- the future is CGI 3D stuff apparently
  7. Yeah I think unfortunately this is or a descendent of some type will be the most we "see" of Tempest (or any pony from G4 actually) in the new G5 series, mostly due to the fact of how far into the future this new generation takes place in
  8. Well, they're doing it for the new movie, and then I also thought that the normal series itself (which they said will launch in the spring of 2022) is going to be all 3D animated too, but I'm not sure if it's going to look exactly like what the movie is going to look like. I thought the series will look something like Rainbow Road-trip or the 2017 MLP movie did, but I guess I'm not entirely sure, they may just go all out in the 3D CGI stuff for the whole generation. I know for sure though I haven't seen any mention of anything expect for physical merch being in a 2D style
  9. Isn't the whole series supposed to be 3D CGI stuff? Or are they going to go back to an MLP movie type of animation style for the series itself? I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be 2D at all except for merchandise and such
  10. Oh my Celestia! You know what this just remined me of? The new MLP G5 animation style looks EXACTLY like that of Filly Fantasia, which is a European pony franchise Hang on I'll put it in a spoiler cuz huge images of course Okay, well, the snouts aren't as big as Filly Fantasia pony snouts are but still, I see some resemblance between the two show styles now Also, G5 is being animated by a Boulder Media studio based out of Dublin, Ireland, so your not wrong either when it said it "looks European"
  11. Yeah, but there's just something about them that just doesn't quite look..... pony. Again, it sort of reminds me of a humanoid looking face, I'm really just not a fan of that
  12. I hope to see some old G4 characters too, that would be nice As being hyped about the film I can't say that share your excitement, I'm not a fan of the pony models nor their smaller eyes/humanoid looking faces. Hopefully it turns out better when watching the actual film, G5 has potential for sure but it has to be done properly
  13. Yes precisely that. I'm betting that the cruel alicorns who rule Equestria by the time of G5 are probably descends of the G4 alicorns from many generations ago
  14. I don't know about that, from what I've heard Equestria is ruled by a group of alicorns that are not like the alicorns of G4 (they're apparently really mean and cruel leaders or something). From what I can tell the era of G4 Equestria is basically a myth/ancient history by the time of G5
  15. This so much. I really don't want modern political stuff in MLP, it would kind of defeat one of the reasons why I watch the show in the first place- to escape from this terrible reality we're all stuck in Though I see you guys being concerned about them putting humans into the new gen, which I don't think will happen But overall, I am afraid that poor writing and poor characters may led to a decline in escapism quality for viewers like me
  16. Pretty sure since G5 apparently takes place in the far future of Equestria that Maud is long dead along with every other pony from G4
  17. Eehhh, I like how detailed the background is, the character model could be better though I'm not totally in love with it Don't really like that movie plot either, it just doesn't seem realistic for Equestria, especially considering how G4 ended and how Equestria always was all throughout the show- being a tolerant magical paradise. That's kind of what I was afraid of, that they would make Equestria into someplace that it would never realistically be I don't know, maybe it will be good, but maybe not. I'm honestly not sure anymore
  18. So like, no information? We really don't know all that much, though tomorrow (Thursday) there is supposed to be an investor meeting at Hasbro and they're supposed to reveal more info about G5 (at least, that's what I've been told) so hopefully we'll get a better idea of characters/world setting and such Personally I'm going to hold off on any real judgment until I can watch the movie that's supposed to be coming out later this year, then I'll decide if I like it or not and if I want to continue watching the series or not. Though I do have to say, I'm not a fan of the three revealed cha
  19. Hey everypony, guess what? :D Twilight has multiplied once more, though this time she didn't just regenerate as a pony, she regenerated as Sci-Twi from EQG! :ticking: That's right, I finally got my hooves on an EQG plushie! :yay:


    The Twilight gang is all here! ^_^

    Side view of the plushie-


    Guess what though? Twilight isn't the only pony who regenerated as an EQG plush, Rainbow Dash did too! :wub:


    I love how detailed Rainbow Dash is! She even has her name embroidered on the back of her little shirt! B)


    I'm so happy I finally have both of them! :wub:I think to keep them in the best condition though I'm going to keep them on a shelf instead of in my bed, because I'm afraid that I'll accidentally role over them in my sleep and ruin them over time if they're kept in my bed :sealed: Anyways, I hope you all had an amazing day today and I promise to post my weekly art update probably on Thursday. I apologize for not posting it last week, but last week the forums wouldn't let me upload any photos from my computer so that kind of sucked :scoots:    

    1. DivineDash1000


      @King of Canterlot Here's all of my plushies!


    2. Flutterstep


      So many Twis! :ticking:

    3. ExplosionMare


      Such cute plushies :3

  20. As LittleshyFIM said on his Twitter, this is more than likely a 2D stylized version of the ponies specifically for merchandise, the actual final look of the ponies in the movie/show will probably look more 3D like. As such, going off from what we have now, I'll say that the designs are rather disappointing for me. They're not horrible, but I don't really like them either? I think their faces/heads look too much like G3 ponies to me, and I don't really like that. I also don't really understand the different horn/wing colors either, they don't really contribute in a good way to the overall desig
  21. I haven't done too much as of yet, I did walk down to the mailbox and pick up some custom pony merch I had made that was recently just delivered (I'll post it in a status update later this week once I get the final thing I ordered in) and I also cleaned up the dishes in the sink for my mom
  22. I've been playing a lot of Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii! I forgot after all these years how fun of a game it is, so I've been playing it a lot in my free time!
  23. Hey is anypony else having issues uploading pictures from files on their computer? I got something super cool recently but I'm not able to upload photos of it from my computer into my status update, instead the forums gives me an error message which really sucks because I want to show you guys what I got :( 

    Also this means that I can't upload my art pictures to do my weekly art status update since those are photos that I upload from my computer. Is this only happing to me or is affecting anypony else? :mlp_wat:   

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    2. DivineDash1000
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      Everything has been going out of wack recently but I think the pictures work now

    4. TomDaBombMLP


      The picture files refused to work for what seemed like forever. I thought they'd be working fine by now though. :huh:

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