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  1. Thanks for following me bro. 

  2. I've had my Stuffed Bear Wello since I was born. Surprisingly enough itrandfather first was actually sent to my grandfather first while he was in desert storm. So he even has a deployment under his belt.
  3. GrooveBroove

    MLP Trading Cards

    I definitley need to grab the decks soon. Sadly looks like amazon isn't carrying them yet and if they are it's third party sellers.
  4. I think the way the show is handled now is just fine. It does a great job of catering to it's "actual" audience while still being plenty enough entertaining to us. I'm sure all of us have noticed the numerous nods to the brony fanbase through out the show. Also I just want to add if you want something that does cater more to bronies then the comics are the way to go. They're a tad bit darker in tone and really up the ante when it comes to the nods and references.
  5. I find it surprising that the best Pixar movie is the one that hasn't had a sequel yet. Especially considering how popular Super Heroes are at the moment.
  6. Another episode that I liked. Haven't had any that I have loved yet though. Anyway as for the episode itself gotta say I really enjoyed how they decided to make daring do a real character. That was definitley a cool and unique idea I didn't see coming from them. Aside from that not much else to say really. I thought it handled everything it presented quite well especially the inclusion of smug face dash. Which is easily the best pony face since liar apple jack.
  7. Finally got around to watching the episode. Gotta say another enjoyable episode. Was fun seeing the mane 6 all in the same area but not actually knowing they were all there. Since because of that there sure was a lot of funny interactions because of it. Also the reveal at the end I have to give props to. I wasn't even thinking about it when they revealed who was on the Organ.
  8. My enjoyment from FiW first off comes from the production of it. For the most part it is well done as a parody series. Aside from that I take the series almost as a "What-If Adult Swim did MLP" and in that case it's just really enjoyable with all the jokes and everything else. Also of course the music is top notch. I do want to add though that most of the negative viewers indeed seem to try and take the show to serious it seems.
  9. Just saw the episode. Easily the best Season Opener after of course Season 2. Really enjoyed the flashbacks scene's and the inclusion of Discord as always was a delight. Funny that for me roots beat both Sombra and Nightmare Moon's introductions.
  10. Going for the Volumes and not the individual comics is just fine. Especially on amazon where they come out to be cheaper than buying individually for the most part. Not to mention if you want to collect you won't have to worry about as many issues all over the place. -------------- *NOTE* Anyone who ganders into this thread I want to add that currently the Digital Kindle Versions of all the single issue comics including the new ones are 1.99 which is a great price to grab them at. Especially if you don't mind the digital format. I was collecting them physically for awhile but it's ju
  11. I actually bought the Bluray for it awhile back. I thought it did a pretty good job at covering most aspects of the fandom. I agree that I especially liked the part with the the military bronies since i'm one myself. Always nice to see more of that.
  12. Funny enough I though Nightmare Moon's reveal was weak as well. That character was far more interesting when they brought her back for the comic series. For me the only baddies that have had sufficent build up have been Chrysallis and Discord. Regardless I don't find Sombra a bad villain just one I personally feel should be expanded upon.
  13. That's the thing though. Even with all that you mentioned Sombra I felt was still lacking even with those taken into consideration. For his reveal episode he sure didn't do very much. I'm not saying he was terrible but considering the other villains revealed before him his reveal surely was lacking. Which is why I hope he is expanded upon in either the comics or season 4. That way people like me can put him up with the best of them.
  14. Sombra's biggest issue was he was presented as a big baddie. Yet he had no real dialog and any sort of back story presented about him was very weak. Sure the same can be said of the wendigo's but they weren't hyped up quite like he was. They're just "baddies" for the show. While Sombra is supposed to be akin to the likes of Discord and Chrysallis.
  15. I love trixie and was glad to see her more often in season 3. Really hope we get an episode in season 4 with her and twilight trying to be more friendly to one another. I still stand by my idea that we need more "background" ponies introduced into the group from time to time. It's not like we see all of the mane 6 in every episode anyway.
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