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  1. Hi. It's been awhile. How are you doing?

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  3. This actually has its own kinda vibe to it Slowpan across cyberpunk undercity anyone? I know this is kinda an old thread now but forreal, I really like the synths you used in this. Has a really cool techy futuristic vybe to it! I'll have to start experimenting with arpeggios again
  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

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      Vinyl Scratch.

      Thank you frienb! Sorry for the belated reply :please:

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  5. Time to get on the sleep grind once again gamers, Lets get this bed! Night y'all

  6. I'm up posting on this thread at a completely reasonable time of the day
  7. I've always had troble sleeping at night and find that in a silent room I tend to let my thoughts wander a lot more which in turn keeps me awake for longer. Even as a kid I use to have a radio tuned into to a classical station for when I went to sleep. Maybe thats why I'm so musically inclined today or maybe its the other way around who knows. I find these days though the drastic changes in volume in most classical music tends to be too energetic (for lack of a better word) and a loud crescendo can easily wake me right up again if I'm in the process of drifting off. I was up until recently listening to podcasts to try and help me sleep but I found myself trying to activly listen too much and would sometimes end up listening to two maybe three hours of podcasts a night before falling asleep which isn't really an ideal situation. More recently though I've found that there is endless youtube videos of 'Ambient Space Music' Y'know the kinda stuff they put in those space documentarys you watched in science class? Yeah that stuff. I've found that the pretty much consistent volume levels mean that I can set it at a level where I can hear it and not have to worry about a sudden section of increased loudness. I try to sleep naturally most nights though if I need to wake up early for something I'll sometimes take sleeping pills, and funnily enough when I do I tend to prefer sleeping in silence. Though one of the side effects of the specific pills I take seems to be that while laying in bed with my eyes closed thoughts can become really vivid which I find enjoyable and which I think almost replaces the need for an audio sleeping aid (though I doubt having one whould hinder the medication doing its job ) Not really on-topic but just an interesting footnote I thought I might aswell add. Sorry for the wall of text btw. Sleep, and dreaming is something I'm oddly passionate about, sometimes I even think I might genuinley be addicted to dreaming. Maybe thats a sign of something, who knows tl;dr Ambient Space Music (The kind of stuff they have playing in the background of space documentaries)
  8. Ya got guts kid I'll give you that, I place a card face-down and end my turn
  9. When you think about it do any of us really wanna win? I fear a world where this thread lies dormant amongst a long since abandoned forum, the real win is the friends we've made along the way I was only recently informed this is a parrot, I for the longest time thought it was literally just a blob with a big ol' smile
  10. I might have to revisit it one day, though I must say the appeal for me has dwindled a bit compared to when I was more active in the community a few years back. Who knows though, I remember just flying around as a pegasus was really fun so maybe it may just win me over yet
  11. True? Is it still up or was it only for a limited time? I remember playing on open beta a few years back and it still had a lot of work required to be much more than a 3d pony chatroom.
  12. What ever happened to Legends of Equestria? Did that ever end up turning into something? I remember that game was just a continuous trainwreck of bad publicity and endless beta testing.
  13. Holy heck! I'm not gonna lie, when I first saw this thread I was a little worried. Having seen a couple of pretty dreadful netflix aduptations I was scared that this was going to be no exception. But after watching that I'm genuinely hype to watch this. I really appreciate that they've taken to again using puppets for this. I know it would of probably been easier and cheaper to make an animated series of some description so I'm really happy they stuck to their guns here. I wonder if this is done by Jim Henson company I'll have to do some research. Hopefully they release a 'Making of' documentary as for me I almost enjoyed watching the making of's of both Dark Crystal and Labyrinth more than the movies themselves. Always found it fascinating the amount of different techniques and tv magic used to create these projects. Fingers crossed I guess!
  14. The amount the layout and functionality of the forum has improved over the years never ceases to amaze me. Big up to people or persons behind the development of the website (I have no idea who that is anymore tho is feld0 still around? .-.)