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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Boy with Boat - Sunstance. Been absolutely obsessed with Melodic/Minimal Techno recently, seriously can't get enough of it
  3. Had this song stuck in my head since I heard it in a DJ set a few months ago, so happy it's finally being released! Probably one of the best techno tracks I've heard! This is only a preview since the full song isnt out yet but it shows most of the parts I'm in love with
  4. 10:20AM AEST here, I should really be getting ready for work
  5. Before it shut down I use to DJ at a local nightclub and I think the funniest thing I use to see was how often you would see one to two people well over the age of 50 come in and absolutely light up the dance floor. I remember this one bloke probably in his late 50's early 60's (I'm almost certain he was always high on something) would be in EVERY weekend and would pretty much dance from open to close Pretty sure I've seen him out at other local venues too since the closure. Definitely a free spirit of I've ever seen one
  6. Banned because I actually have a buddha tshirt
  7. Hey I do this too! I find it's an easy way to come up with drum beats to put into songs later!
  8. Banned for holding a 3 character username
  9. I tend to recite things out loud to myself that I intend to say to someone later, even though most of the time its something that is genuine that you would think you could just say i the heat of the moment.
  10. I enjoy producing music but find it really hard to finish any of it
  11. 7/10, I've heard a couple of these medieval covers, they're so cool!
  12. Yeah I think I own a few, though I think they're all in a box out in the shed Do you own an active account on any other forum?
  13. Hey, thanks! I usually take a lot of selfies so I never know what face to pull
  14. Oh what the hell, I guess if I'm gonna be floating around the forums again I might as well throw up a picture of myself (I highkey really need a haircut )
  15. Banned for thinking anything is better than thicc putin walking