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  1. Vinyl Scratch.

    starcircuit here !

    Heya! Welcome to the forum, I just came back here myself Hope you enjoy it here!
  2. Howdy everypony! It's been a while since I've posted here, and even longer since I was active here; however, tonight may aswell be the night I start posting again. (Who knows how long its gonna last this time ) And what other way to begin my potentail dive back into the forum than to start up a Craft Beer thread! Not sure how many ponies here even drink beer let alone craft beer but I thought we might aswell give a this thread a shot Recently I've been obsessed with some of the sweeter beer styles, aswell as a few dessert beers (I'll go into more detail later if anyones actually insterested in this thread) Especially Golden Ales, Sour Ales and, fruity style IPA's. I'm excited to see what you guys are drinking as where I live there isn't many people I know of who really drink craft beer's outside of the one or two most known Pale Ale brands in the area. Not really sure how to sign this off so I geuss I'll just do it like this :p
  3. Vinyl Scratch.

    Critique Wanted Happyhardcore WIP

    Thanks It's not as well known as it was in the early 2000's but it's still around It's tonnes of fun to make
  4. I was in the mood to make some Happy Hardcore so I did a Happy Hardcore; still a serious work in progress; more or less just wanna show off what I have so far
  5. Thought you might like someone to share the thread with Prepare for some serious Delposting
  6. Vinyl Scratch.

    Dj equipment upgrade.

    If you have the money for it go the 4CDJ's and the DJM; its basically club standard around the globe so if thats what you're looking to go into then it will be much more worth your time to go with that option; that being said its pretty bloody expensive to you wanna be sure thats what you wanna go into before making the investment
  7. Vinyl Scratch.

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    An absolutly stunning track my synthwulf; seriously underrated <3 "This is all / you have left of me / my memories and eternal melody / I love you endlessly in harmony / so rage with me, our last symphony"
  8. Vinyl Scratch.


    Musescore; similar to noteflight it soley about compsing pieces of music or notation pieces into tradidtional music notation. It's not to create the actual sound itself the instrument sounds on those programs are more for reference than for a finished piece. If you're looking to create a high quality sounding orchestral piece of music then you unfortunalety will be looking to fork out a little bit of money as the required software is quite pricey for starters you'll need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Like the before metioned FL Studio in which to compose in and on top of that will have to purchase what we call "Plugins" desigened for orchestral sounds such as EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Another good example of a good plugin for this is Kontact which requires the further purchase of Kontact libraries which can get quite pricy but will give you the simply most realistic sound you can get electronically. Don't let all this talk of BIG PRICES and SPEND SPEND SPEND scare you away from trying to do what you're trying to do though if you look around enough there is definately some cheaper options, some of the big orchestral plugins even have demo options if you're wanting to try it out and see if its for you. There are probably people here such as @C. Thunder Dash who can give you a much better opinion down this sort of branch than I can so definatley seek a second opinion If you ware however just looking to compose sheet music for later performance then my old music teacher always reccomended noteflight
  9. Vinyl Scratch.

    General Do you like parties?

    I Resident as a Nightclub DJ for a reason, I'm an absolute party animal I guess the one main downsides of that is that though I tend to drink more than I can really handle but eh, I enjoy it for the most part. One thing I can definatley can say from experience though is that you should never go out clubbing or to an event or party alone; always bring at least one friend; its the thing that will turn a decent night into an amazing night,especially when you're both vibing on the same level
  10. Vinyl Scratch.

    What DAW do you guy use

    FL Studio all the way! Been using for over 4 years now and I think its amazing but I definatley reccomend trying a couple first or even look at some reviews before making a final verdict A few I can reccomend you check out are FL Studio, Ableton, Logic X, Studio One, and Cubase. My top picks though are definatley FL and Ableton. Hope this helps
  11. Vinyl Scratch.

    Thunder Dash - The Reformed Land (Middle Eastern/Asian Style)

    I love that transision at abouht the 1:30 mark it reminds me of a late 80's early 90's film I feel like the stereo at the beginning of that track is a little much and when hearing the track for the first time the plucks felt a little sudden and sharp. I started to really enjoy the track at about 0:45 seconds in. I really love how the track progresses from this point and I found myself imagining the plot to a early 90's low budget kung fu movie Again at about 3:10 I really like the transition though a few of the chords seem a little off to me, it could be that instrument itself wasn't designed to play chords but to me it just sounded a bit out of tune. As far as the plucks go bringing them back at the end was a good idea and on the second through listen the plucks feel more welcome overall a nice track though, 8/10.
  12. Vinyl Scratch.

    Visual Art Cestrum's Art Block [Non-MLP]

    I love these! Will be following the thread for updates!
  13. Vinyl Scratch.

    Rate song, then post another!

    8.5/10 we need to stop meeting like this
  14. Vinyl Scratch.

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Next person to post will get banned from the forum by admins 100% legit