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  1. RainbowDashiscool

    Post a picture of you when you were a baby

    Oh,it will be ok to post a picture of you from the fourth grade.
  2. RainbowDashiscool

    Skype/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc Exchange Masterthread

    My new skype since one of my facebook accounts has been locked which was signed in on skype that wount let me use one of my skype accounts and my other skype account who has it's name changed and it uses the screen name but as I said one of my facebook account is locked and it wouldn't let me use one of my skype account so here's my new skype: facebook:tinker222222 (Feel free to add me and I don't bite if you're shy but if you're really shy like me and knows that I don't bite I understand that I go through the same way xD.If you want to know me you can chat and if I hardly ever say anything that doesn't mean I'm ignoring you and it also does not mean I stopped being you're freind it just means I don't have anything to say and also if you're an old friend of mine in real life and even an old online freind that I forgot does not mean I stopped being you're friend...I do miss you though if you were in my old rl freinds and old online freinds list <3 because I love my friends! even my old friends!) (I love to make new friends <3 ^.^ )
  3. RainbowDashiscool

    Poniverse Hearth's Warming Eve Contest

    @ArcticFrost933, We'll I posted my story but for some reason,I don't know if it's accepted yet...It's like December 12th and I want to join the contest I keep on going into the hearth warmings eve group section to add the story and it asks me if it's published yet and it just wount let me add it to that folder!!! I don't want to miss this contest of doing my first fim fiction my story is called 'Mlp's Hearth's Warming Eve' it's not much but I want to enter this contest...Can somebody please accept it or help me?...T.T.
  4. RainbowDashiscool

    Poniverse Hearth's Warming Eve Contest

    I posted my story but I'm waiting for it to be approved,Before I start submitting it to the Hearth's warming eve contest folder.I posted it today but in the morning xD
  5. RainbowDashiscool

    Post your christmas wish list!

    I want a Tablet I want Monster High Dolls I want Dresses I want Skirts I want a Xbox One I want a nintendo 3ds I want Mlp clothing I want Pusheen merch,Like 'The Snowy Pinkeh' and maybe Black Butler merch but no necklaces. That is my christmas wish list,But my family can't afford to buy me a Tablet.
  6. RainbowDashiscool

    Poniverse Hearth's Warming Eve Contest

    Thank you,It's my first time doing a fimfiction like this.
  7. RainbowDashiscool

    What element would you be?

    I would say the Element of Happiness,because I have many stuff I like and who I am but I would say the element of happiness is because mainly my first name 'Felicia' means happiness when I was young I was so happy but intill when I was age 12 my mom ruined my life and my families life we all completely changed were different were not like the same people we used to be when I was 13 I was like really staying up late on internet as I do as of these days but sometimes I do stay up late like in the night to morning and mostly I stay up and fall asleep somewhere around 4:00 AM even to 5:00 AM but in my past life I did not stay up because I had school to go to in the mornings I know most of you hate homework when I was in school I hate homework to I got tired out easily by homework in the past I even get tired out easily still but without homework because I'm homeschooled.When I was at school I was nice I'm still nice and at my school I had friends like my two younger friends which were female and my two classmate freinds which were boy's I acctulay had fun at school sometimes my two classmate friends were awesome and I was glad I was freinds with thoese two there were other classmates but there not my friends even one who was older then me she is mean and the others were just there and then they were transfered to different classroom's anyways sorry about this but my happiness came back
  8. RainbowDashiscool

    Favorite juice?

    Orange Juice,Is my favorite juice.
  9. RainbowDashiscool

    Need Tips on making videos/animations

    There's ummm Blender and I forgot what else program.
  10. RainbowDashiscool

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    0/0 never seen you before.
  11. RainbowDashiscool


    Yay!,Sorry for a late post. Yeah still about the kitty and stuff,My kitty has been going through head trauma so I decided to watch her so late I stayed up long last time it was 3:00 or 4:00 or 5:00 AM watching her to me she's my family my family treats are pets as are family.Were more of cat lovers side,But we do have a dumb dog shes not that dumb xD sorry for my off-topicness.
  12. RainbowDashiscool

    Poniverse Hearth's Warming Eve Contest

    How to sumbit the fim fic in the "Hearth Warming Eve's" folder?,I just joined it today and I did one fim fic but the folder there wount let me sumbit...:/
  13. RainbowDashiscool


    I think I can join,But I can't garunate I'll be roleplaying on there a long time.Taking care of my kitten.
  14. RainbowDashiscool

    Ask Light Fire and Pumkin Seeds

    Pumkin Seeds: My least favoruite drink is Pinapple because it's to sweet. (I don't know if this person stole/recolored my oc Pumkin Seeds I'm not sure if they did it before me...plus it sounds like she stole my oc Pumkin Seeds but Idk if she had her pony Pumkin Seed before mine -.-:photo.php
  15. RainbowDashiscool

    Ask Light Fire and Pumkin Seeds

    Light Fire: My favorite color is Green. Pumkin Seeds: I shop with my family.