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  1. Legacy Dash

    How do you prefer to wake up?

    On a standard school morning, I actually (believe it or not), have 7 alarms. The reason for that is because I tend to simply stop my alarm instead of snooze, and I never remember doing it either. After the forceful waking up from 7 alarms, I get up and eat (I'm always starving in the morning). Then I proceed to do my usual boring morning routine. My preferred way to wake up is loooooong and slow.
  2. Legacy Dash

    Pony Hate?

    I can certainly agree to "I'm a x fan so naturally I am opposed to y" being utterly ridiculous when someone actually means it. I didn't intent for my comment to be taken literally. I dislike Rarity not just because all Rainbow Dash fans do, but simply because I do, for whatever reason. However it does seem to be a trend that many Rainbow Dash fans don't like Rarity (as far as I can tell), of course that's not always true, but it's why I pointed it out in my post.
  3. Legacy Dash

    Pony Hate?

    As a Rainbow Dash fan, I naturally have a "hatrid" towards Rarity. I just find her quite "annoying" and boring I guess. Rarity isn't even generous, although in all fairness, Rainbow Dash isn't all that loyal either.
  4. Legacy Dash

    How did you find your avatar ?

    Well... Mine's actually from an NSFW picture of Rainbow Dash, which I cropped down. Obviously I will not link the original...
  5. Legacy Dash

    Spoiler The worst episode in my opinon is

    Mysterious Mare-do-well. For sure. They totally blown Rainbow Dash's ego out of proportion. Ever since she's considered the most egotistical pony in Equestria. It gets brought up in every best pony debate that ever lived. -_-
  6. Legacy Dash


    Actually I believe oranges received their name before the colour was called orange. Although I think that they had a different name for the colour, can't remember what it was though.
  7. Legacy Dash

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Long time no see MLP Forums. I see your inventory of adorable emoticons has increased in size... Disregard the following spoiler...
  8. Legacy Dash

    Sweet Tooth Poll!

    I absolutely love milkshakes, thickshakes, anything of the sort. Especially the $2 Caramel thickshakes sold at Hungry Jacks. Chocolate is alright, but not as good as liquid creamy chocolate. :3
  9. Legacy Dash

    Apply to be a moderator

    I'm pretty sure Jeric's incentive to reduce joke applications is actually having the reverse effect...
  10. While I do understand why administrators would need to investigate private messages in dire situations, a suggestion; why not add it to the terms of service, the term "Private Message" might bring some people to believe that their messages are totally private. Just a little note saying if absolutely required, staff have the right to investigate private messages.
  11. Legacy Dash

    Mega Thread What would your cutie mark be? And why?

    My cutie mark would be something related to programming or computers. I dunno what exactly. Maybe a PHP elephant?
  12. Legacy Dash

    How many ATHEIST bronies out there?

    I personally don't participate in any religions, but I don't care for people that do - however, once it goes too far, that's when I don't like it.
  13. Legacy Dash

    Technology What Operating System is on your Smartphone?

    I had a Android phone, but it bricked itself recently. I often use my iPod for on-the-go purposes and for tasks like Twitter and reading blogs I follow. To be honest, I'd really like a Windows phone, at least to try it out, it's territory I've never touched on at all.
  14. Legacy Dash

    How often do you use profanities?

    I avoid swearing at all costs... my friends are always trying to catch me say a swear word. At home though, if no one is around, I sometimes will sometimes say a mild "Shit!".
  15. Legacy Dash

    My Little Pony Remix - Preview

    Freaking awesome, congratulations! However, it's a bit short.