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  1. Not to you. I quoted someone else as well.
  2. What does being a female have to do with anything? O_o
  3. Hey Did You Know That Not Every Word Has To Be Capitalized? :3 Thank you kind sir
  4. Commander Frost

    Web I Hate Everything vs. Derek Savage

    Derek Savage: Hated by everyone now. Sign this petition about it. If they get 1000 the video will go back up. (Supposably)
  5. I'm not sure why everyone thinks this is me trying to make a big statement. I did this for fun. The points are silly becayse they're supposed to be.
  6. Commander Frost

    Ask Commander Frost

    Hmm....I don't know. I'd have to think hard about that.
  7. Commander Frost

    Announcing MLP Forums official Waifu ... Makusu2

    This is just...glorious XD
  8. Commander Frost

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now This song is stuck in my head
  9. Commander Frost

    Apply to be a moderator

    Sounds like you've got your hands full.
  10. Commander Frost

    Ask Commander Frost

    The band? Yes. Disconnected is my favorite song. Usually listening to music like this: (omgsenpainoticedme )
  11. Commander Frost

    Ask Commander Frost

    Well, Everyone else has made one so I thought, Why not? Could be fun. So here it is: Ask Commander Frost Anything.
  12. I'm not making this to help me. I made this because these are the things I noticed.
  13. Well gee thanks for shattering my dreams ;~; Just kidding. Your opinion is your opinion. I wasn't trying to put down the movies in any way, because I love both of them, I was just comparing the two.
  14. Well NOW they are! You jinxed us! And yes I realize some of these are very minor, but it's still repeats
  15. Yeah, I think she'll switch over to Canterlot High.