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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. WOW It's been forever.

    1. Hastur


      Is it not odd that we both return on this night?

    2. GenderIsAnIllusion


      Like literally!..... I so cant even right now!

  3. Can anyone draw a pony for me :3

  4. Am I forgotten? I'm forgotten. Meh. I was here in the Glory days thats all that matters. :P also hello to anyone who looks at my status. :P

  5. Being single and alone for holidays really sucks guys. Get yourself a mate. :/

    1. Kyoshi


      Never lose hope in it. ^_^

    2. Brobocop


      Hehe, I would know. It's painful.

    3. Clockwork Chaos

      Clockwork Chaos

      see, i think being single on NYE is the absolute best :P

  6. The Internet: You can't make jokes here. xD

    1. Midnight Scribbler

      Midnight Scribbler

      Nope, super serious business here, no fun allowed! o3o

  7. Meh, I'll give it a shot.