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  1. I've done it a few times. I often find when hiking that my body burns fuel better and leaves less waste to dispose of. I usually have a small shovel about me (mostly for fires, partly for heeding nature's call), so it's never been a problem. It's actually nice to enjoy some scenery when doing the doo. Only problem is when there's skeeters...
  2. What do I keep in my pockets for daily carry? Too damn much, that's what. Phone Wallet Severely overloaded keychain Folding knife (rotates between a Spyderco Mamba or Benchmade 940, plus I'll carry an ESEE Izula if I see myself needing something abusable) Flashlight ( Fenix RC09) Pen (plus sharpie at work) Leatherman Surge + Bit Kit Hatch gloves ( kevlar lined leather) Notebook Firestarter ( either a ferro rod, lighter, or matches) Bandaids for the occassional cuts and scratches A good belt to keep my pants up with all the stuff weighing down the pockets Some people call it excessive, but I can't remember the last time I found myself in a situation I wasn't prepared for.
  3. I've always been fairly right-leaning, and being a brony has not correlated to or interferred with that. A while back the cringier, more extreme left flooded into the fandom diminishing the quality of interactions, and I joined the exodus choosing to disassociate from the fandom as a whole, but that was a seperate issue.
  4. I used to drink a couple Monsters every day, on top of a pot of coffee and a few espressos. That was when I was running on 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Once I was working full time, normal hours, glow-in-the-dark piss and kidney pain weren't worth it. Now I just drink plenty of coffee and a Monster or two a week. Rockstar if there's a good sale. Tried Amp, but they just never did it for me. 5Hour Energy are mild at best.
  5. One of my great-grandfathers was involved in logistics in WWII, unfortunately I never learned the details as my family on that side rarely speaks of anything that happened before they came over. Two of my coworkers were reservists, one went Intelligence after graduating university and the other is waiting in paperwork to go through to go reg force Infantry. Dude I usually buy rations from is P.P.C.L.I.
  6. I live in what is rated as one of the highest in Canada for murder rates, and I have, for financial reasons, always lived in high crime parts of town, and not once felt unsafe. My old neighborhood has a bad rep city wide for drugs, violence, prostitution, murder, and homelessness, but I walked around at all hours of the night and was perfectly safe. My current area is known for poverty and drug use, and once again, is perfectly safe. Only problems I've had were in "nicer" neighborhoods. There is a metric s**t-tonne of crime in my city, but you'll never find trouble unless you go looking for it. Oddly enough, the "ghettos" tend to actually feel safer. There's a mutual understanding that nobody has anything worth stealing, and the gangs are small fry (Hell's Angels have a monopoly on major and organized crime, and they're good about PR) so if you stay away from drugs and general "hoodrat stuff", nobody will look to cause you trouble.
  7. My grade 8 math teacher had been railroaded by the school into teaching math. By all accounts he was a great teacher in his other classes (never had him for those classes, and I forget what they were). He was nervous and tense and had no idea how to teach the material. I ended up teaching a couple of my classmates the material because the way he explained made no sense. One time I corrected him on a formula (assuming the mistake was an honest slip of the tongue). Dude got all psyched up to make an example of me and prove why I was wrong by setting up a demomstration, but ended up embarrassed and angry after proving himself wrong. If dude chilled out a bit he would have been a solid teacher. In university I had a Markering teacher with side job at an Apple store. Dude was a lazy @$$hat with zero f**ks to give. How he got the job, I have no idea, but he clearly never took it seriously. In the professional sphere, I had a supervisor who, despite over 20 years at the company, had english so horrible he couldn't explain anything. I have no problem with broken English, or even with accents, but this dude somehow after decades of needing English for his job never managed to figure out how to make half of what came out of his mouth even vaguely resemble the language. Made learning anything a tedious and frustrating experience.
  8. Few months back an older Japanese lady (presumably a tourist) was lost AF and asked me for directions in broken English. Fortunately I took Japanese years prior, and despite being rusty, by going back and forth between English and Japanese, I was able to give her a bus ticket and directions on how to get where she was going.
  9. Averages are tricky things. Does the statement that women live longer than men take into account that men are more likely to die unnatural deaths? Males are more likely to join the military in active combat roles, males are more likely to have industrial/trades careers with higher risk of work related death. A common misconception is that lifespans in the middle ages were dramatically shorter, when in fact averages were significantly reduced due to infant mortality. In the same way men may have lower lifespans than women, not because we are genetically programmed to kick the bucket sooner, but because on average we face more mortal risk.
  10. Just gonna go ahead and say it, people who dislike talking about themselves are inherently unlikely to reply. The exeption of course being people with issues to air and barriers preventing them from airing them in real life.
  11. Where I used to live, not only were stars not visible, but even on streets without lights you could see clearly at any time of night. Now I live in a part of town where you can see some constellations and the aurora borealis when it happens. I have a friend who lives a short way out of town, and driving in at night, the city is visible as a glowing cloud in the distance.