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  1. I liked her songs, kind of stuck up though.
  2. I heard a theory that Equestria is really just a post-apocalyptic Earth ponies managed to take over.
  3. I honestly didn't care for the Yaks at all, and don't like the episodes with them.
  4. Even if they eat other things now and then, surely having a diet mostly based on Apples can't be a healthy one.
  5. I think they're kind of douches. They never once left to talk to their daughter in all that time, and it took Scootaloo kind of forcing the issue.
  6. In the final episode she's wearing a fair amount, yet previously she didn't even like wearing a crown.
  7. Say all the Ponies and all Pokemon (including legendaries) went to war, who do you think would win? I think Pokemon would end up taking over Equestria pretty fast.
  8. I'm sure many here will brag about how they have a million different local non-chain Pizza places to eat but for me and many others chains are really all we have, as such, my favorite is either Marco's or Dominos. I usually like to customize my order, deep pan with Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Bell Peppers and Jalapenos. As a side question: Pineapple or no? I'm firmly in the NO camp.
  9. Merry Birthiversary!

  10. Happy Birthday!  :D

    Smiles are in style!


  11. As we saw, she has her own kid but can she really be a good mother?
  12. Such as Exar Kun, Revan, Darth Vader, or even Sidious?