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  1. Rarity offers to redecorate your place for free, would you accept? I would!
  2. Who Is Your Favorite Princess

    Princess Platinum of course.
  3. Just curious, and if so, just how big do they get? How much smaller would you say the Ponies in MLP are to IRL ones? Are they big enough to ride?
  4. Obviously they have it all down to a science now but still, when making an episode of MLP what do you think is the most difficult part?
  5. NOTE: This isn't about S8 specifically, I know there have been many topics about it. What I am curious though is how do leaks, especially real big leaks happen? Not just info but footage. For example, I remember the day the MLP movie came out there was already an HD non-cam video of the full movie out on a video site. How do these people manage to get their hands on such big stuff in the first place?
  6. Obviously Twilight was mistaken when she thought Celestia said Queen of the Hippos and was referring to Queen of the Hippogriffs, but do you think there is a Queen of the Hippos?
  7. Not a huge deal by any means, but why when I get a notification it says "x has reacted to your post" as opposed to the usual "x has brohoofed your post"?
  8. My fav would be Sweetie Bell, least fav Applebloom. Not that I hate AB, just find her the least interesting.
  9. hey hey ^^ thanks for following me!

  10. Title is pretty self-explanatory. I'd say for me she would not like how many clothes of mine are ripped yet I wear them.
  11. What MLP youtubers do you watch?

    Doctor Wolf, Silver Quill
  12. Much as I love MLP, I admit I find it funny.
  13. Whether it's here or elsewhere if you read "Anybody" "somebody" etc. etc. do you automatically read it with the pony prefix instead?
  14. Here is ilovekimpossiblealot's review if anyone is interested:
  15. I mean getting your horn totally broke and at such a young age is pretty horrible for sure. Then treated like an outcast.