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  1. Clearly he seems to be an immortal being that will obviously outlive Fluttershy, so could you see him going crazy over it?
  2. After 9 years, how did you feel after watching the last episode? Did it give you feels? I found it happy but kind of sad.
  3. Out of those which do you prefer? I prefer Friendship games easily.
  4. Rarity is best Pony, do you think Gen VI can get a character like her?
  5. Think about it, nearly everypony on higher level of governments/organizations are all female dominated. We have all these powerful female princess' yet no power male princes'. Does Equestria really operate under female supremacy?
  6. I know this show is based around telling good moral messages, but do you think it's ever had a message that was actually bad?
  7. This is its last year but when Gen 5 comes, and assuming it's really good, will they bring it back, or do you think this is the end for these kinds of cons even if it's really good?
  8. Much like human Rarity, do you think it would be possible for a human female to style her hair just like Rarity?
  9. As in they didn't do as much with her as they could have?
  10. I am thinking: Twilight: Psychic Fluttershy: Fairy/Flying Rainbow Dash: Flying/Rock Applejack: Ground/Rock Pinkie Pie: Ice/Fairy Rarity: Ghost/Steel
  11. I think a big one would be the whole "leggings as pants" thing I see so often, I bet it would drive her crazy!
  12. Today I went to get a pedicure and you sign in with your name and what you want, and I signed my name, but instead of putting pedicure I put hooficure lol.
  13. I don't count Luna being trapped on the moon since she could've easily been in some kind of suspended animation.