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  1. To me she really does and can be very annoying!
  2. How would you say this movie compares to Disney movies from the late 80s to the mid 90s?
  3. I know she helps to rule the crystal empire but that's not exactly her princess role. She is the princess of love but what exactly does that mean? It certainly isn't just forcing ponies to love each other as that would be wrong.
  4. Kind of like the way the U.S Government does with states?
  5. Say you and your favorite Pony woke up one day but you had swapped bodies. So you are now a Pony in Equestria and your fav Pony is a human in the real world, apart from just getting used to the new bodies, who do you think would have a harder time getting used to living and working?
  6. Since the first episode till now what improvements have been done animation-wise?
  7. Assuming she never went rogue and stayed under Celestia?
  8. Fame and Misfortune has a bad moral.

    So what does everyone think about the song: And is it just me do most the citizens of Ponyville suffer from some serious bipolar disorder? Depending on the episode they go from loving the M6 (especially gushing over Princess Twilight) to hating them.
  9. Creepy Moments in My Little Pony: FiM?

    Can anything beat this?
  10. Fame and Misfortune has a bad moral.

    The guy who made the video in the opening post.....
  11. Fame and Misfortune has a bad moral.

    Yes, it is. Did you watch Mr enters review? He explains very well why.
  12. A bit long but sums up how I feel. Accepting one for their flaws is one thing, but if they keep making the same mistakes and never try to improve it another.
  13. Not saying you hate them necessarily, but do any you find typically annoying when they show up? For me it would be Pinkie Pie. I get that is her thing but more often than not I find her really annoying.
  14. Obviously it would never happen for very obvious reasons, but how would you feel about a MLP movie that's rated R?