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  1. Shining Armor and Cadence using the power of their love to defeat Chrysalis was pretty magical.
  2. Take a minute girl come sit down and tell us what's been happening in your face I can see the pain.
  3. Rarity being as fed up with Starlight as I was at various points throughout the latter half of the show was great.
  4. Merry Birthiversary!

  5. A. Because Twilight’s character gets hurt pretty bad in No Second Prances due to Magic Duel’s ending. Twilight appears as a massive hypocrite because that ending makes it seems like she’s forgiven Trixie. Without Magic Duel, Twilight at least isn’t a hypocrite because she wouldn’t of forgiven Trixie but if that’s the case why would she be so distrustful of her in No Second Prances? I think the issue lies in Twilight's capacity to forgive someone like Starlight(her plan would've destroyed the world) whilist seeminly being unable to forgive Trixie(she was under magical influence) for what she did in Magic Duel.
  6. People just don't like episodes that portary their favs in a negative light even if that's the point of the episode.
  7. Still terrible and retroactively ruins the primary story of the season.
  8. S1-S4 truly capture what this show was suppose to be before it devolved into a cesspool of fan pandering with overemphasis on lore and worldbuilding. I'd say S5 was when the rot started and when the show started teaching some truly horrid lessons, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep and the Cutie Remark being prime examples. Yes, there were bad lessons before this but not on this scale perhaps because the stakes weren't so ridiculously high. By S7, the show was ingrained in the show due to this S7 and the subsequent seasons were pretty terrible.
  9. As annoying as the finale and epilogue were, the final song did make me tear up a bit.
  10. 1) Twilight doing an age spell and turning her parents into plants as a child wasn't the norm for her, it was a special occasion on brought on by the rainboom which awakened her potential. 2) Twilight is more skilled than the other unicorns in Ponyville because she studied magic at Celestia's school and knows the spells that she used against the Ursa inside and out. I'm actually pretty sure the episode makes a point of saying that most unicorns only use magic to aid in their day to day lives rather than it being their literal talent. 3) Flashforward to S5 and Starlight is performing feats far greater than anything Twilight had showed by that point bar the S4 finale. She can fly with just magic, casually remove cutie marks and effortsely time travel.
  11. 1. Rarity/Twilight(S2-5) 2. Fluttershy(Post S4) 3. Rainbow/Spike 4. Applejack 5. Twilight(S6-9) 6. Pinkie Pie 7. Fluttershy(S1-4) 8. Starlight Glimmer
  12. Personally, I think that the Pillars(aside from Starswirl) didn't need to be introduced at all. They are ultimately inconsequential and only existed to explain the origins of the EOH which didn't need to be explained.
  13. To sell toys. It's the exact same reason they introduced the TCE, Equestria Girls and the Student Six's useless treehouse. It ain't the Mane Six's fault that Starlight's philosophy was pathetic.
  14. No. Discord didn't anticipate that these three deceptive villains would betray him. But it's alright because he had good intentions.