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  1. RulesofRarity

    New Trailer for Season 9

    I really hope they don't redeem an evil slave king.
  2. RulesofRarity

    New Trailer for Season 9

    If Celestia and Luna retire who is gonna raise the sun and moon?
  3. Happy b-day! :balloon::o

  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

  5. RulesofRarity

    Banned forms of magic?

    Mind control on other ponies looks like it should/would be a banned form of magic. Time Travel too for obvious reasons.
  6. RulesofRarity

    Season 9 Teaser

    I was sold on the season as soon as they showed Sombra.
  7. RulesofRarity

    Spoiler What is The Crystal Empire to Celestia's Equestria?

    Prior to the death of King Sombra, it was an independent nation. Now it is a vassal state under Cadence.
  8. Nightmare Moon never had the chance to actually do anything, she was quickly defeated by Celestia and then the Mane 6.
  9. A Spike and Twilight map episode could be fun.
  10. RulesofRarity

    Do You Think Starlight Glimmer is a Good Person?

    She blasted him because he pissed her off by calling her power hungry and incompetent.
  11. RulesofRarity

    Do You Think Starlight Glimmer is a Good Person?

    No. I don’t think she’s a good person but I agree to an extent with your assessment that she’s a bad person trying to do good things. My issue is that her flaws established in S5/6 aren’t being ironed out. In S8, we see her callously selling her best friend’s wagon(something that means a lot to Trixie) and her try to vaporise Discord just for pissing her off.
  12. RulesofRarity

    Episodes that pleasantly surprised you?

    The Times They Are A Changeling was an episode I wasn't expecting much from but it ended up being my favorite episode of Season 6, and the best Spike episode to date honestly. Not only did it introduce Thorax, a hero of the finale, it also showed Spike at his best where previous Spike episodes had shown him at his worst. Also in a season filled with bad songs, the song in this episode was surprisingly good.
  13. RulesofRarity

    least favorite thing about your sex/gender

    Men complaining about feminists only to act exactly like them.
  14. RulesofRarity

    How would you react to a Live Action MLP movie?

    If MLP was owned by Disney this would already be in production. And I'd be annoyed.