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  1. Buttonmash1973

    Movies/TV Favorite & least favorite Pixar movies?

    I have drawers full of Cars 2 toys.
  2. Buttonmash1973

    Which character would you choose as your lawyer?

    An S9 version of the Pony Tales Stand by Me.
  3. Buttonmash1973

    “Rewrite” an Early Episode for S9

    I'm liking this idea of creature students "cutie mak".
  4. Buttonmash1973

    What were the 80s like?

    I was a teen in the 1980's.
  5. Buttonmash1973

    Why Gummy is not a live alligator?

    Remember the villain from Rescuers had pet alligators.
  6. Buttonmash1973

    Movies/TV Movies that you liked, but never want to see again.

    Black Beauty 1994 and The Black Stallion
  7. Buttonmash1973

    80s Rock Style Song for Rainbow Dash

    DAD - A Horse With No Name
  8. Buttonmash1973

    How much merch do you have

    I have a ton of blind bags from aorund 2012 when the nearby shops sold FiM blind bags.
  9. Buttonmash1973

    Deer/Reindeer Fan Club

    Reindeer ex machina sounds like Cinemasins, ding!
  10. Buttonmash1973

    More Evil Versions of Good Characters?

    Evil Derpy could be great.
  11. Buttonmash1973

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    The Hubworld Game Spot
  12. Buttonmash1973

    Are the New Seasons Worth it?

    Season 8 was best season ever.