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  1. Mentis Soliloquy

    Open Salem University

    @Buck Testa @Denim&Venom Kat had honestly enough of the teacher's attitude and was not going to make the mistake of talking to her again anytime in the next few centuries if she could help it as she was beyond insulted by how she was acting. Nevertheless, she kept her mouth shut and was almost dragged along to see the duel though she wanted to watch anyway really. What transpired though was... nuts! In a word. "Je sais que le premier jour du trimestre est normalement amusant ... Mais c'est plus que fou!" (just some info Katarina is French) She exclaimed as she felt the ground beneath her paws tremble and shudder at the movement of some awe powerful magic that was for sure and the call out for people to basically high tail it was really all the reason she needed to do the same making sure she took sure steps as she tried to get away from this 'dual' and back to her dorms at least those might stand better against this magical onslaught.
  2. Mentis Soliloquy

    Advanced Salem University OOC (Open)

    My apologies work was killing me earlier this week, I shall read up on the posts and reply today sometime.
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    1. Slug Village

      Slug Village

      Oh darn, is this visible on the home page?  D:

      I am legit dying from laughter.  Help.

  4. Mentis Soliloquy

    Open Mechquestria: My Life As A Equine Robot (00110010)

    The direct address of Luster to her was, a little surprising especially in which the manner it was delivered, Emerald was not in any real position of power to dictate anything that went on, in fact, she was retired only a few weeks ago, she was here because of her ties to Twilight not much else she wanted a rest... now all this shit. She didn't really have anything to say she just sorta sat there looking at her a bit blankly like a deer caught in headlights. Once Luster was looking at the droid, who was a human she rose a hoof to her chin in a moments thought... "Well, this got political all of a sudden..." She muttered to herself as she listened to the pair of... sufficient words to describe what was going on and who was involved simply didn't come to her mind, even though she was an older mare. "I mean if Twi has her way that's all and good, probably the best outcome, but Luster will probably have me in jail or she'll just evaporate me with some fancy gun she's got up her tailpipe." (I think I managed something of decent note I hope)
  5. Mentis Soliloquy

    Searching Mechquestria: System Reboot

    @Randimaxis @Denim&Venom I was going to post... but I am afraid to say I'm a bit lost and I can't see what Em can even do or say honestly at the moment.
  6. Mentis Soliloquy

    Blue Thorn

    Hello, @Loud Opinion I do apologise for making you wait, I've been a little slack. Nevertheless, I'm here to help in getting your OC through to approved. I had a look through your whole entry and it's pretty good I can't really see anything that would stop me from approving this character, but maybe hold off on so many commas in future But otherwise Blue Thorn is a rather interesting stallion and I like how he is still trying to discover his purpose in life despite having a cutiemark, quite a unique idea from the characters I've read.
  7. Mentis Soliloquy

    Advanced Salem University OOC (Open)

    @Denim&Venom I've added a little bit more to my post so that you should be able to post now hopefully.
  8. Mentis Soliloquy

    Advanced Salem University OOC (Open)

    @dragon4111 I didn't include the mentions, though it's not against the rules it's good practice to write 800 before adding mentions. But your post seems fine now.
  9. Mentis Soliloquy

    Open Salem University

    @Denim&Venom Katarina had to put her thoughts in a row after being shouted at by the teacher she was trying to help. "Ur..." As she kept thinking it over before formulating a response. She decided to address them in the order that they were shouted at her in. "I think you should be setting an example to all the other adults in this school since there are no or very few kids here really... yes censorship is silly but no one is going to think well of you swearing your head off at me. Also, we have met, several times, I'm Katarina, one of the second years so we've bumped into one another from time to time." Before she could add more Ms.Tachibana simply dismissed her and walked off to talk to someone else in a car. "Well... that was a waste of my time and she was quite rude... so much for being a good samaritan." She said under her breath as she just stood there being completely ignored. "I mean you have some points, but... I guess it's not what I'd do, but then you're not me. But you must know to be so vocal with such language must... rub the wrong way with some people, a great many people don't like such 'real education' as you put it." Kat was trying to be tactful with her words on the subject.
  10. Mentis Soliloquy

    Advanced Salem University OOC (Open)

    I hate doing this but alas it's why I have a pink name. @dragon4111 @Denim&Venom Both of your last posts are too small and need adding to. This goes for everyone here, check the length of your posts they have to be more than 800 characters in length and this does not include quoting other people either, 800 of your own characters. I don't want to keep reminding people of this, otherwise, I'll have to take more serious steps to prevent this from happening in future. 800 people, it's not hard. /\ That needs to say 800.
  11. Mentis Soliloquy

    Open Salem University

    @Denim&Venom kat took note of Ms Tachibana probably one of the most out there teachers in school when it came to her personality, not she didn't mind at all really, the fox was a nutter and she thought it quite funny from time to time. However she did have a temp when she was inflamed as it were due to her large levels of personal passions, this would include students ignoring her despite how hard she tries to get noticed. She made a gulp and steeled herself as she walked over to her, hoping to cheer her up, expecting to be target practice for some sort of spell for her efforts. "Ms Tachibana are you er ok there? You are making quite a, un-teacher like amount of expletives in the middle of the school... I mean not that you don't know that, but er... well not the best impression to leave on the new students don't you agree?" Hoping she was making sense and wasn't going to be murdered, giving a small reassuring smile, which only exposed her teeth which normally made people nervous, but she hoped it'd not bother the fox.
  12. Mentis Soliloquy

    Request Shop Free Icon request game! .:CLOSED:.

    Answer: I'm going to guess anything between blue and red there is a massive spectrum of pinks and purples Referance: Game#: 1
  13. Mentis Soliloquy

    Open Salem University

    Kat after having made her way back to her dorm was in the process of study but gave up on one thing she yet despite all her seeming skill had yet to master and that was having a go at messing with metal in any way since it was an extension of Earth magic, however the poor cat simply didn't have the knack for moving it yet which annoyed her beyond belief. She put on a coat and headed back outside to get something to eat heading towards the school's cafeteria for something to chew on, and to hopefully clear her mind of the mental block the metal always seemed to cause her. She looked around as she was walking outside, she always enjoyed what the school looked like the older buildings, mixed in with the more modern architecture, it was to her just a joy to walk through no matter what time of year it was. (I'm leaving my post open for people to steal me :P)
  14. Mentis Soliloquy

    Advanced Salem University OOC (Open)

    Waits in the shadows for something to jump into
  15. Mentis Soliloquy

    Advanced Salem University OOC (Open)

    @Dante Wubbington I had a look at the post you made in the RP as I was reading to add my own post, you have to write a post with a minimum of 800 characters ( this number the big one in my case 356 is this example has to say 800 when you post) in Advanced RP's, please go back and add more to it or I'll have to... Has to go ask about that one... But it's just best if you add some more to your post ASAP and we can avoid any unpleasantries. In fact double checking you have to add more to both your posts as they are in the high 700's but that's not the minimum.