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  1. Open

    @Randimaxis Outside the Mines - Tap's post office (Pony Express) Scarlet was tempted to laugh at the smaller Pegasus as she tried to physically intimidate her, but then she started talking... It took a moment for the stunned looking mare to scoup her jaw off the floor. She looked like someone had punched her in the face a few dozen times minus the physical results. Once she had done this she rose a hoof to quieten the mare. "Don't speak another word, if what you say is true which I suspect it is as you have no cause to lie and your face also tells me it's not lying I don't wish to hear another word. I may be a bit opportunistic when it comes to making bits or helping my family but I am a loyal servant of the sisters and would never do anything to compromise them or one of their agents." She turned to leave having been given an answer that satisfied her, curious how some straight talking convinced a down to earth mare? She turned back on her way out. "I will never utter this information to another sole, so long as I draw breath you have my word. Goodnight Taps." With that she made her move to leave unless Taps wanted her to stay.
  2. Enters and bows. Yes M'lord Chaos? You rang?... Hmm @cwhip9come help me!
  3. Open

    @Randimaxis Outside the Mines - Tap's post office (Pony Express) Scarlet was taking in the sights of the nice little cottage as Taps moved back to the spot she was sitting in waiting for her assumed, making note of how many locks that seemed to be on the door was quite an odd thing to see from a mare like her. She'd honestly expected a mare like taps not have a single lock on her door mind the six or seven she seemed to have on the door to secure it, quite different she thought. However... When she heard a voice speak she near jumped out of her skin when she saw Taps actually mutter words, mutter was right she didn't mutter she spoke to her. "I'll..." Her voice broke and the mare coughed to make her voice come back to her, it was almost surreal to see a mare like Scarlet choke up like this but it was quite a shock to her system to see Taps actually speak. "I'll get that off you in a moment." She coughed again to fix her voice properly. "Ah hem! You can speak?!" Was the only thing her rational mind wanted an answer to at that current time despite the fact she was here for something far more serious.
  4. Private

    "I am somewhat used to flying using my damn eyes!" As she landed next to him outside his place. "I bet Mr. 'I don't need my eyes' needs them in order not to crash into all the damn trees in this forest doesn't he hmm?" She was somewhat annoyed.
  5. Private

    She watched him take off into the forrest. "I'm not going to have anything easily given to me am I?..." She fluttered her wings a little and took off after him. She could seem to sense him though she could not see nor actually hear him by what she'd consider traditional means, it was a surreal experience as she followed him.
  6. Private

    (Lol) "Well I should be good to fly, nothing wrong with my wings... that I know if I've not actually attempted flight as of yet in my new state." She mentioned once they were outside. She looked to her wings to see if they still listened to her which they did.
  7. Private

    "Good for a light what?..." She was not sure what he was asking, she assumed flight or canter or something back to his place. "Thanks Zeccora, you have my thanks for this help with me like this I'd not want to be near me like this."
  8. Private

    "I'd like to sleep... that'd be nice honestly..." She was tired or felt tired anyway. She slurped up the rest of her bowl of soup then looked to Zeccora. "I don't think it wise for me to sleep here, Cresent doesn't turn me into a blood thirsty monster." She looked at him. "I suppose I'll sleep at your place."
  9. Private

    "I left a note for my younger sister who I lived with, I told her to stay there until I came back... if I come back, I should have wrote that bit." She just continued with her bowl of soup, she was getting tired of talking.
  10. Private

    She nodded. "Yes please, I want something normal." She had barely eaten since she was turned. She gave it a good smell it did smell quite nice the soup, not to mention it'd be a nice distraction to eat it.
  11. Private

    "So... what does any of that mean?" She didn't really get any answer from either of them. She just looked back at the pot the water was keeping her calm as she watched it bubble softly, at least something was calming.
  12. Private

    She sighed. "I died... I assume you mean before that, 10 days ago I was bitten by a mare who was under the effect of some sort of spell that Twilight had concocted, she bit me by accident and I fell ill... I never got better and died 8 days ago, then I just wake up a few hours later in the morgue..."
  13. Private

    "I don't know anything... you keep asking me questions about everything, I don't know a damn thing! They're some made up tale to scare foals and Luna has something to do with them now I am one!?" She looked mess and she was sick of talking already.
  14. Private

    "I don't want to go near any of them... I..." She just looked down, she had no idea what she was doing, who this stallion was or what she was going to do she just wanted to sleep or something. Having a conversation was somewhat beyond her at this point.
  15. Open

    @Denim&Venom "I don't understand what you're doing with those... big... eyes of y-yours..." She got lost in them as she stared back without much control. She thought in the back of her head she was getting hypnotized.