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    There be a long list Herr captain:
    Ponies (bet you never saw that coming)
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    It would be nice if others posted...
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    I think it is just life has overtaken me a bit... it's a pain in my butt... I'll try to post tomorrow
  6. I still plan on it yeah
  7. Church of England... I just like saying like that.
  8. That is really pretty.
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    @AetherTwii You are welcome to challenge yourself with an armour image.
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    Screenname - Mentis Soliloquy OC name - Sapphire Orange OC reference - Ignore the anthro sketch Type of art - Full body Pose/ Expression - anything you fancy. Other - N/A
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    err... let me revise
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    "I really hope that was not because of me... I did not mean that, though honestly I'm rather bog standard there are just not many unicorns around here so you know...?" She shrugged. Though in the back of her head she still had a nagging feeling all this was her fault, though it was...
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    Ohhh. Hai~ want to have a go at my Sapphire?
  14. @Skycoaster He processed the information for a moment. "Your highness, it's... not even been a week since you hired me. I've not have any of my days off yet." He was not sure whether she'd forgotten that, or that maybe she was just making small talk as they waited for somepony to actually turn up for night court. He hopped he'd not ome off as rude to her, his words were a little timmid when answered her. He was still worried about offending her again. Luna... did not have a modern sense of humor.
  15. It would be nice to see something done to fix this yeah. I think people just need help getting into EQE, I think one of the biggest issues is getting into it in the first place. I mean there are currently 65847 character entries in Everfree. And 271 in Equestrian Empire. I mean ya know