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  1. Mentis Soliloquy

    Request Shop Dev's Simple Ref Sheets [Closed]

    @StandardDeviation You nevermind how long that took you, my lord, that is wonderful, I shall use this a lot when I get commissions for her. Thank you for your time and effort with this wonderful piece.
  2. Mentis Soliloquy

    Request Shop Dev's Simple Ref Sheets [Closed]

    I haven't asked for request art in at least a year but I'd love one off you here Standard because your flats are lovely. Here is one of my girls: I hope you like her enough to draw my Kirin, she's called Ember if you're curious.
  3. Mentis Soliloquy

    Open Mechquestria: My Life As A Equine Robot (00110010)

    Emerald just sat there watching the go between the trio wonder about whether she'd end up in some prison cell for the rest of time or perhaps she'd be allowed to go back to her own life with that lovely collage mare she'd met. Not much she still could do despite her statue, she was better than most ponies due to her undeathly nature. But against Luster, she wasn't a challenge. Why on Equas Twilight decided to turn off her safety protocols was just bizarre to her. She simply continued to sit there and watch as the end of the world may have begun, perhaps it would not... She looked between the fighting parties. "Why... can't we just stop?" She just asked no one, who knows whom may of heard her among the events. "Just forget about the past and move on, it's easy enough to do. To let old wounds heal to move past them and forge a new future." She was speaking to anyone who would listen but she was hoping it was Luster who would, that droid was the nutter who was going to ruin two worlds. Everyone else here seemed to be less, bent on such things.
  4. Mentis Soliloquy

    Searching Mechquestria: System Reboot

    Hahaha I like that responce D, don't make me laugh reading that so much.
  5. Mentis Soliloquy

    Searching Mechquestria: System Reboot

    I'll try my best, that's all I can really promise.
  6. Blast Jeric beat me to the punch. Yes! We're working on fixing the shambles called character sheets at this moment.
  7. Mentis Soliloquy

    events Princess Twilight Sparkle Presents Friendship Day

    @Twilight Sparkle Oh Princess this humble pegasus asks: What is your advice in restarting a friendship when there was a few issues, but we are both capable of moving past it. Any tips? Bat alas I missed this day due to work commitments and time zones damn you... someone?
  8. Mentis Soliloquy

    Command a user to post

    Yes sir? I am having a look and I think it needs a little more... chaos? @Randimaxis I summon thee.
  9. Mentis Soliloquy

    events The Golden Oaks Library

    I'm going to keep an eye on here and see what occurs, a lot of fun I hope.
  10. Mentis Soliloquy


    We'd prefer that you did have one yes, do you have
  11. Mentis Soliloquy


    Did you look at my mention I sent on the 25th of June?
  12. Mentis Soliloquy

    Open Salem University

    @Buck Testa @Denim&Venom Kat had honestly enough of the teacher's attitude and was not going to make the mistake of talking to her again anytime in the next few centuries if she could help it as she was beyond insulted by how she was acting. Nevertheless, she kept her mouth shut and was almost dragged along to see the duel though she wanted to watch anyway really. What transpired though was... nuts! In a word. "Je sais que le premier jour du trimestre est normalement amusant ... Mais c'est plus que fou!" (just some info Katarina is French) She exclaimed as she felt the ground beneath her paws tremble and shudder at the movement of some awe powerful magic that was for sure and the call out for people to basically high tail it was really all the reason she needed to do the same making sure she took sure steps as she tried to get away from this 'dual' and back to her dorms at least those might stand better against this magical onslaught.
  13. Mentis Soliloquy

    Advanced Salem University OOC (Open)

    My apologies work was killing me earlier this week, I shall read up on the posts and reply today sometime.
  14. Mentis Soliloquy


    @Hustler If you're having issues, by your permission I can edit on your behalf and fix the 3 things I've noticed. If you can provide a link to the Cutiemark image.
  15. Mentis Soliloquy

    Open Mechquestria: My Life As A Equine Robot (00110010)

    The direct address of Luster to her was, a little surprising especially in which the manner it was delivered, Emerald was not in any real position of power to dictate anything that went on, in fact, she was retired only a few weeks ago, she was here because of her ties to Twilight not much else she wanted a rest... now all this shit. She didn't really have anything to say she just sorta sat there looking at her a bit blankly like a deer caught in headlights. Once Luster was looking at the droid, who was a human she rose a hoof to her chin in a moments thought... "Well, this got political all of a sudden..." She muttered to herself as she listened to the pair of... sufficient words to describe what was going on and who was involved simply didn't come to her mind, even though she was an older mare. "I mean if Twi has her way that's all and good, probably the best outcome, but Luster will probably have me in jail or she'll just evaporate me with some fancy gun she's got up her tailpipe." (I think I managed something of decent note I hope)