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  1. I don't want to... this is just making things awkward, I don't want to get blood on my suit. @Randimaxis you always know what to do with this stuff right?
  2. Merry Birthiversary, my friend. 

  3. Happy birthday, Mentis! :D

  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

  5. I'm really sorry I've stopped posting I've found it hard to find motivation recently, my bad
  6. I was quite fortunate to purchase the 4th edition of Fallout Equestria at the last Bronycon this year and I've finally gotten around to reading it. I'm a slow reader and I'm only up to chapter 3 currently but hot damn it is an amazing read! I can see why people love this fan series, I'm in love with it too. Just something I wanted to share.


    Wonderful dust cover


    The actual book cover feels like leather and honestly, I'm pretty sure it is consider the book was a cool $100


    The paper quality is absolutely amazing and it is easily the best book I've ever purchased.

    1. TheRockARooster


      @Mentis Soliloquy

      Great book, Mentis.

      I'm so jealous. ^^

    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      I thought about picking one up, but I didn't. Kind of regretting it now. >_>

    3. Mentis Soliloquy

      Mentis Soliloquy

      Well... I had no other choice they don't ship them to Australia.

  7. I'm the dork with the glasses second row 2nd on the left with the Wonderbolts tee.
  8. Attending the final BronyCon was something special, not being one of many firsts, first trip on my own, first time to the USA, second convention, first pony thing, meeting a load of people... it was amazing I met some many people and it. I will try and tag almost everyone but if I miss people don't hate me I'm not totally amazing past midnight... @Denim&Venom Knowing you for 3 years and finally meeting and rooming with you was a blast, we got on like a house on fire with no issues despite someone having apprehensions about rooming together... hehe, it was great to meet you my dude and chill at the Con together. Meeting so many of the people on staff was awesome I remember being so... terrified of most of the staff when I first got here and then over time as I got my hoof into the pudding that stupid idea went away. @Randimaxis You sir are a legend and it was an honour to meet you, and I've never seen anyone floor ice tea like you good sir! @Dark Horse Hey remember giving me that warning like 2 years ago? I don't know why I remember thinking of that just now, but it was amazing to meet the Irish pone & of course @clocksin (don't know why I can't tag ya) You are a awesome dude and you and DH are lovely together. @Jeric & @Troblems you two were always together it was nice to enjoy your company when I bumped into the pair of you and the cool things you talked about was lovely. @PathfinderCS loved the mu-stash my man and you were also very cool to chill with. @Snow My dude it was a pleasure to chill with someone else from the Great Southern Land and have a good joke and the expensive of everyone else at times and have a bloody good laugh with. @Dark Qiviut you were such a keep Con goer and it was cool to be around you such a keen air rubbed off on everyone around you! Last but by no means least @Jedishy I never did find you during the Con and it bugged me... but thanks for the free things on the last DAY!! I wish I attended other years, but damn I'm glad I managed to get go to the last and I loved the whole thing and I wish there was more... but alas... It was damn well fun!
  9. until

    Even I will make my travels to BC all the way from the land of kangaroos and drop bears.
  10. Now I know you're not suppoed to ask this question of a lady, but it still nags me even to this day. Pray tell how old are you Princess?
  11. @Denim&Venom "Well considering that I didn't even contribute to this mess I very much don't intend on cleaning it up, also by the way your exercise is dumb and thanks for not even trying to answer my question and just giving me a verbal pat on the head..." Kat was even more in a foul mood than before and saw no point in even coming to this class again, she firmly believed that everyone in this room was possibly a bit more stupid than when they started this class. She walked over to the door to leave but second guessed herself feeling bad for her classmates who had this crap to deal with and decided to turn around and help them clean up, but then she was out. She had no interest in what this weird fox wanted nor did she think this class should be even a thing considering she nearly destroyed a section of the building as she came into the classroom! Like who even does that and doesn't get fired?