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  1. It would pretty awesome if we could all stay at the one hotel. It might be easier that way also!
  2. I will definitely be there!
  3. Since this seems to be a very popular thread, I thought I'd add myself here even though I'm quite new here.... try not to throw up....
  4. Hi! :3

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    2. HoneyThunder


      I'm pretty good, a little bit tired though! How about you? :)

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      Sorry... Fell asleep.... x3

    4. HoneyThunder
  5. A valiant effort. c:

    1. HoneyThunder


      I salute you Santa Kous. very well played ;)

  6. Yeah, i agree. I believe Starlight is completely straightened out now. There's no real possibility of an episode where she'll change back to crazy evilness and try to ruin things again. I like the fact with that whole starlight storyline, it wasn't finished in one episode. I do love the fact that she came back for revenge
  7. Time for this pony to sleep! Goodnight everyone! :)

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      Have a good one ^^

  8. Hi there! Welcome to this amazing community! I'd also like to wish you a very happy Hearth's Warming! I hope you have a fun time here and meet new people and make lots of new friends! Feel free to message me if you like!
  9. Welcome to the site.

  10. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: I wanted to look around for some forums or websites where i could become a part of the fandom community and meet some new amazing people. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Funny story. I guess i kinda knew about most of my life since i remember all the adverts on tv for my little pony toys and stuff, but i never thought much of it then. About 2 weeks ago, I watched some bronycon cringe video about, and i noticed how many like teenage to older guys where there, and it kinda made me wonder what the whole thing was about, since i expected it to be all younger to teenage girls. After watching a couple of episodes of season 1 friendship is magic i was completely hooked for life Well... hi there, my name is HoneyThunder I'm 18 year old colt, and i come from Scotland in the UK and have been a very much avid brony for around 2 weeks. My main thing is metal, and rock music. I love playing guitar and bass also! i love movies, but not so much tv anymore. Though it has only been 2 weeks since i first watched MLP FiM, i can't believe just how much i've been taken in by it, and i'm glad to see i'm not the only one that feels this way. Everything from the show, animation, characters, storylines, and the community itself, is something amazing and special. The community is something i want to really be a part of. I will say though.... i find it really hard to talk to people a lot, i struggle with a lot of anxieties, amongst other things. I hope being here and interactive with others here will help that! Thank you! If anyone wants to shoot me a message or ask me something I'd love it! I look forward to meeting more and more of you!
  11. Welcome to MLP Forums HoneyThunder. I hope you have a great time here /)