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  1. Hi there. I sent the money for the signed Octavia/Vinyl print almost a month ago. I still have no recieved it, and i still have had no word that it's even been sent. I'd kinda like to know what's going on with it
  2. You guys did an amazing job on this! I wish everyone here a very merry christmas :grin2:
  3. It would pretty awesome if we could all stay at the one hotel. It might be easier that way also!
  4. I will definitely be there!
  5. Since this seems to be a very popular thread, I thought I'd add myself here even though I'm quite new here.... try not to throw up....
  6. I dearly hope so! I'd feel horrible if you didn't...
  7. Then have it my friend, I like the cutie mark crusaders but I would not want to take it from you! Besides, the octavia/vinyl print is mine!
  8. Hi! :3

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