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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. As far as I can tell it works just fine. I haven't seen any effort needed on my part to preserve messages. I only checked once but it had messages from several months ago when we started. Gotcha.
  5. Discord can be used as a text app as well. That's actually where I host my current RPs. I've never had to talk to anyone on it for RPing. The only real irritation is a 2000 character post limit. But that's easy to get around by breaking it up into smaller posts. Sorry about that. My phone doesn't always autocorrect to the right things.
  6. And yes hello to you to too. Its a small wonder the three of us are still here.
  7. I guess you could say you're in luck, because I've been meaning to log on and disable email notifications for a month now. I just couldn't be bothered to do it. I'd be willing to keep going but my vote would be to move away from the forums and to a platform like Discord because I'm not really a fan of these forums. Though this isn't a democracy so its all up to you Hederik.
  8. ((OOC: Sorry for mentioning everyone, for some reason my enter key stopped working as I was writing the mentions. After several attempts I've given up. trying Also sorry if I didn't include a responbse to everything, I was running short on time to write this.)) @All @Convergence @Golbez @Scribblegroove @PonyOfWar @Dark Horse @everyone else. Mirror glanced towards the purple stallion as he so arrogantly introduced himself. There were many ponies like him in show business. Loud, selfish, arrogant, and prideful. Sometimes they could actually back up all their talk. It was still t
  9. So long as you use a controller the game plays exactly like the console version. I have Dark Souls on both. I can't say I ever noticed any issues. The mod you download takes all of three minutes to install. It really isn't much of a hassle, it just fixes a few things that the developers didn't optimize for PC.
  10. @Golbez@Scribblegroove Mirror could feel herself blushing behind her mask, she didn't deserve that much credit. Not for lying to Cherry at least. Mirror shook her head agreeing with Logic, "No...this isn't something she should be a part of." she said as she handed the letter to Logic. The showmare took a moment to tug the right side of her cloak back over her foreleg and closer to the center of her torso while Logic compared their letters. After Logic was done, she wrapped the letter in the faint purple glow of her magic. "Okay." she responded. As the two mares approached Crow
  11. @Golbez Mirror Image reached up with one foreleg and returned the shorter mare’s hug. A small voice in the back of her mind was screaming that this was just a coincidence and not some scheme to expose her in front of Logic. The magician pushed the poisionous thoughts back down before they could fester. Afterall, Cherry would have been the better choice. There was no reason to panic just yet. The unicorn returned Logic’s nuzzle lightly, careful to keep her new mask from moving around too much. Once their greeting was finished, Mirror stepped back so she could better look at the
  12. @Scribblegroove Just letting you know I will be making a post in the next 24 hours. Sorry for the wait. Work's been keeping me busy. I'll get it done some time tomorrow though.
  13. I like the PM'ing ide. In fact I was thinking of doing that instead of spoilers just last week.
  14. The better part of a night and day had passed before Mirror could catch sight of the golden spires standing majestically over the mountain side. Her hoof tapped the wooden seat impatiently as the royal city grew steadily closer. For the hundredth time that day, Mirror pulled the letter out of her saddle bags and re-read it. The deadline to arrive was noon and she couldn’t exactly afford to be late. Not with the potential consequences for tardiness so high. A glance towards the sky revealed that Celestia’s burning sun was ever nearer its zenith. She knew that she sshould have left e
  15. I'll be making my post today (so in the next 15 hours or so.) Likely I'll be writing it up while I'm at work and then I'll post it once I'm home. Sorry for the delay.
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