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  1. ~Princess Luna~

    hey everypony!

    Oh my gosh its a real person !!! ∆∆∆∆
  2. ~Princess Luna~

    Rainbow Rocks Short #9 "Perfect Day For Fun"

    I see what you did there. #stupid head cannon Maybe the cmc are scientists ? Instead of chemists with magical ingredients and chemicals.
  3. ~Princess Luna~

    G3 vs. G3.5

    I've never watched g 3 and g 3.5
  4. ~Princess Luna~

    hey everypony!

    Welcome ? :? Welome to the forums my dear !!!! Come look around we are all friendly here. Its 1:54 am here... At the moment so.... How are you ?!
  5. ~Princess Luna~

    Movies/TV Any other Hiatuses?

    Nope I know no others hiatusis I can think of.
  6. ~Princess Luna~

    Luna Fan Club

    I kinda of thought of it as magical and then Twilights Kingdom....
  7. ~Princess Luna~

    S04:E25+26 - Twilight's Kingdom

    God I am tired... (What to say about this episode what to say...) It was good until the end... Lets say the part where Twilight Sparkle gives up her magic... It felt kinda rushed and the necklece that Discord had from Tirek, did not felt earn when Discord handed it to Twilight. I could go on and on of what should of happen... <--- Insert what should of happen here. I liked the battle and the beginning... Well I also like when Discord gave celestia those flowers... I know it was gag but still maybe....
  8. ~Princess Luna~

    Hello Joined a little while ago

    Hello and welcome to equestria I have noticed I've been in the fandom since 2011... Anyway welcome please ignore fourth the wall breaking. I hope you have a great time here.
  9. ~Princess Luna~

    Luna Fan Club

    Wait when did you have to ask to join this fandom it is not a group or anything or a club. Also I am back and alive. After a long time. *faceground* wow was I late sorry for even posting. Lee me looking through posts. Lee me remembering when this wasn't that popular back in 2013. God help us
  10. ~Princess Luna~

    Luna Fan Club

    My Dear Celestia when did this suddenly grow into a big thing I remember when this Was small and only a few people posted here.
  11. Sir Godot can you get off my bed before I see your umm umm GUARDS !!! Put him back into the mirror !!! *Guards stuck you into Luna's mirror*
  12. ~Princess Luna~

    I need a OC

    Thank you every pony you all have good points maybe I should draw my own pony : > I just didn't understand what it would take. Sorry : <
  13. ~Princess Luna~

    I need a OC

    I need a OC please. Reasons I don't know what I would look like in the Pony Universe. Anything from a pony to a dracinus to even a phoenix. Optional> Figure out if I could be a human in the mlp universe and how : >
  14. ~Princess Luna~

    Sad face :(

    Nice Drawing you draw better then me. Quite literally also I am back... : 3 After about 5 months of being off line due to a glitch with ponie-verse.
  15. ~Princess Luna~

    Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy kiss

    Why I think this wont happen. Wy would this happen if its under work management from hasbro and two wtf!!! XD for real when I read the title I was like ohhhhh clickie clickie. For now them kissing may only be a fanfic but if Lauren Faust wrote a episode about them being in love then I would be surprised since everything is regulated