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  1. I don't really mind the layout changes and such, it's pretty normal for a website to update their look every now and then. The reasons I voted Yes is 1) because of the increase in ads, which has slowly but surely grown to a very annoying amount. But even that I can forgive, because they, like every other business, are out to make money. I get it. But the second reason and more important reason is the COPPA (i think that's how it's spelled) thing. I understand making YouTube safer for kids, but the algorithm that has implemented it is horrible! I have seen many videos marked as YouTube Kids that *should not* be listed for kids. Above all, I cannot believe that it deletes the entire comment section of marked videos! For some videos, that's over ten years of people's reactions, jokes, and of course, stupid shit, that has been erased! As someone who really values how comment sections and other such things archive people's words, that is nonsensical to me, and I really don't approve. Just think about how it disproportionately impacts the archives of our fandom's history. Many important songs and fanworks in the brony fandom have been marked for kids on YouTube, deleting the resulting discourse (used here not as a term for arguing, but just as a term for conversation or remarks) between fans in the comments. Ugh, I could go on, but that's an essay for another day.
  2. I played a heck of a lot of Pokemon Sapphire. Long after I beat the game, I kept wandering around aimlessly! I also played played and replayed and replayed again the Penguins of Madagascar GameBoy game. That one was way too fun for its own good.
  3. For Fast and Furriest, I enjoyed a competition episode focusing on Twilight and RD. I think in the past we've generally only seen AJ and RD compete, so that was an interesting twist. Loved how Fluttershy and Angel won in the photo finish. I got a kick out of Disappearing Act. I was so happy to see the Cutie Mark Crusaders!! I'm glad they also kept their original VA's. The void made a reappearance! sans mysterious entity this time, but still quite an interesting setting! Badge of Shame was cute, definitely nailed the feeling of putting something together from crappy instructions. I'm glad Pinkie got a new oven, she was really torn up over the other one. I was expecting her to put together a funeral or something for, Dr. Dolores I think she named it? lol And finally, the Discord episode!!!!! I was a bit nervous about there being a new voice actor for my favorite character and was also wondering how they would choose to characterize him. Although his original John de Lancie voice will always be his best voice to me, I think Peter New did a great job! I enjoyed his performance a lot! I'm also glad they didn't make him a total jerk. He's as nonchalant as ever, but in a way that's endearing instead of off-putting. I loved how excited he got about the idea of being a Solo Scout or whatever Fluttershy called it. I hope to see more of him in Pony Life in the future!! (Also LMAO at Fluttershy setting a whole volcano off just so Discord would show up) Another bit of foreboding at the end. I wonder when the ball is going to drop on this enormous lie about the troupe that is weaving through all these episodes.
  4. I enjoyed The Trial Less Trotten/Death of a Salespony! I don't think I enjoyed it quite as much as some of the previous ones, but it was still entertaining. I know that Fluttershy is OOC compared to FiM, but this version of her can be quite entertaining! Did she learn her lesson by the end of the two parts? I don't think so! I bet we'll see more on this in the future, especially since the other Mane 6 still haven't told her that they aren't a real troupe. As for Big Hoof Walking/The Fluttershy Effect, those were both okay episodes. Pacing is still better than the first two episodes, although I'm unsure what exactly brought Rainbow back from the alternate future in the Fluttershy Effect. I did enjoy Tank's monologue though, lol! Big Hoof Walking was not too memorable, although the selfie at the end was funny. At the very least, I'm glad there is some continuity between episodes, with the arc now following Fluttershy's fake troupe. She's going to be so upset when she finds out her friends have been lying the whole time
  5. Bullies are super lame! That about sums it up, I think!
  6. Nope! Part of the awesome thing about fandoms is that everyone gets to contribute their own unique perspective on the canon and their own flavor of creativity in their fanworks.
  7. Millipedes: good, cute, adorable, probably secretly little angels Centipedes: terrible, gross, ew, hell on earth, oh god get that away from me
  8. I remember using it a few times! Usually when we had already watched part of the movie but had to stop halfway through. When we would start it back up, we'd use the scene selection to get there faster!
  9. For the first episode, Tabitha's voice performance with that Gollum moment was great! With the continuity we've been seeing through Pinkie's competition, I'm wondering if the magic bandana, or at least that strange dimension with the mysterious being, will make a reappearance at some point in the future! Each dark truth bit made me laugh, especially whatever that bit was with Fluttershy. For the second, I cannot believe they let Rainbow cook with them looking like that! Go home and sleep girl! I was surprised how sad I was when Pinkie got disqualified, so I'm happy she gets a second chance on a spinoff of the same cooking show. I enjoyed both of these!
  10. I'm probably in the minority, but I'm genuinely enjoying these! Totally different tone than FiM, but the idea of it being a complete AU from FiM is pretty interesting. Although the pace is still very fast, I feel like it got better during these two episodes. I really enjoyed Applejack's episode; she may be my favorite character in Pony Life. And the Adorable Fight in Cute-Pocalypse Meow cracked me up. I think that cat died lmao Looking forward to more of these!
  11. Just finished watching Episodes 1 and 2! I tried not to compare it too much to FiM, and I have to say, I actually kind of enjoyed it! It's very fast-paced, a bit ridiculous, but I laughed at several of the jokes and the animation style grew on me a bit as I watched. I like how they're taking full advantage of the animation medium, such as the gag of Twilight breaking into pieces. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of these, and I'm glad we have something to tide us over until Gen 5!
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