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    I am Elijah Shy and I have many interest like: Music, Art, telling about the Equestrian History, My backstory, Having a kingdom (Royal Empire), I have my inter-dimensional mansion that I live in (located in the Everfree), I also like playing games, and I love love love love love! Role playing (RPing).

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  1. ElijahShy

    Princess Fluttershy

    Thank you! It took me a long time to make.
  2. ElijahShy

    Princess Fluttershy

    I haven't had time to edit! I have been on a lot of vacations...
  3. ElijahShy

    Elijah Shy

    -facehoof- it's not a she... It's a he.
  4. ElijahShy

    Princess Fluttershy

    @Derpy Pixel Sure! I can make a Derpy after I fill in the request list...
  5. ElijahShy

    Princess Fluttershy

    It may take a month to get it fully edited.
  6. ElijahShy

    Princess Fluttershy

    @Chill Mists (Chilly) As I said... I am editing.
  7. ElijahShy

    Princess Fluttershy

    Actually I am editing it a little more so it can have a tiny bit more Fluttershy to it ^^ I am adding a cutie mark and a background, but I will finish it this summer when I have more time to edit... so yea! I hope ya'll will like the edited one better!
  8. ElijahShy

    Princess Fluttershy

    Yes, she has a kingdom and guards. I will except the cookie ^^
  9. ElijahShy

    Princess Fluttershy

    Yes I will make the rest and yes, I know twilight is a Alicorn...
  10. ElijahShy

    Princess Fluttershy

    woah woah woah! I can only do one pony at a time! It's hard now because I am currently trying to make another picture at the moment! So much work!
  11. ElijahShy

    Who's your favorite member?

    I count everypony as my favorite ponies.
  12. ElijahShy

    Another great creation: Wildflier

    The world may never know ^^
  13. ElijahShy

    Rainbow's cutie mark

    Haha I see what you did there.
  14. ElijahShy

    Rainbow's cutie mark

    I may have to make a kingdom... To the drawing sheets!
  15. ElijahShy

    Rainbow's cutie mark

    This literally took me only 20 seconds to make.