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    I am Elijah Shy and I have many interest like: Music, Art, telling about the Equestrian History, My backstory, Having a kingdom (Royal Empire), I have my inter-dimensional mansion that I live in (located in the Everfree), I also like playing games, and I love love love love love! Role playing (RPing).

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  1. This is my new account~! I am better since I was last on here. I hope the few who might have waited will message meh~! I am here just to rp if I am to be completely honest x3

    1. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      It's been a while, welcome back^^

    2. Mr. E Shy

      Mr. E Shy

      Hey~! Thank you for the welcome back sugarcube~!

    3. Deae Rising Shine~
  2. I am leaving my DeviantArt is: http://elijahshy.deviantart.com I will miss you all. I will return someday. Please msg me. Goodbye...

  3. This is a status.

    1. easymac


      this is a comment?

  4. Thank you! It took me a long time to make.
  5. I haven't had time to edit! I have been on a lot of vacations...
  6. I am now in Colorado! I am getting sick of taking trips....

    1. Torrez


      I envy you...

    2. ElijahShy


      Trust me... Right when I got here in Colorado I had and am still having the worst head ache ever...

  7. -facehoof- it's not a she... It's a he.
  8. It now has been 3 days and 4 hours since I have sent the note

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Crystal Edge

      Crystal Edge

      Stop worrying about it Elijah ;D

    3. ElijahShy


      Shire- Equestrian history


      Crystal Edge- No...

    4. Midnight Seeker

      Midnight Seeker

      Where it possible man, I'd pour you a wee dram. Instead I'll just say that a watched kettle never boils. Worry is normal, but ya cannae let it over ride you.


      Make yourself relax, take a breather. You think that Ink Rose has some stuff going on or a lot of notes to go through?

  9. My mood is tipping... I am off to bed...

    1. SCS


      Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon, and have a good night. :)

    2. Crystal Edge

      Crystal Edge

      You haven't told me the Equestrian History Elijah :3

      *puts on student cap*

  10. 2 days and 7 hours from the time i sent the note on DeviantArt

  11. I hate it when on DeviantArt when you send a note to someone that does reviews and doesn't answer for days and or never.

    1. OG Blaze
    2. Midnight Seeker

      Midnight Seeker

      Hey, it happens. Your best bet is to stay cool because it's possible that they've been overloaded with DA or real world stuff. Don't sweat it.

    3. ElijahShy


      I will tell you something in the PM about it.

  12. Good night everypony! Sleep well!

    1. Spirit Rush

      Spirit Rush

      Good night! ^-^

    2. Oblivion


      Night night, let the bat ponies bite! :)

  13. Anypony up for a role-play?

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    2. Midnight Seeker

      Midnight Seeker

      No idea how to do it, just going to bed and getting a tooth pulled tomorrow. You enjoy yourself.

    3. ElijahShy


      ouch. well I wish you luck Midnight Seeker. Also, sweet dreams.

    4. Midnight Seeker

      Midnight Seeker

      Heh, read my last blog post (written today). You'll get why I'm laughing. Good night lad.

  14. Back from Ethiopia!

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    2. ElijahShy


      Yea! I loved it!

    3. AppleGearRising


      What was it like there?

    4. ElijahShy


      it had a lot of construction, horses, abandon apartments, ect.

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