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  1. Will Guide

    Movies/TV New Sonic movie poster

    There was a fan made Zelda movie called Hero of Time years ago. Personally, I'm leaning toward Detective Pikachu being the lesser of two bad movies right now.
  2. Huh, didn't think I would get a single vote. Thanks guys. I wonder what Dark Horse would sound like, though? Guess we could find out
  3. Will Guide

    Spoiler Can Pound and Pumpkin speak?

    Because they were busy playing their instruments
  4. Will Guide

    General Do you have a feminine or masculine side?

    I'm always a sensitive guy looking for a manly man.
  5. Will Guide

    Spoiler Can Pound and Pumpkin speak?

    They said Pinkie's name at the end of their debut episode, S2's "Baby Cakes". And besides in big musical numbers like this, it's standard for all the cartoon characters to sing even if they don't speak elsewhere in the show.
  6. On the 12 days before Christmas, @Aurora Wolf gave to me, Fatherhood to her @Baby Dashie!

  7. Will Guide

    Has Anypony been sad lately?

    I'm sad when I keep seeing people bashing on others just because the victims enjoy the live-action Disney remake and they're being treated like sinners for "enjoying the soulless cash grabs" instead of getting to know why the victim can enjoy those (in the blamer's words) "awful horrible sinful films that spit on the original animated films" Those jerks need to accept that even "bad films" can find an audience
  8. Will Guide

    What is the last voicemail you received?

    Long time ago. Can't remember.
  9. Will Guide

    Snow Wars!

    And no one wants to throw a snowball at me. Come on, I'm an easy target. I'd protect my friends from getting hit with snowballs, including but not limited to @Baby Dashie, @Aurora Wolf, @Emperor Blu Traincrown, @Loyal Defender, @Maple Bat, and @Mesme Rize
  10. Will Guide

    Movies/TV How did you react to Phantom Menace?

    So what if it was full of bad moments? The original trilogy had its bad moments too. The hokey dialogue, the political talk, they were there from the beginning
  11. My thoughts exactly
  12. Will Guide

    Kill the User Above with the item to your left.

    How can I kill anyone with cough drops? Unless you're a coffin'!
  13. Please keep me posted on that, because the process of assembling said cosplay sounds interesting.
  14. Will Guide

    Why Christmas/winter holidays?

    @BornAgainBrony But this topic is supposed about Christmas, not Cracked. I only responded in the first place not to attack anyone, but just to point out that you shouldn't believe everything you read . And I'm sorry that it came off looking like an attack on you. I have trouble telling the intentions of the post when there's no emojis or something to tell me if you were speaking in a joking matter or dead serious matter. I hope you can understand my reasoning and can forgive me.