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  1. Shadow, I enjoyed your game with the Black Aliens. I would have A Ranked all the missions and unlocked Expert Mode, if it hadn't been for the Shoot Down the President's Escape Pod mission. Plus this game makes me think of Christmas. Since your game involves taking the Dark path, Hero path or Nuetral Path. Kinda like Naughty or Nice Kids. Anyway, any thoughts about that adventure? About Black Doom and the Black Arms aliens? What about alternative outcomes to who you really are?
  2. Sonic, Some say you telling Ralph about the Internet makes sense given your huge online fanbase. And while there are fans like me who enjoy your games even the less-than-stallar ones, there are very vocal ones who tend to raise a huge stink over the littlest things in your games and stuff. What do you think of those critical fans and what advice can you give when it comes to dealing with said fans?
  3. Well my neighborhood's got rain for the first time in a while.

  4. So, Sonic, I've seen a Arcade version of you in a Disney Animated Film (Wreck it Ralph/Ralph Breaks the Internet) who was very familiar with the Internet. Are you familiar with this version of him? If you are, what do you think of him?
  5. Dear Big the Cat. A lot of the more cynical Sonic fans didn't like you and especially not your fishing gameplay from Sonic Adventure. But I still root for you being reunited with your Froggy friend. Being a bit slow in the head does not make one a bad Character or person. If anything I myself think you're a simple guy whose determination allowed you to follow your friend to the ends of the Earth to get him back. You and Froggy have a wonderful friendship, no matter what the haters say. What do you say to that?
  6. After this purchase of Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch, I'm done with purchasing stuff for myself until I can get a steady income again. 

    Between Disney+ and all the games I still have yet to finish on the Switch, my hobbies should have plenty to keep me busy. 

  7. Submit them to Fluttershy by clicking on the little blue boxes with her name in the first post. Then hit send a message with the Subject Name being Kindness Day Trivia. Put your questions and answers in the message body box then Send Message
  8. Out of all 57 Disney Animated movies that are listed under the Disney Animated Canon from Snow White to Ralph Breaks the Internet, the only one apparently missing from the DisneyPlus listing is Make Mine Music from the 40s. Perhaps that will be added in the near future. I also noticed that almost all films made under Disney Toon Studios such as the infamous DTV sequels, most of the Winnie the Pooh films, and the Tinker Belle film franchise is available as well. For better or worse I should one day share my thoughts on the infamous sequels. I shouldn't overworked myself though
  9. Banned for not showing off your whole body.
  10. Just saw Honey I Shrunk the Kids in its entirety. I thought it was like a horror film at that small size but there was an emotional moment. When an baby ant sacrificed itself to protect the kids from a scorpion. Disney made the death of an Ant sad long before DreamWorks Antz did!

  11. How's your Disney Plus bingeing going?

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      Sweet. I'm excited for imagineering story. Quick question: I have an 8 year old daughter who is GT and loves Engineering and STEM activities. I think that she would love this, but would it ruin any Disney Magic? She's still on the cusp where the princesses are all the real deal to her, but also knows how Pepper's Ghost works for Haunted Mansion. 

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      Gifted and Talented

  12. And here's Callie. Our youngest we had since 2011