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  1. Jail for putting on a Halloween costume and name before it's even October
  2. Doh! don't make me doubt myself now. If I lose this trivia, I could lose my self-esteem. (LOL. Don't take my words too seriously)
  3. A few weeks ago when an ice cream truck came by the place where I was sign spinning Last time you were at any of the Disney Parks?
  4. In that case you're the element of adorable faces
  5. Ask me to take them to Disneyland to meet Rapunzel herself
  6. Nope I know what that is. (Obviously because it's Disney) Am I the only one who remembers the PC game Franchise known as Myst that was released in the 90s and early 2000s?
  7. I was quoting from Myst. That game has been remastered for the Nintendo switch been re-released on steam and other sources. Fairly OddParents the one with the do-over watches "You met with a terrible fate haven't you?"
  8. Most likely to lose potential friends due to being judgmental. Just because I have fangs that doesn't mean I'm going to bite.
  9. Cursed to never take off those bandages or else you turn to dust
  10. My name is Sissel: Phantom Detective and I came back from the dead.