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  1. Snow is finally coming to My Island. How about any of you guys?
  2. I think you mean giving him "secret" ingredient. he basically gives you one of the furniture items that you make anyway with the DIY recipes. @A French Derpy full of Salt There's really only 4 dishes for you to make (all of which can be improved to their fullest by giving him an secret ingredient after the dish is cooked) and in exchange he gives you the Turkey wall, floor, rug, and cornucopia. All of which cannot be re-bought from the catalog but everything else can be crafted with the DIY recipes. If you go to the Nook's Cranny starting today, you can buy the Turkey DIY recipe set if you had missed out Like I said before, it only took me 2 to 3 hours to get everything to make all the dishes. Having to dive/fish for some of the ingredients and not getting the ones I needed is what took so long
  3. It took me two to three hours to make all of Franklin's Harvest Day dishes And there they are on the table!
  4. So far I have yet to meet anybody who's affected by COVID-19. if anything the problem with my family right now is that my stepmother broke her arm because the bathtub is too high for her to climb in and she tripped. And dad has been forced to stay home all month long to help her. And thankfully my weekend job involves sign spinning, where thankfully not many people come close to where I stand for 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday. And I always been sure to carry around hand sanitizer and wear my mask. When I'm done with my mask I put it in the space next to my car seat so wherever I drive in my car I have my mask nearby
  5. and two if it's an anonymous source I wouldn't believe it without any more evidence or more concrete source to back it up.
  6. @Dark Horse If you are reading this, I hope you can be responsible if you put on that mask!
  7. While the theory makes sense I don't see the termians as people who wanted to oppose the Golden Goddesses or outright defy them! I just see the world of Termina as a parallel universe that was in desperate need of help. and it made me feel really good when I filled out the bombers notebook both in the original and the 3DS version. Helping out all those people. Even if some of them don't exactly get the ideal happy ending. My condolences for your son's spirit, Deku Butler.
  8. Oh, I'm sorry. When I wrote that response I kind of thought it looked ridiculous at first, but on the other hand I can definitely see that it wasn't lazy. There was clearly effort put into it! Regardless of my thoughts on it, I hope Dark Horse enjoyed it.
  9. What a bunch of baloney! If you ask me, it's just a bunch of overzealous people just looking for ways to exploit what's supposed to be a family friendly company that supposed to be making fun games to be enjoyed no matter what age group; young, old, male, female, whatever. And frankly I never been part of the competitive smash community. I've always played the Smash games just for the enjoyment of playing as some of my favorite characters and learning the history of several video game franchises; even video game franchises that were not made by Nintendo since that they feature third parties in the last 10 years
  10. Seriously someone actually drew that?! It makes the goofy redesign of the moon in the 3DS version look most excellent.
  11. Well, it seems you and I both know our Majora's Mask stuff! Congratulations!

  12. Have to say my favorite level is Witchyland for the theme park premise. Not to mention Mr. Patch was a tough boss to 10 year old me. Took me weeks between my first try at him before I finally beated him.
  13. I just beat the Age of Calamity but for now I'm a little too exhausted to talk about it in details. But I'll give the short version. I'm not giving away any story plot points but just in case you don't want to be spoiled
  14. I think I know what you mean. when I'm trying to cross the lily pads in the N64 version, if I spin across the lily pad it'll build up momentum making my jumps cover much more distance. but in the 3DS version even if I spin across the lily pad it doesn't build as much momentum as it used to. This is especially noticeable with the lily pads around the Deku Palace gardens. but on the plus side I don't have to sneak past the guards to get to the bean seller since there's actually an 2nd hole right near the spot where the bean is to be planted to reach the upper levels
  15. Exactly. And about Sunset Shimmer in that music festival special, I had no idea what major plot points were going to happen. But when she woke up the next day and Rainbow Dash announced it's the first day of the festival (unintentionally smacking Sunny in the butt), I cheered that this special was going to be a Groundhog Day Loop story. And it's all thanks to Majora's Mask for introducing 10-year-old me to this "Reliving the same day over and over" concept