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  1. I know that. I clearly said in my previous posts I go to the Mystery Islands but they don't give out as many Earth Eggs on a daily basis as the Main Island.
  2. I crafted all but the last few Egg related stuff. The last recipes are obtained on April 12, but in the meantime I should collect about 12 of each type of Egg to make those items. Any extras I shall sell
  3. Other than the Earth Egg outfit set and the final recipes taught by Zipper on April 12, I got all the BD recipes
  4. Now I just need to find the Wall Clock and Rug recipe, the rest of the BD recipes will be given to me after obtaining the rest
  5. collecting the eggs teaches you the recipe for clothes. finding recipes in bottles or balloons or given to you by people running up to you are the other Bunny Day recipes
  6. In terms of Recipes, Other than the Egg Arch, which is given on April 12, recipes that Zipper gives only when the other stuff has been crafted, and clothes made from each type of Eggs, I only have to get the recipes for Bunny Day Wall Clock, Rug, Wardrobe, and Festival Balloons. I might get those recipes tonight or tomorrow, but it's going to take a little longer to collect all the necessary Leaf, Earth, and Stone eggs to make all the uncrafted Bunny Day stuff
  7. Wood eggs are easy to get in one day but Earth eggs and Stone eggs are likely going to require multiple trips to a mystery island if I want to get a lot in one day
  8. I still have PSTD involving a barrel of rattles that turned out to be pacifiers not snakes. It may have been funny to everyone else, but not to me. I know this post should belong in this topic: https://mlpforums.com/topic/190215-what-was-the-worstdumbest-prank-you-fell-for/ But I felt I needed to respond to the quote
  9. In terms of Sky Egg collecting, I would need about 30-35 of them from the sky to craft everything that requires them
  10. You're not supposed to eat fruit and then hit the rocks How many sky eggs did you get before teaching yourself the recipes of Sky Egg themed clothing?
  11. actually if you're looking for items that require eggs to be crafted there's way more than 18 of them. to be fair the unaccounted items are those that you come up with for yourself when you collect eggs. basically the rest of the stuff or clothing which don't really tied to what zipper is looking for. But that's just me getting information from a guide. Either way out of all the recipe that uses eggs, I got 10 of them right now Also my island is gone from one star to two stars. I'm getting closer to fulfilling the KK goal
  12. I made a lot of money selling bugs to Flick, the bug obsessed chameleon today. Also, Leonardo took noticed of the fact that the night before I was hanging out a lot on top of the leftmost peak. Love that attention to detail