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  1. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Celestia smiled "How wonderful! I'm glad for you and Shining Light. And Please, the knife is something I have no use for. You have already found more use for it then what I have been using it for." She clipped hre halberd to her armor again and took a deep breath. Luna smiled widely "She's not kidding that was amazing! I can't belive you can come up with something like that on the fly!" It was obvious that the fact he just came up with it was more impressive to her than the actual poem but she was amazed none the less. Evelyn sighed loudly "Well... That sucks... I'm sorry about all that, It was purely since I wasn't there that it all went downhill. Now you can't leave my sight, even if you wanted to... But I never asked I think... Why on earth were you and Festus doing in that town in the first place?" Evelyn asked, with a subtle hint of being angry but she didn't really want to be.
  2. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Celestia nodded "Well... Thanks for the explanation. We are still kinda new to this whole... Other planets thing as a whole. You're the first to just offer an explanation to us. Oh and I owe you something for saving me back there." Celestia had an ornate knife, it was master crafted, almost the length of her weapon's spearhead. and she kept it in her armor as a backup. "Take this. I don't use it too much anyways." Luna made a snarky remark "That's because you keep forgetting it's there." Celestia hit her with a hoof "I have my reasons to forget it. It's just... Not very practical most of the time so I have no reason..." Celestia said scrunching her face Evelyn flew over to a big rock nearby and set JAck down. Sitting next to him. "How's your whole... Recovery, going? I can tell not well but you'll be walking again at some point right... I'm really starting to lose hope... It's just getting harder and harder. Please tell me something... You know... Good."
  3. Private Forgotten Ties 1x1

    OOC: In Canterlot castle, there was a lot of clashing and Cheering heard throughout the castle. Maple, who was only 13 was dueling one of the strongest stallions in the guard She was getting pushed back, She lost her balance and got kicked in the face flying across the ring. "OW... Dang it... I know I can beat you, I just know it!" Maple roared angrily. The guard she was fighting snickered "Come back when you're a real bat pony, Kid." He and the other guards near him left the arena leaving Maple there, crying and defeated. She'd tried so hard that time but she still lost without even touching the Stallion. This was her 4th week of training... There was a lot more head of her.
  4. @Star48955 Just the formality Ya'know in case we need it. Let me get that other thread up. and I'll link it here.
  5. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    The battle had worn on Celestia and Luna, They both had every reason to be but they where both going to regain strength quickly thanks to being immortal. "We're here for... Different reasons. I'd rather not go into detail on that now. When we get out of that center I will let you know everything. For now let's reprise." Luna landed and laughed "That was awesome! There goes that boredom!" She continued her laughter pleased. Evelyn landed next to her. "Oof... It's hot down here. I kinda wanna stay above the clouds... But I can't fly forever. Everything seems clear So We're breaking. You want down JAck? I imagine that that saddle is rough."
  6. Private Meet the Changeling in Me!

    Woody nodded and flew into the kitchen and quickly flew back after he took a bottle of water. "Maple please just drink ok?" Woody handed it to her. Maple nodded and started to drink it slowly. She drank about 10% of the water before lowing the bottle "I'm sorry Midnight... You just wanted us to meet your sister. And, and I... ru-" "Shh... Maple, you're ok." Woody said setting a paw on her shoulder " After what you went through... You didn't deserve that. You're way more awesome that you think, but that said you're still Fluttershy's daughter so at times you can be really timid. We don't care about that, however, it makes you even better! Just relax for now, Ok?" "Ok, bro..." Maple said with a nod. She smiled softly at both him and Midnight.
  7. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Evelyn threw the bomb into the mouth of the worm creature and flew away from it as quickly as she could She'd gotten so high Jack could feel the air pressure decrease it was colder up there. "Ugh... I wish I could just set you on a cloud and keep fighting... But Oh well I can't... I'll just keep you safe. But my, it feels nice up here doesn't it?" Celestia drew her weapon back "Use this if you can! *She tossed the halberd at Edgar it landed a ways off from him. She faced the harpooned one and used magic to do a sword-esq slash with her horn at the harpooned one. It was a potent Magic so it would cut deep and Clean.
  8. Private The Truth of the Past RP (with Maple Bat)

    "Maple was about to say something else but she froze up. She then looked at the table. " Ok... So, Will, I'm not as good as you think... I used to steal things from ponys who came in here... I was so hungry, I didn't want to eat an animal... and I didn't want to eat vegetation from the forest... where everything is trying to kill you... So I had to go to out a lot, and then I'd find people who got lost in the forest when I found them I took any food they had, once the guard got me but I escaped them before they took me home. I was so scared all the time and hungry... " Maple sighed but shook her head... She was passed that now and had more than made up for it. Woody tilted his head fond of this meory but wouldn't mind forgetting " When Maple was here... I never came in... I was always around outside. I'd bring her food twice a week... It was all I could manage to earn on my own... I couldn't tell Mom and dad... They'd come for her as soon as they knew and I knew Maple would run away again somewhere farther... So I took on chores to earn bits. I always bought 3 apples some bread and water. It's all I could afford each week. Even with my powers, it was hard for a foal like me to make money. Either way, It was enough to keep her alive... but yes... She had stolen things... Ponies that encountered her... Well I had to deal with thankfully they were all very co-operative with me and kept her hidden. " Woody showed the wills a basket. It was old and weathered now but they could tell it was hand-made, There were notes with them, Woody begging Maple to return, Promising she'd be ok, There were jokes on some, Inspiring quotes on some... One of them Woody had Drawn a picture of him and Maple. It was good artwork too!
  9. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Luna kept angrily firing into the ground. It was obvious that she was angry at them, the strength of the magic. It was blowing away the sand with each shot. She wasn't using the pistol much, she didn't really think to do so more than she wanted too. Celestia wasn't faring much better she was going to have to fend them off half-trying until she got her breath back. It was gonna be a rough bout. She braced herself ready for more to head after her. Evelyn moved upward as soon as she saw the worm emerge "Gah... You're right... I think the shield thing is too risky... we should just stay up here... away from the battle. I do have an idea... Bombs." She pulled a few out of a pouch in her armor. She then lowered herself waiting for the next one.
  10. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Luna charged a magic blast and used the energy to fire a beam into the sand it was focused so it would cut into it... but not very far. "Come... Out... and... FIGHT!" *She kept firing beams into the ground trying to hit it she fired one beam at random into the ground. She saw the ones attacking the civilians and she fired several beams in rapid succession at them trying to help them fight Celestia got blown back by the headbutt, rolling when she crashed into the ground "Grr... That... hurt. I'm not going to be beat by worms!" She roared bringing up her weapon, she drove it into the ground concentrating the sand into what was almost a hard surface, it was still sand but much more dense. She waited for a worm to crash into it. Evelyn kept scanning the field closely "This really isn't good... I like your idea but I'm stuck thinking about the bad stuff that could happen... What if I'm caught off-guard and you get hurt due to it... or maybe something worse... I'll try to strike. My goal is to keep you safe any magic you got to help?"
  11. Private Meet the Changeling in Me!

    "It's ok Midnight I personally didn't mind I've been called worse... by better... Maple will be fine she just needs to calm down. I can't say I didn't expect that to happen. Maple works really hard to be seen just as another pony and she... Well, She doesn't like thinking that she's made no progress. I don't know how she feels but I can tell you it's nothing good. " Woody said to him calmly not looking away from Maple " Sis... You're wonderful. These 2 are your friends because you are. A monster... would still be out in everfree waiting to drink blood from their next victim. You chose the right path Maple... Take a seat. I'll get you some water... Ok?" Maple didn't verbally respond to him she just nodded weakly and took a seat on Midnight's couch. She still looked shaken by her words. Woody sighed, he was worried about what Swirling said sinking too far for Maple. "Where do you keep water around here Midnight?"
  12. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Celestia and Luna instantly knew what was happening, both reacted to the situation differently Luna reacted offensively and attacked the nearest worm, firing down its throat with her gun and flying out of the way of its vicious bite. "Watch out they're burrowers! Keep moving and they can't get you!" Celestia heard luna shout to watch out and she saw the worm, She teleported out of its way, not by much, she stabbed her halberd into its side and it dragged a bit before catching. No doubt that the slice was lethal Celestia took her weapon out of the worm and broke into a sprint "On it Luna!" Evelyn didn't know how to react except to follow Luna's lead and take to the sky where it would be harder for them to get attack "You got any ideas? I'm fresh out for this one..."
  13. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Luna pulled out the gun she'd still had. Levitating it and aiming it at the sounds. "Sister... What should we do here... You are the leader of this group... in a way." Celestia Looked out and her horn started to glow brightly "Evelyn... keep the young ones safe... Me and my sister can handle this, this time. I trust you..." Celestia used the spell to vlear the area in front of her and Luna prepping it for battle. "Whatever it is we got this sister." Luna nodded "Of course we do. No one can beat us together!"
  14. Private Meet the Changeling in Me!

    @WiiGuy2014 When Maple heard Swirlings protest her pupils shrunk and she started to shake, She lowered her head quickly and slammed her hoof causing a loud Bam sound on the ground and took deep but shaky breaths. The room was silent minus her breathing... which slowly turned into a silent sobbing. "I'm... Not a creature! I'm a pony just like you!... I'm... I'm not a monster... Am I?" Maple looked up, teary-eyed, at everyone in the room longingly hoping for some form of comfort. Even the pony that had called her a monster. "Oh geez..." Woody said silently walking over to her, he put his paw under her chin and pushed her head up so she looked at him "Maple, You are a monster... To anyone who dares threaten Equestria. Be it Day, Night, or anytime... Any other time. You're just a shy pony who wants to be accepted... Watch." Woody smiled at Will and Midnight. "You both agree with that? Or perhaps you wanted to add something?"
  15. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    "Yea. I know you're going to do everything you can to both, not be taken by it and to do as much as you can before you do end up changing... I still wonder how you haven't yet... it's been a day and a half now... At any rate, I'm very proud of you for keeping it back for that long!" Evelyn smiled to him trying to keep the spirits high. "We're quite the group huh? 2 god figures, a dragon, and a kid with a lot of talent." Luna set the pistol on her back. "I feel as though there's supposed to be... something I put it in like what Festus had but I don't really have those things.. you wouldn't happen to have anymore... or at least... know where I can get another one do you?"