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  1. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    +Kiran... I'm not sure what you want me to do now?+ Maple had landed on another drone but she only sunk her claws in to not fall off +Oh, Wait you want me to destroy these but stay away from you mech right? Since it's about to keep firing? Well actually... I think I could help you with the Warmachine. If you need help of course.+ She knew Kiran didn't need help with it, but offered anyways to be nice and maybe get a chance Ember fired several shots from the gun but then it jammed "Shoot!" She discarded the weapon and drew the axe out of the chest it had embedded itself in "This is more reliable." She said with a nod stepping up to defend her allies once again
  2. So about the magic stuff and you said you wanted Good effects, So starting this is very possible, Draconequi don't necessarily have to be based on Chaotic magic, It seems Discord is but the thing about them is, Like any unicorn, they can learn how to use basically any sorta magic, Chaotic or strange magic is very potentially something only Discord is capable of. If however you want to use Chaos magic it's still possible to use it for good. Little thing I wanted to go over is something more of a headcanon thing. I see that when Discord uses magic he has to snap to be able to do so (Seen in Discordant Harmony) I see this as, "Draconequus have to have a 'Different' way of using magic reflective of personality" Discord has a very Prideful and almost arrogant personality thus snapping. My Oc Woodland Orchestra that @We. mentioned shows this as I wrote he needs to be able to sing to use Magic, I like this personally and felt like recommending it but you don't have to nor should you feel you have to since it is my headcanon after all.
  3. Private Family Matters (1x1)

    When Maple saw the shield and its size she smirked. When the Knife hit the shield she spun around it and stabbed the deer in the side, she didn't really want to kill the deer so she removed the knife quickly. Maple's eyes were locked on her opponent she was dead set on winning the fight but killing? She wasn't going to do that she was still kinda scared of doing it. She'd back off as she thought to herself keeping her weapon between her and the deer. Woody smiled, his normal reaction fo being called cute "Thanks, Sis! It looks nice." Woody did enjoy the design. He assumed it was due to the 'Songbird' name he was given. Woody noticed the creature through the portal but was more focused on the fighting and he knew he needed to put a stop to that "Salacious I'm sorry about her again... She's brazen when she doesn't understand what's happening around her."
  4. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    +The last one? Well kinda think I agree with you for once+ Maple said, again sarcastically, to the leader of her squad After tearing apart another drone and landing on Kiran's mech. She reared up waiting for the next drone to get close enough for her to pounce on. +Kiran the drones are too far for me to attack... Think you can close in a few of them.+ Ember saw the Warmachine and hesitated "Everyone! We cannot Take that thing head-on we need to help Kiran as he takes care of it. For the future of the universe!" She held her axe up after the rallying cry, She threw her axe at a nearby target and drew a rifle that she should've remembered she'd been carrying earlier. After making sure the weapon was good to fire she held it up and aimed... She was still kinda novice using on but she knew generally how to use it she fired a few shots most of them missed.
  5. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Ember was having a lot of trouble, she still barely understood guns yet alone a small handheld AND fuseless bomb. She'd seen a few of them but she was hit by that one, she now had a wound on the left side of her back under the wing from the shrapnel of the grenade. Ember fell over but didn't stay down. Something that small wouldn't keep her down long. "That won't keep me down! Who threw that!" Ember rushed up to the nearest group standing in the middle of them and then spinning with her axe. Maple was enduring the maelstrom of bullets she tore open the drone she was on and lept with her claws in it throwing the drone at one of the other 2 shooting her She landed on the mech and jumped to the drone that she hadn't thrown the other one at adn scratched deeply and harshly across whatever it used to view the battleground in a attempt to destroy it.
  6. Private 2 Monsters and a Friendship 1x1

    Woody assumed what the creature was trying to say "Oh! Are you..." Woody looked confused for a second trying to put it all together "Are you saying that Light will hurt you?" He seemed like he was confident but yet something was lacking Woody felt he missed something... He looked at the creature in a way that would tell it to confirm if he was correct.
  7. Private Eternal Night

    @dosey doe "Huh, Surprised I didn't see that," Woody said with a chuckle He read it again, he felt really warm inside after he did, a smile crossed his muzzle to confirm that. "I was right. It's quite the place. I'll just wait out here while you get what you need. I certainly don't want to intrude. I need to practice singing anyways." Woody did seem out of it since he hadn't done too much for the past weeks he'd only started to sing when he used magic and he didn't do that a lot. He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes looking up to the sky singing softly to himself the tune was lighthearted and beautiful. ------------------------------------------------------------------- @nx9100 " All that power and she relies on other ponies to do almost everything for her, it's pathetic. I always wondered if 'Tia's power was truly just a tale. " Maple waved a hoof off handily at her own comment scanning anypony near the two to see if they were listening or giving them odd looks, not that somepony would be caught staring at her. She didn't have a reputation for violence but she looked like she was ready to start a fight due to appearance.
  8. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    +If you're heading with me that's great but try not to get in the way don't want to hit the wrong people+ Ember jokingly stated. She spun her axe ran up to the closest soldier cutting them in twain. +They fall a little easier than I anticipated+ She readied her weapon to block shots. +I've got it. Seems the little drones are a pain to you but... I can't fly... Wait I've got an idea!+ Maple ran up to the mech and her claws extended out as she lept onto Kiran's mech her claws catching the metal "Ok... I got this..." She ran up the side of the mech and once she got up there she lept hooking onto a drone and proceeded to tear it apart.
  9. Private 2 Monsters and a Friendship 1x1

    Woody, Who was usually sympathetic to animals noticed the creatures worry. He raised a brow in questioning, but for now didn't exactly speak to the creature, He was still getting into the swing of his music. He started to physically get into it as he was still warming up after his name, The Draconequus was already enjoying himself it seemed. He was in swing within a few minutes. After the fact, he was able to say while still singing his melody "What's the matter?"
  10. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    +Can't do much to the machine ourselves I'd say that we go to cover the mech on our side, It can do some serious damage to the Warmachine. I'm going to do it anyone else is welcome to join me in that effort.+ Maple said through her com as she ran to kill a soldier that was aimed at the allied Mech. Her claws sunk and shocked her prey and she lept away from the kill and kept running. +YOu know... this is what happens when you don't have a plan+ She said remembering that there wasn't much of a plan of attack before even with the explosives +Suppose I'll Join you+ Ember quickly stated +Festus Stay back please, You can keep shooting though+ Ember spun her axe as she moved out of the squads hiding place. "I got this." She opened her wings and took off to make sure all the drones where gone she looked carefully while airborne.
  11. Private Eternal Night

    @dosey doe Woody could barely tell the houses apart, He scratched his head with a paw. He tried to look like he understood where she lived to avoid being rude but... He couldn't really tell the difference... "Sorry, Ms. Song... I can't really tell.. Why don't you just lead me to it." He smiled trying to be a bit more polite he worried that Wish was going to get upset with him. It had happened with a few Scared, and Angry points before "I'm sure it's quite the lovely place! "
  12. OOC Eternal Night OOC

    @nx9100 Doing fine now. I had quite the week, for the last 2 weeks. I think things are calming down a bit. With spring break on the horizon I expect it to pick up again then I'll have that break.
  13. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    +Oh trust me, I know that already+ Maple calmly replied after she landed on the ground bits of the drone she destroyed +It's always good to see help+ Maple dashed back over to her squad to assist then... she had to be wary of the scorpions since they were trained to fight machines +Don't question the assistance. I do need to ask, should we continue our advance or stick with the plan of retreating? I'm all for kicking more flank with the help of our new friend here!+ Ember hadn't moved much after throwing Maple she was trying to protect those behind her, It had success but for her to not get shot too it was a challenge
  14. "Say what you want... You can't kill without anyone eventually finding o-" Maple was interrupted when a hunter ambushed her from above, She had no way to tell that they'd been there before... Was there a hatch? Needless she heard a thunk, of a dagger bouncing off her armor. She threw the guy off and counter-attacked, She swung while he was still falling, The swing was deadly. "Geez... Apparently they come from roof now... He was probably hiding up there waiting on weaker opponents... What a coward." Maple sounded genuinely pissed at the hunter
  15. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Maple chuckled +Well I can safely Say that It's help.+ "Hey! Took you long enough!" Maple shouted. +Maple She's on the Radio No need to shout+ Ember said with a hint of embarrassment +Focus on the fight ahead of you.+ Festus Didn't Pay much mind, he just kept doing what he could with his gun. "Hey... What should I be doing." He asked the person who was shooting with him, the same one that had saved him moments ago. He didn't really have time to properly thank him so he noted to do that later.