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  1. @nx9100 @Star48955 Maple got up and smiled, in her head she had disappeared and so had the dark energy. "Haha! You thought you could hold me. Well you where right not for long." This time Maple was ready and kept Ennex out of her head. "I've got friends on my side who'd never let me down!" Maple didn't realize there were claw marks from dueling Woody for before since she felt so triumphant. Woody sighed very relieved "Maple! You're ok! I... I thought..." He smiled. "Nevermind that for now. Let's beat them!"
  2. "Yes you do," Twilight said not letting go of the spell. "Everyone deserves a chance to change... Especially after what you've done for us. Fluttershy's daughter... teaching me the things you know and... giving us valuable info on the enemies... Only for me to kill you... I'm sorry... I'm sorry." Even though her breakdown, she was still able to use her magic somehow even at full capacity.
  3. @Star48955 "Ennex... Yea... I feel bad for him as well... He's only trying to do what he sees as right while we oppose him at every corner." Maple chuckled a bit "Almost makes us seem like the bad guys huh? Well best get out of my head for when you knock me out and good luck." @nx9100 Ennex was making Maple attack with a bloodlust it was even her own brother she was trying to kill eventually his arms gave up so he kicked Maple into a tree. Maple stood up again and ran at Woody again full of not only Ennex's but also her own hate. Woody dodged Maple's attempt at biting him again and threw her into Ennex.
  4. Twilight dropped the device that she was controlling those drones with and she ran up to him pouring all of her magic to heal him. "No... No No No... That's not what I wanted." She said in blind panic as she was desperately trying to keep him alive with her magic. "I just wanted to help you..." Shining added his magic to it as well. He didn't know healing magic, but he did know a spell which slowed down blood flow. He learned it from Cadence who used it to calm ponies down. "Skystar! We need a medic!" A hypogryph immediately came over and started to work on the wounds.
  5. Maple stood up and stretched "So it's a plan then?" She said sarcastically. "Well. Thank you for the food." She said to Midnight and Crimson "Also thanks for allowing me to stay while I was hurt. I know it's not exactly something ponies says no to but mom taught me to thank even the smallest of things. you two have a good rest of the evening and I'll make sure Speechless is safe." She lastly opened the door after grabbing the dress rarity made her, in case she wanted to wear it.
  6. Woody smiled to him "I hope so too. Those... Things... Are really strong... Here's hoping it doesn't get worse." He said optimistically. Maple was breathing heavily, and she was pretty scared "Sweet Celestia... It was so close to killing me." Maple was brushing the spot where it hat cut some of her fur off. "I'm... So lucky." Discord showed up a few seconds after they left. "What was that flare thing? Was I needed here?"
  7. Twilight was aiming one of the bots at the creature one in particular with a high caliber sniper-type weapon, Seh didn't fire it though she was too worried she'd hit Caerson. Shining rose his blade "This is gonna hurt sorry...'" He drove the blade between him and the creature it cut the creature badly and it cut Caerson a bit too since when he swung they were so close the hit separated the two by a light margin which was good enough for Twilight to decide to fire. The shot went straight through the creatures head but still hit Caerson in the back. "Oh no!"
  8. Maple looked at speechless silently asking if that sounds like something he'd want to do she had a friendly aura about the question too so she didn't mind if he didn't want to go especially if he knew what happened involving the story she just mentioned but she'd gone once or twice and found some neat stuff those times.
  9. Woody used his magic on the orks weapon slowing the swing down as much as he could which allowed Maple to dodge the swing by backing up the weapon missed her by inches cutting a few of the hairs on her neck "Can we run now..." Wood pleaded. Maple waited for about half a second before saying "Yea... We probably should." Maple acknowledged "Make sure that pony gets away too they're only a unicorn so they can't fly." Woody nodded "Right!" He ran over to the unicorn "We're leaving now. These things are too tough."
  10. "Thorax is for now. I know he means well even though he has a little bit of trouble with leading but he is the king of the reformed changelings and letting him and the other nice changelings into the kingdom until any of the others alicorns get back. He may seem a bit... Special if you go to meet him personally..." Shining meant no offense but there where traits about him that were... off. 'Maple' and the rest of the soldiers that where attacking managed to sweep up some of the remaining forces that where retreating.
  11. @Mickey Adaptus Woody had to act, He moved quickly and grabbed Maple moving her out of the way but the ork's boot crushed his tail. "Gah!... Maple... Don't... do something that stupid again..." The Dragonequus caught his paw on fire and threw a ball of flames at the large ork, trying to get him off his tail, Maple recovered from the fall and stood up. She needed to help woody then the 3 of them could run away if they needed to. She picked up her spear and stabbed the ork in the leg trying to get him to lift it.
  12. OOC

    @The Cerberus Yea. Sounds like a good Idea. To me it seems like It should be @Mickey Adaptus > @The Cerberus > @Maple Bat That seems like a good order to me but I want you both to agree to that if it seems ok.
  13. Maple nodded to each of the suggestions "Maybe we could go to a small event. I heard the trade... The thing, was near canterlot this time of year... It's the thing where you trade items to ponies for other things. Mom told me that She almost had to move here for an agreement to get Rainbow dash a sighed book. So she didn't have a necessarily 'good' experience, but everything worked out in the end I guess."
  14. @nx9100 In the real world, Maple did attack Woody, It was more of a primal instinct at this point instead of using her spear she decided to leap at Woody, Ignoring Techno completely, and going for Woody's throat with her fangs. Woody put his arm up to protect his throat. Maple, however, bit into his arm "Gah..." He said pained, The fangs sunk Deep into his paw it was going to deal a lot of damage. @Star48955 *Inside Maple's mind* "What are you planning there?" Maple asked Moon "I see a plan but I can't say I know what it is exactly."