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  2. Woody gives a nod of acknowledgement. "I know it will be but we need to get on this now, or else we could lose more people... And lose people is something we should avoid at all costs, they have people who want them to come home so let's get them home." When the messenger was sent Woody kept a sharp eye on him making sure that they at least left his own vision... it was dangerous carrying a message like that. "Well to overcome that problem with your power, I can talk to them to make sure they are calmed down. I do have quite a nice voice, I've heard." He says chuckling softly "I've... also heard I tend to take things really seriously... and well I'm working on it at least..."
  3. Woody opens his mouth to start explaining his plan but stops hearing his second part "Because, It's the right thing for me to do. I know that with those on the inside out mission will be all but impossible as the enemy will be 2 steps ahead... Besides if we fail... my mother..." He shakes his head angrily "First we need to interview every, single member of the team that got attacked they could be among that group. We need to space everything out otherwise the ones behind this will get suspicious so we need to approach in a more casual way, and look for evasiveness. Can you handle that?" Woody tells him glaring around. Wind nods "Morality is always decided by the victors... And I will be sure that we win... It won't hurt if you try that magic of yours, Just point my in the right direction brother and I'll handle the rest. You are my eyes and I am your blade." He lowers his hat to cover his gaze
  4. Woody nodded noting mentally to ask about his life later. "Well... Alright I'll go to him." Woody, now knowing he can use magic teleports to Alexander. "Excuse me, Hiya I need to talk with you about something pretty important if I can borrow a moment of your time, It's about what to do about this traitor of yours, I'm sure you'll find my plan effective." "That sounds good to me, Plus the guilty walk heavier than the innocent because of the weight of what they've done is on them..." He says poetically "I don't know if that will help in this case... But I suppose it's something to feel for right?" He chuckles happily, despite what's going on he's being rather optimistic, He didn't know why... but having a brother around... it just made him feel he wasn't misunderstood by everyone anymore.
  5. "Oh! Well, that means we're not enemies since you're not looking to harm nature." He smiles acting nonchalant "As someone who loves studying interesting creatures with interesting features like yourself." He examines the pony from where he was standing, looking for stuff like claws. "So do you mind if I just ask about how you did that, or what you really mean when you say "Extra skills"? It's just research and I'll keep it a secret that, I promise." He crosses his heart when he says that.
  6. "You're not a hunter are you?" He asks bluntly and getting to the point "I've been in this forest countless times and seen dozens scale cliffs. There's no way a pony could've scaled a cliff like you did before at least... not that fast." He points at him accusingly knowing that there's a fact he's missing... something he miscalculated for or a small detail he didn't see... but he was determined to find whatever it was he missed about this pony, whether he like it or not
  7. Woody stepped up as if he knew how to deal with this. "I need the names and looks of each individual that went out on that patrol, especially those who returned as they could easily be the murderous ones. If they refuse to help you find out it's malicious..." He considers "True it could be anyone, That's why we should walk with you in front... Windphaser bringing up the rear and I could be middle or something... we need people we can trust to be able to lead and see everyone in this group, No Allowing Civilians to break off from the group either, We're on lockdown" Wind was kinda amazed at the display of battle strategy... he smiles looking at Trisha "Well... You heard the man. Let's get to it right? C'mon brother, Maybe your magic can help find the culprit if they're back here."
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  9. Happy Birthday Thanks for being one of the first people I interacted with 

  10. Happy 20th Birthday. Maple Bat. You were the one who really got me into RP. 

  11. Woody listened attentively and scoffed, in more of a joking way, he was happy he could fix it "I dunno... I did just come to terms with it" He smiles looking this stranger over waving his paw dismissively "Ok... but on a more real note... as nice as not being half blind would be... I don't know if I can trust you, No offense but we did just meet... and my experiences with strangers recently has been very... Well, It hasn't been great, I'd rather get to know you a little better first... build some trust and stuff. Plus, I feel bad you just offering... I'll earn it somehow. I need to." Wind looked at Woody, confused and baffled "What? You don't trust my brother? He has evidence that he is to the point I bel-" Woody then interrupted him "It's more of, I feel he should know me and I should know him... It's not as much a trust thing. Does that make any sense to you, Morikai?"
  12. Windphaser nod and was about to go over to the distant draconequus but he manages to get over to them before Wind managed to gather up the willpower to walk away from his brother. "Hello, Woodland. I see you managed t-" He was interrupted by Woody "I don't want to hear that, If you think I'm just letting this scar stop me from helping... well, I'll tell you had I been any more helpful... My sister would still be a pony... not a machine..." He stops his dragon claw "So Trust me, I'm going to do my best to be as helpful as I can be... Magic or no Magic." "Well... Good news to you is... We are able to use magic safely" Woody seems delighted by these words "Oh, awesome! I wasn't sure and I wasn't risking anything... But regardless I've been coming to terms with the blind eye... I'm not as clumsy anymore when I'm really trying." Woody looks at both Terisha and Morikai "Hello you both... It seems Wind here hangs out with you both... Who might you both be?"
  13. He listened closely "Morikai... Alright, I'll try not to piss him off... But If he gets between us, death or not I'm not losing you." He gave a sidelong, hope-filled glance to Therisa "We do have the principle of... "Enemy of my enemy is my friend" Perhaps this could be an advantage we need to win this war?" He makes sure his gear is... as it was before looking out and seeing a familiar shape "But... I thought he gave up... There's no way he's coming back for more after what he witnessed..."
  14. "If they try to get him they'll have to go through the best of us... I wouldn't worry, Despite what they can do I've been developing countermeasures with my own magic. They're nearly set up... but I lack the ability to test to be sure the fine tuning on the wards is correct... My point is, We really can't just keep running, I know they're strong and feared but I'm really trying to change that. I'll get there someday and I swear to whatever god may be real that I will make sure you are never taken away from me, brother." His eyes beam with his steely resolve as he speaks each word he believes. He wants to convince himself that this is something he can do.
  15. "She's... not with us right now... she didn't march out... I think... I don't remember... Mom's just been through a lot so I don't know if confronting you will do any good... I certainly didn't help her..." Windphaser lifts his blade off the ground sheathing it "Honestly... Knowing you're here now... I couldn't be happier... you... have no idea brother how much this all means... It means I'll have a family without dad." HE gives a bright smile to Keidor "Cults... I only meet them when they fall to my own blade I never liked them nor trusted them."