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  1. @OracleOfTwilight Moonshadow stood next to Flare Blitz. "How's about a contest? Whoever beats more guards wins. Ready? GO!" He switched his spear to the large blade he was also fond of. When The blade struck a line of guards it easily took a good number of them down. "I'm winning." he said sarcastically. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maple used magic to phase through the window. So she could enter without breaking it. While she was walking over to where she was she noticed another one. She walked over to it. She recognized it as the one where Celestia sent Nightmare moon to the moon but it had changed... It was trixie sending the mane six, including her mother, to the moon. "I hate these things." She whispered. She used her magic to become visible. She Looked directly at the evil unicorn. "Trixie Lulamoon!" She shouted aiming her bow at Trixie "You have comitted crimes against not only the princesses but all of pony kind and for that..." She paused as her bowstring turned red. "I cannot allow you to continue your rein."
  2. Moonshadow charged in as well. "For Equestria!" Once close enough he signaled for the unicorns to begin blasting the black guard with all they got. After which he ran in spearing an enemy with his weapon the spear's head passing through the enemys armor like a knife through butter. "Who's next?" ------------------------------------------------------ Maple was in position near the throne room viewing from the stained-glass window that symbolized her father's defeat. Weapon? Maple thought What weapon? She pressed the gemstone and held it close to her face. "Are you hearing this?" She whispered through it. "Should we stop her now or wait to see what that weapon is?"
  3. I would say whatever's easier for you to write about or what you want to write about. I really don't want to push either way.
  4. Maple looked at it and slipped it on. She saw Supersonic slowly faded into existence Neat the guard could use something like this she thought. She turned to face her army and yelled "Moonshadow! You're in charge for now. Me and Supersonic will be sneaking in under the cover of a fight you will start. Ok?" Moonshadow Nodded and shouted back "Yes ma'am." He walked to the front of the army. "Well you heard the captain. Let's go pick a fight with trixes black armor wearing wannabes and show 'em what real guards ponies can do." There was a rallying yell from the army. Moon shadow unclipped his spear from the strap that was holding it and faced Flare blitz "Ready when you are."
  5. @OracleOfTwilight Maple nodded and then realized that the other pony couldn't see that. "Alright sounds like a plan. When we sneak in are we going after trixie?" She picked up the necklace she had set down with her armor. "Because I'd really like to settle the score with her."
  6. Maple laughed. "Rare? Dragon scales?" She stopped for a second "Well then again most ponies avoid dragons entirely. I can see why you think their rare." She wasn't sure if Supersonic wanted to share it or not.
  7. @OracleOfTwilight Maple, who had flown in with the remainder of the Lunar guard took her armor and the enchanted necklace off and switched to her black cloak. "Alright we go in quietly. But I can handle it if things get bad." She looked at the small bottle Supersonic was holding. "Say... What's that sliver stuff?"
  8. Maple smiled. She knew some guards had forgotten why she was captain. She was, after all, the only female bat pony in the lunar guard. "Spear!" She shouted. One of the guards ponies threw a naginata towards her the weapon spinning in the air. When Maple saw it she caught it and readied herself for the Champion. She leapt at the enemy going for the enemies throat. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Seeing the Marine get slammed Moonshadow commanded his forces to retreat. If this doesn't work I'm sorry Captain. Changing his spear into the heavy blade once again he jumped at the hole the 2 combined blast had created. He spun in the air, quickly building up momentum, when the blade connected the force could have easily split a tree clean in half.
  9. @Techno Universal Maple had started to walk off before stopping to say "I'm not sure. Best you get to safety before you get caught in a fight." She wanted to say to him It's not my magic if that's what you're implying. But she kept that to herself. She walked off trying to find whatever was trying to pull her magic out of her body getting angrier as it persisted. She saw the marine attacking the guards. "Hey! Back off!" She fired several magical arrows at the chaos corrupt marine. ----------------------------------------------------------- @Mickey Adaptus @OracleOfTwilight The honor guard had suffered few injuries collectively. Their training had done them wonders for their combat skills. Moonshadow was still kneeling on the ground. He stood up, ready to continue the fight. "Lets see what you've got humans. Cause we ponies won't go down easy!" He charged back at the chaos forces changing his weapon to a spear and Using the heavy blade to pierce the armor of one Chaos marine.
  10. @OracleOfTwilight Don't forget about this RP (Just posting to get your attention)
  11. @Techno Universal Maple nodded. "Don't hurt yourself over it." She felt that force tug on her magic again. "Excuse me a bit I need to take care of something." -------------------------------------------------- @Mickey Adaptus @OracleOfTwilight When the bolt hit Moonshadow's spear he changed it into the large blade again lifting it with only one hoof he spun the blade in a horizontal sweep. A large bolt slash-shaped bolt released from his blade injuring any unarmored combatant and short circuiting the armor of those who where. After which he stabbed the blade into the ground, and knelt down, he felt his coat hairs standing on end. Lucky I didn't fry myself there. He thought
  12. Moonshadow motioned for his army to advance. "For Equestria!" He shouted. "For Equestria." The honor guard echoed charging in behind the Dreadnought. After the Machine had fired it's cannon the 10 ponies engaged targets most of them different ones. Moonshadow however wasn't going to engage he was moving around the enemy where he could see all of them. When he was in position he lifted his spear signifying that he was ready for the lighting bolt. He didn't shout anything though otherwise they might have seen or heard him.
  13. Maple, When Techno landed in front of her, Jumped and moved her mane to completely cover her left eye since when her magic tried to escape, like it was now, the white of her left eye turned orange like Discords. She kept her hoof there as she answer the Stallions question. "Captain Maple at your service." She looked at him and remembered the pony. "You earlier... You where firing lasers into the sky and you generally disturbing the peace. Care to explain that?" ------------------------------------------------------- Moonshadow was growing impatient, He never had to wait for an attack but Maple trusted this human so he did too. "When do we start the offensive? I want to purge our lands."
  14. Discord nodded to Woody. Who nodded back and prepared to open a portal. Ready to help with his fathers plan. Discord then shouted to Luna "Let our little plan begin." He also created a portal in order to drop Crimson or whatever monster he became into His realm. The Chaos realm was expansive. It felt endless and ever expanding. In this realm nothing made sense not even gravity. Now the tantabus, the monster that Crimson was, Woody Discord, and Luna. Woody was satisfied the plan had worked. "Now It's time for vengeance. You'll pay for what you did to my sister." He readied himself to begin using his magic. His singing became heard through out the realm. He drew power from the area. And took control of the tantabus. "Lets go."
  15. Maple thought about the reasoning for that as she sat down at Shadow's table . "Probably wanted rid of it or didn't know what it was." She smelled the eggs cooking. "Smells good. You take cooking lessons? That's how I learned bakeing."