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  1. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Treasured approached Caerson, "She escaped... There was nothing I could've done to stop her. I'm sorry, all the work you did... well it doesn't matter... We need to make more progress... How would you suppose we do that?" He tapped his hoof angrily, The power core in his chest humming quietly Caerson hadn't noticed it glow yet, it wasn't as strong as Maple's core, but it didn't need to be since the majority of his body was still pony only his chest to his wings wasn't. Graystone, Who was usually around his intellectual equal chimed in at this moment meeting the pony he worked for in the eyes, "Well, We'll need to either find her or another specimen for us to study... I cannot believe she managed to escape... No matter. We'll have to wait. Crystal, Can you go check Zecora's progress... I've yet to do so recently " they seemed to exchange something mentally before Treasured starts to walk away.
  2. Private 2 Monsters and a Friendship 1x1

    Woody took a step back when he heard a voice "H-Hello? Friend? What're you doing out here... especially this early?" Woody moved closer to the voice pushing any bushes or what have you out of his way to find the source of the sound. Oddly enough, not putting together that the beast he was with had just lept into to.
  3. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Maple continued to stand between Kiran and the soldier as Kiran left "Look... I don't care what you say. When someone saves your life you owe them something... that applies to you too!" Maple had felt Kiran place the note. She waited until the random soldier was out of distance and read the note, While heading to regroup with the others. Ember and Festus chattered about the mech situation. Festus saying "I feel keeping something like that around would've been much better for us... but it's already blown up... so whatever." Ember shook her head at his crazy idea "Well... None of us know how to pilot it or use its weapons... So it's just a hunk of metal to us... Plus the enemy could steal it and use it against us if it still operates. Destroying it was a good call in my eyes."
  4. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Maple heard the shouting and wondered what the commotion was about when she noticed she quickly reacted by placing herself between Kiran. "Don't even think about it. This person saved us when you all realized the explosives were gone, I don't know about you all but in my culture that deserves a pass. If not for them we would've failed to get rid of the war machine and I'm willing to take a bullet for them." She stood between Kiran and the soldier not caring about what might happen to her.
  5. Private Meet the Changeling in Me!

    @Sylveon @SwitchGuy2018 "Well, I would love that! I would like to get to know Swirling better, and Maybe even earn a bit more of your trust." Maple said the mistrust still fresh. "No hard feelings about that whole thing right?" She said nudging Swirling in the side smiling at her. " Well, I'm not sure about you guys... I could go for something super sweet! Like a milkshake!" The draconequus happily, and loudly declared to the group.
  6. Maple stepped up behind Speechless "You have my full permission to kill... But wait..." Maple stepped up spear out "Dark magic... I know you hated Vampires... But this magic... the Forbidden ones... That's where I draw the line!" She then motioned she was done talking and let Speechless have the first strike against the hunter... who stood no chance.
  7. Private 2 Monsters and a Friendship 1x1

    Woody had been humming something until he heard a bird tweet, the sun was rising. " Morning already? Well, you know what they say huh? Time flies when you're having fun! I should take you to mom! So she can see what you are, She'd know better than me! C'mon!" Despite the sun rising Woody still wanted the creature to follow him. He considered dragging it but that would've been rude to the poor thing.
  8. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    After a few minutes Festus had explained the basics to Ember, She responds "Geez kid... quite the interest in these weapons... too unreliable in my findings... I'll just stick to me blades and armor... It's been helpful thus far and I don't expect it to change... but I know you've got my back with "gun" Of yours!" Ember said giving him a rough pat on the head. "You're much better at learning them than me. While I'm stuck to tradition..." She shrugged Maple rolled her mechanical eyes "Whatever... I guess I trust you..." Maple then walked to the center of the Camp "Hey! Who's in charge! I need to speak with them about a plan of action for the next Battle! This cannot be argued the plan needs to be prepared in advance and now a backup plan!"
  9. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    +But You should...+ Maple sighed +Alright... I'll just keep them away... for now, but you owe me later...+ Asking something in return was out of character for Maple but something was off about this situation... She could feel it from a mile away. With a reluctant sigh, she went to go distract the others. Festus watched and decided to try things he was told without firing his gun. "I'll have to tell Ember about all of these things, thanks. I promise you I'll do all I can for these people! Everything we do now is for the good of all. I'll see you around... I really do hope to see you... safely soon." With that Festus broke into a sprint to tell Ember what He'd just learned, Happily.
  10. Hello? You there?

  11. 2 Wolves howled a response to speechless it sounded like it was heading away, Maple was ready to counter an attack on the group "Only 2? I thought there were 3 that we lured to attack them earlier... They must've got one. Unforgivable!" Maple said angrily. "Well... At least there's as far as we know... none left of them. Tread lightly and maybe we'll make it safely" Mpale started to lead and motioned for Midnight to follow her.
  12. Hello ;) We haven’t talked in a really, really long time, how are you doing?

  13. "Let's just focus on getting her out then," Maple said noticing Midnight had gone to sleep. "Well... at least she feels good enough to rest." Maple's body language, as speechless could tell, was her having a huge mix of worry and anger. She was sure they'd get Midnight to someone who could help her, but how long that might take was what bothered Maple the most, something caught her attention after they left the building, the hunters that she'd let run away earlier were laying on the ground... dead. "What the?" She examined them quickly "Timberwolf work. Stay sharp everpony!"
  14. We stand united 1x1 Maple Bat

    Maple nodded to Arkan as he walked away and she went to go check out the other soldiers, more worried about them that her body since it had only been scratched by a few rounds of ammo. She wasn't sure how she could help however she kept moving looking for anyone who was on the ground to take them to someone better trained to handle the situation. Festus looked at Enoch as he left and ran after him "H-Hey! Wait I wanted to ask you something!" Festus, after getting closer to him looked him in the eyes and stated "Can you please teach me to shoot how well you do? You're so accurate and I want to be able to help the others like you helped me, you did say I need guidance, and I think you could be proper guidance!" Back over where Ember was standing she was both happy Festus went to try to make friends with him was also a little upset it wasn't from her.
  15. Request Shop Lineless Pony Headshots

    They look lovely! Thank you so much! I knew I'd like the two in the style! Simple, yet super cute!