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    "No matter what happens, you can never lose hope. You have to remember what's most important, and that't to have faith, and to have love. If you can remember all of those, That'll bring you good luck."
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  1. Blue since it's my fav color. Most of my OC's have blue one them somewhere
  2. Nope no blue pegasi here. But I do have a blue unicorn
  3. I can't say I hate her but she is my least favorite of the mane 6. It's mostly because the fashion since I don't care for it. But other than that I like her.
  4. Currently it's Bird With A Broken Wing by Owl City Close favs are Life Afraid by Set It Off and the nightcore version of The Mystic (Dunno who it's by)
  5. I've gotta say winter since it's colder. And if i get too cold I could always snuggle up in a blanket or drink hot chocolate
  6. Looking for a digital Halloween related icon/headshot of my main sona I tried making one but it doesnt look great... I prefer her being in a witch hat or dressed like a vampire. If you do the witch hat please have her ears poking out! Thank you!
  7. Finally changed my name to Storm here yay.

    1. Snowflurry


      A lovely name. :twi:

  8. Does it have to be an MLP OC?
  9. Happy birthday Tangy!!! ^D^

  10. Anyone participating in Art Fight this year? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Storm
    3. Vulcan


      That looks super fun o-o

      How does one join this....Art Fight 

    4. Storm


      It's free to join. All you do is sign up x3
      I put the link above your post. 

  11. Request Shop

    THANK YOU Here's the unwatermarked CM for ya
  12. Request Shop

    Mintyheart? I can send the unwatermarked cutie mark as well
  13. My guess is because many ships sank in Hard To Say Anything. Mine did as well but I ended up loving both episodes. Though I do love The Perfect Pear more.
  14. This has gotta be my favorite episode now. I never thought I'd get so emotional over MLP but by the end I was crying a bit.