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  1. add me pweez 9de513c mlp mobile game

  2. how is everypony 

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    2. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      I'm doing quite well. Nothing like being back home on a Friday evening with the whole weekend ahead of you. How are you Chord? :)

    3. Zachary


      Just woke up.

    4. Shining Chord

      Shining Chord

      im doing ok

  3. So when i first found out about mlp forums, it was through poniverse, and that's where i also found, i decided to upload my brony songs there and woa, the amount of downloads, i thought my music wasn't that great, this is inspiring and ill keep creating music for the brony fandom :D

    1. Maple Bat

      Maple Bat

      Good for you man!

      I might go give them a listen.

    2. Shining Chord
  4. Favorite band Twenty One Pilots <3

  5. hewwo

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    2. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      *hugs and hands you a cookie* There we go, that should lift those spirits. :)

    3. Zachary



    4. Shining Chord

      Shining Chord

      "noms on the cookie" thank yew ^.^

      thank yew zack ^.^

  6. hey I'm single now.


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    2. Nightshroud


      I'm sorry for sounding harsh I was gonna tell you that I wanna be friends.

      I think you were right we rushed it.

      if you can accept my offer.

      so what you say friends? *offers handshake*

    3. Shining Chord

      Shining Chord

      yes we can be friends

    4. Nightshroud


      okay thank you blessed be your easter

  7. thank yew im glad to be here
  8. how are you????

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    2. Shining Chord

      Shining Chord

      i also have paranoia, i understand it's not fun at all 

    3. Nightshroud


      yeah I wont use yours either

    4. Nightshroud


      I know right I was paranoid the whole day so much so my stomach ended up in knots after dinner.

  9. hey guy how are you

  10. how is everypony's night going :D im eating ice cream ^o^

    1. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      Quite restful indeed, that's how my night went. :P

  11. Im so glad to be here! thank you everypony, and my first animation oooo that's tough i dont have a great memory let me think hmmm, i dont remember my first one but i know it had something to do with derpy! the second animation that pulled me in strangely enough was cupcakes, i watched it and felt so bad for rainbow.....after that i came across my little dashie, and oh boy, the feels heh