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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Aw thank you so much, comments like this really make my day~ <3
  3. My bf's ponysona, Digital Designs with rainbow ice cream XD
  4. fuwafuwakitty

    Bubble Tea Pone

    It's just the "Polka dot" brush tool in the program FireAlpaca. ^^
  5. fuwafuwakitty

    Bubble Tea Pone

    Depends, usually I take breaks. Maybe 4-5 hours with breaks. Otherwise maybe 2-3 hours without taking breaks. And thank you! <3
  6. fuwafuwakitty

    Bubble Tea Pone

    Yay bubble tea! Thank you~! <3
  7. fuwafuwakitty

    Bubble Tea Pone

    Thank you~! <3
  8. Original Pone named Blue Taro. (Because I love Bubble tea so I had to make a bubble tea pone XD )
  9. Pony named Lunabun (is an adoptable) --> http://fuwafuwakitty.deviantart.com/art/Lunabun-ADOPT-Auction-OPEN-670416011
  10. fuwafuwakitty

    Kiri's Equine Art

    Aw this is amazing!!
  11. Two old-ish pones I found. First one, Blue Charm, owned by Blue-Charm on Deviantart. And a pretty old illustration of Fluttershy. Before I had my fluffy style. XD
  12. Drew StarNote's oc as an art trade.
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