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  1. Applejacket

    Rarijack Fan Club

    The best horses are lesbian horses
  2. Applejacket

    How cute is the user above you?

    The icon says it all
  3. Applejacket

    Anybody in a same gender relationship?

    Yes, and lol, good on you for playing along, if it were me i would have virtually slapped them
  4. Applejacket

    Do you like having long hair?

    I've always wanted long hair so now I've got it it ain't never going. My girlfriend plaits it really nicely too and that's something that we do o each other all the time so it's become rather special to me. I'm a girl so i'm used to brushing my hair loads anyways.
  5. Following @Scootaloo Feri's topic, i just wanted to know who else is in a same gender relationship or who wants to be I always heard that this community is very diverse in terms of interests in all context, so how about romantically? (i'm not single)
  6. Applejacket

    Are you in a relationship?

    In a relationship with my lovely girl Madds who i love to pieces but she has no idea i like MLP I think she would leave me if i told her lol, we've been together for a year now I'm quite young so in terms of relationships most people in my college are pretty active, and i'm bisexual so it's a bit easier for me ^^
  7. Applejacket

    Applejack Fan Club

    So excited for AJ in the MLP movie!! Her merpony form is adorable <3
  8. Applejacket

    What is your least favorite part about the Brony fandom.

    For me, the dreaded Rainbow Dash Fanbase *Shudders*
  9. Applejacket

    Does it bother you when MLP people take politics too far?

    the answer? communism
  10. Applejack Applejack Applejack Applejack Ap pl ej ac k
  11. Applejacket

    What mlp fanfic do you think was the worst?

    For me, Cupcakes and My Little Dashie.
  12. Applejacket

    Underrated MLP Characters Fan Club

    Spike and Applejack are massively underrated. Then again, you have to have a certain level of maturity to properly analyse and understand their character, looking past their flaws and "boringness." Boring is a bit inappropriately used to describe these two, as AJ's the most hard core pony in the entire show, and Spike's a freaking dragon. Also, Princess Cadence and Countess Coloratura deserve a lot more love, especially which such prominent but quick character development.
  13. Applejacket

    Applejack Fan Club

    Apple Abuse Possibly my favourite screenshot from all of the Equestria Girls Movies, lol. That sassy side kick literally says "Rarijack, away!"
  14. Because Applejack always has been and always will be best pony.
  15. Applejacket

    More Gen3 Ponies

    Wow, your art is amazing!! Awesome job!