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  1.  Here You Go



  2. 387075 howdy! yeah, i also remember getting ninja'd a lot.
  3. 387072 i think i left off at maybe the end of S4 or beginning of S5? not too sure.
  4. 387070! nice to see you too! i guess im fine. just kinda visited here again out of boredom. i havn't even watched the show in forever. has it changed much?
  5. man, this is a throwback. it's been what now, a year maybe since i last visited here? so how you guys doin'? also: 387068
  6. Cousin, Niko! Let's go bowling together!

    1. repsol rave

      repsol rave

      Not now, Roman! I'm driving my car against a swing in hopes of being launched across the city!

    2. ~Rogue~


      Okay then cousin, maybe next time?

  7. i'm good i guess. how about you? also, 311363!
  8. maybe a little late on the reply. but i have been using windows 10 for a pretty long while already. the developer previews are pretty impressive i think, and i will most definitely get the full version when it comes out!
  9. is it a better idea to buy 3 2TB drives and put them in RAID 0 or just one 6TB drive? been looking at these: WD Red 2TB WD Red 6TB EDIT: forgot to mention: they'll be going in a NAS, that's why i went with the reds