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  1. Alrighty then, its been a while since my last update. Anyhow, I am in need for constructive review, for I have officially completed the design of the Bronco-Titans, the main antagonists to Rise of the Ancients trilogy. With the assistance of my artist, she was able to re-enhance the image from my original sketch thus making them stand out. However, the "review" part is what you as both a critic and reader think about their stories, design, attributes, etc. I want to know your opinion that what it will assist me in making the stories much better and a way to avoid those "its a mary-sue, gary-stu" crap. Link to the characters: HINT: These alicorns may "look" powerful, however DO NOT judge the character by its appearance. As they do for books. Just because they "look" power does not make them invincible. They are immortal but not invincible. Each one has their own attributes. TYRANNUS TITANNUS KHAOIOS XENXUS
  2. Alrighty then....its been a while since i've dropped in, however I wanted to post this because I am in need of assistance. As you know, and I apologize to my crew, Hasbro unfortunately denied it for two reasons that I am not allowed to discuss publicly other than them. So yeah, that was a major downer which sadly we all need to understand and go through. Not everyone or anything is going to get accepted. So, just wanted to throw that update in. However, that does not necessarily mean its the end of my Rise of the Ancients Seven part Trilogy. I am curently redoing Element of Time (The Day Equestria Stood Still Sequel). In the meantime, I am in need of some strong writers and readers (editors as well). Here's the story: Now the full story is, I'm trying my best to get this up on EQD for all of you to read. (No i am not doing this for attention nor for my own health. I'm doing this because if you think about it, lots of readers love origin stories because of how adventurous, suspenseful, dark, etc. So I wanted to share from my perspective a fan fic, focusing on the Mane Six and there perilous journey into uncovering the dark and broken history of Equestria. It will be quite interesting for many of you and I would gladly appreciate it if you read it). Anyhow, recently I have been denied of entry because the story apparently lacks specific things so this is where you guys come in. I need someone who is willing to go in depths to assist me and identify the problems within the story. Basically, read the story and tell me what its missing. Does it need more character interaction, emotion, etc; does it need more suspense; is it bland, dull, etc. With that type of assistance, it will greatly help me into making the story much better to read and understand for everyone. Feel free to comment here or on Fim Fiction. Thanks, .
  3. Alright folks, First and foremost, I want to apologize for my major inactivity. I've unfortunately had a lot of work on my plate doing school work, working on my MLP Fan Fics, as well as other fan fics, jobs, etc. I've come to inform that I've created a group and all are welcome to join at: Now, this group I've created will serve as the main area for TCS, since I won't be on here as much (too busy with Halo Waypoint and writing up guides for them). However I am active on DeviantArt (b/c of my animation courses) so anyone interested in visiting my two threads: & I will have you visit the deviantart group, . I look forward to having as many volunteers as possible from Voice Actors/Actresses to Animators. - Nick Rojas a.k.a Thunder-Wing...............signing off.
  4. Khaoios

    What is your oc's name and race?

    @@Zygen, Yup..............i believe i posted all 25 on a recent thread, but let me find it and i'll post it here. However, if i were to add, the 25 OC's here with my other OC's outside MLP, it will surprise you that i've got 300. That's b/c i write fan fics with OC characters, EDIT: here's the thread: How Many OC's Do You Have
  5. Khaoios

    Apply to be a moderator!

    I see. Thread Transfer is known as the "Thread Exchange" feature, from my exp. and is sometimes uncommon to use, since most staff just lock threads and have another user create the same thread, only he/she takes control.
  6. Khaoios

    Apply to be a moderator!

    Sounds like a Thread Transfer (from User to User), IMO. Its possible to have on a fully-custom forum, however, in IP Boards format, it don't think it would be possible, but it depends. Yet, as you said, check with the developers to see if its compatible.
  7. Khaoios

    Technical Issues No Content Issues

    Hello Jay, Your not only with this issue, b/c many of us are still having problems. Not to mention with all the 504 Gateway problems, this could also be a hit. Pretty much its the server thats having technical difficulties, and in addition, the recent server migration. Currently our tech admins are resolving the problem, and until then, all we can do is wait patiently until we receive word that the problem was resolved.
  8. Khaoios

    Apply to be a moderator!

    Blackmailing feld0 to become moderator? That would be hilarious. Becoming part of staff takes a while to get accustom too. One thing i should mentioned to you staffing is all about "permissions" and also having the "knowledge" and minor experience in IT helps. As long as your active, provide detailed posts and responses, are willing to assist members and settle conflicts, then you'll do fine. Its a lot of work but if you got what it takes, then you'll do fine. Its much more complicated than that. Those are more of the primary duties. I run somewhat down a different alley, b/c on a professional level, there are more duties. Here, there could be more, or less.
  9. Khaoios

    What was your first car?

    A 2007 Scion xB. Hate those "box cars"
  10. Nope. I am happy on who and what i am..........a human male.
  11. Khaoios

    What's the last thing you ate or drank?

    Had myself a nice hot Bacon and Egg on a toasted roll.
  12. Khaoios

    Should Disney and Pixar split?

    As Troblems mentioned, they split and got back together again. Just a heads up, its all about money. Disney is exactly like MS and Apple. Money, money, money. However two companies that shpuld definitely split b4 they ruin the franchise are Marvel and Lucasfilm.
  13. Khaoios

    Books What comic/graphic novel are you reading?

    Currently reading Deadpool vs Carnage. 2 crazy psychopaths against each other? Thats pretty wild, imo.
  14. Khaoios

    Movies/TV Is Pixar losing its touch?

    Well, imo after the Incredibles (excluding Wall-E, TS3, and MU) it started going downhill for me.
  15. Khaoios

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Fireball by Pitbull and John Ryan. If only there were an instrumental version it would be twice as better.