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  1. Passion

    Animation Naruto censorship

    I knew nothing good would come out of this thread the moment I saw it, yet I've forgotten to keep a watchful eye on it because I've fallen ill. Locking this. I'll make the effort to purge the thread of any posts that are not on topic and unlock it afterwards. Next time, KEEP ON TOPIC. EDIT: Done. Some of the points you've made might have been removed as part of collateral damage. Seeing how 2/3rd of this thread has gone absolutely off-topic I am not certain letting it continue is the brightest of my ideas. Nevertheless... I doubt anybody has anything against discussing censorship attempts, symbolism, origins and meaning of symbols as well as their misconceptions. But you are not in this thread to discuss regimes nor history which are considered taboo for a reason.
  2. Passion

    General How "Pure" are you?

    Purity? What's that? Is it edible?
  3. brocode-org-TgCpCt4kyI.jpg

    1. The Recherche
    2. Passion



      Far from checkmate.

      Besides it's either A: A poor photoshop. B: An outcast, broken wolf who had long forgotten its primal instincts.

    3. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      You say that as if we humans don't have a way of breaking things. Priceless artifacts, bones, the Ozone layer, the hearts of others... you understand what I am saying. :D

  4. I feel that a little remainder is required about the recent changes to rules about posting critique to artistic creations of all sorts. We no longer allow critique to be posted about art of any sorts unless OP OPENLY declares that critique is being sought. I will therefore be hiding any and all posts with critique until the OP states they request it to be posted. Please keep to the rules of the section.
  5. Hey, just curious who that is in your avatar and profile. I've seen her on multiple occasions from many different sources but no one's been able to tell me who she is or what she's from yet.

    1. Passion


      Gray Wolf from Kemono Friends. I have not watched the actal show so I cannot say if it is good or bad or what it is about. But her design caught my eye.

    2. Discordian


      Excellent. Thank you. Until recently I thought I had just found some random art from nowhere. Good to have that put to rest.

  6. Passion

    Will we get to see unicorns in season 9?

    You've lost it~ totally lost it~
  7. Hm. Now, the real question that rumbles itself inside of my head is as follows: Is this truly an unequivocal reference of religious undertone aimed to indicate that all sorts of occultism and beliefs are truly grounded in Pony society or maybe... just maybe... call me insane, I know, but just MAYBE...'s just a gag? Nevertheless, since you've put some effort into the thread I don't want to derail it Just keep in mind you guys are not discussing religions, but potential religious references within the show. And that's a major difference.
  8. Passion

    General How fast are you?

    I ain't really fast but I have some insane stamina. Been beating my friends who regularly hit the gym for a year+ in multitude of endurance based activities without any training myself. It does however weigh on my physical health since many its my mind pushing my body beyond its safe limits just to achieve victory over myself. What usually does not end well.
  9. Rejoining the staff actually made me turn to the dark side.

    They don't have cookies.

    But it doesn't matter. It is good to be bad. Too good...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Duality


      Do they at least have dark chocolate? The good side only has that revolting solidified milkish material they call white 'chocolate'.

    3. Passion


      How DARE YOU insult the aphrodisiac known as white chocolate?!

      You can have multiple colors of tea and that's valid, therefore following this impenetrable logic chocolate has a green light for such treatment as well!

    4. Duality


      I mean, if hot drinks are the logical standard here, it's worth noting that you don't get white chocolate hot chocolate. We call that 'milk'. :orly:

  10. Passion

    The damage from Twilight moving to Ponyville?

    Man, it's absolutely horrible that thanks to Twilight coming to Ponyville the night does not last forever. I despise that! But, to stay on topic: I honestly doubt that anyone views Twilight through a negative prism spectrum. She's done too much good to be perceived by her side-effects.
  11. Took a nap.

    Woke up at 10PM.

    Moon high up. Shining brightly.

    This calls for one thing.



  12. Kirin design reminds me of ponified dryads. Period.

    1. WWolf


      They have sharp backs and muzzles :wacko: 

  13. Passion

    Being alone in liking a specific pony

    Perhaps I didn't make myself very clear. Erase Hasbro from equation. Ignore the fact that she's been released by official sources. What is so special about her that I should turn my head and spare my love for this character if we assume Hasbro had nothing to do with her? Is the fact that Hasbro released a random toy character who doesn't even have any backstory whatsoever automatically recognized as superior to characters of people who have put a lot of work into writing really good personalities and stories for them? Because I do have fond memories of many fandom OCs, and I love a lot of in-show characters, but the one you are presenting... It's only visual design. There's really nothing more to it. And design is strictly subjective term to perceive.
  14. Passion

    Being alone in liking a specific pony

    So... like... what makes her any different from an OC if we exclude the fact she is an official release?