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  1. Thanks @RareGems for reminding me this story:

    That moment when you go through attic stuff, and think about your brother who, at one point you are sure, had to be a metal head with how long his hairs have been, had a ton of friends between skinheads, used to fight all the time, hung out only with tough guys, didn't let anyone to talk him down and he was ready to fight anyone if necessary, partied CONSTANTLY and was in general that kind of "damn he's a cool guy all around".

    And then you find a "Sailor Moon" cassette and learn it was his and he used to watch it 24/7.

    1. RareGems


      It's about Girls in miniskirts and high boots. Who can blame him? :P

    2. Passion


      He's from early 80's. That wasn't really the time for people to sit in front of TV/PC's. And he really, REALLY, REALLY does not belong the type at ALL.

    3. RareGems


      Hmm, I can imagine. 

  2. I've started watching Kitchen Nightmares and... I was surprised. It's like I was watching my sister-in-law in action. I didn't quite realize it but her and Gordon have a lot in common. They don't take s*** from anyone because they're diligent and they KNOW their work is never shoddy. They are assertive, both have very strong, can-do personalities and both do not accept excuses. If it could have been done, it should have been done. They are target focused and simply jump over obstacles directly to solutions they know will work thanks to their constructive thinking and experience.


    Now, I know this show is staged madly, but... there are definitely values there that anyone should adapt if they want to be more successful in life. This guy did not gain his fame purely on the shows he created, that is for sure. Being an a**hole is of course a great attention garnering thing... but... my sis-in-law is an a**hole as well. If by this you mean being brutally honest and exposing people's weaknesses violently to MAKE them realize that they NEED to overcome them in order to achieve results.


    I gotta say I admire both of them.

    1. The_Gobo


      been a while since I've seen that series XD
      Good stuff :D


  3. Read about Pinkie being dropped and had to digest it. I mean, it's basicaly comparable to an event in which Team Manehattan would drop R-... Ru-... Rghhg-.... ...okay it's just beyond comprehension! I can't even get the words to get out of my mouth about our example. With Pinkie's dimension bending, senses, multi-leg system and abilty to be anywhere at any given time I would have thought she'd have the cup in her pocket. It's not even magic, but het natural skills so she wouldn't be banned! ... ponies even use pockets that often for it to be a saying?
  4. Passion

    Regarding Emoticons - Community Poll

    Usage based cathegories are the go-to solution for me. I believe it's easier to use them this way for a very simple reason: their colors. When choosing to react to something, you already know if you're going to be happy about it, or sad, or curious. Whatever. Having character based criteria will make you open their character based subfolder and waste time trying to find that one emote for your character. Having category based ones, you'll open the "happy stuffs" and the color of your character emote will instantly be recognized between all others. It's a convinience really. Also, perhaps other char's emote will actually reflect what you want to relay better than your own that being said, the decision behind reaction gives us only a general idea on how we want to react, the choice happens once we have emotes in front of us.
  5. I ain't letting you have more fun than I have with Ley! It's unfair! QUIT HAVING FUN! D: Anyway, I'm kinda in a pickle. Everything played out completely different than I had in mind for both my chars. Unless Dru is diagnosed with "she'll be fine just needs to rest" and is transported to dorms for rest, I'll probably have Ley just get some foodstuffs and then prepare to sleep. Ley surely will NOT be using public cafeteria. Ira needs to get her head around the mess, even though she won't even see the culprit. And then I guess since I have no plans for her, I'll have report for whatever investigation the so-called admins will have until the lunch-supper-whatever.
  6. Bazinga?

    1. Wingnut


      Knock knock knock...Penny? 

    2. The_Gobo





  7. Passion

    Food Pizza or burgers?

    Starting with the fact I need to cut on both and make amendments with early morning milkshakes, vegetables but also fruits during work breaks. Going through the fact my metabolism has recently informed me that "Dude, it's time to stop." Ending on the fact Pizza is superior as you can do whatever you want with it.
  8. He should be glad Ira probably won't have the chance to learn of Dru's state before he finishes his job, otherwise she'd be the first one to literally smack his hands to stop it as while he might know a few healing tricks, he's not a specialized medic nor an expert in healing magic. Therefore he cannot precisely establish what is the extent of damage Dru has suffered and has no idea if healing he's administering is helpful or, quite the opposite, detrimential. And then she'd smack him again for the state he has gotten himself into. That being said, oh God. I thought of a perfect entrance for Ira. This'll be so much like her. Do you now? Excellent excellent.
  9. So yeah, I have a few dozens of wallpapers which change every 5 minutes on my screen. Ever since I've gotten 2nd screen, they change randomly on one of those screens.


    This is what greeted me right now after I returned to PC. I have a feeling I'm being judged...


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade

      Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade


      maybe i should pick some pics and put them on random like that too 


      I used to have wallpapers but after reinstalling windows 10 for the 5th time  i didnt bother to go through all that again so i use the windows' default these days

    3. Passion


      Here, have some more Miku I've accumulated :x

      I absolutely adore the fifth one with how serene it is. But the main reason I keep them is because of their color schemes. I usually browse stuff during late evening/night. So the deep blue wallpapers work perfectly and don't hurt the eyes.








    4. The_Gobo


      That's a lot of Miku.
      I usually just stick with the NOD background I have o3o




  10. Passion

    Open Salem University

    LEY Ley had to make sure she was not facing Wave Particle upon hearing these words, as she was clenching her teeth and fighting the urge of tilting her head in the process of being indignated. It was awfully presumptuous of the teacher to instantly assume she had no experience in the field. Whether it be true or not. Of course, as a next-in-line to family's titles, riches and influence, Ley naturally had a number of suitors. A number which drastically dwindled after her little 'accident'. However odd it might have been though, it also attracted a few braver ones who somehow found her new appearance... unique. They were mostly creepy and shady. But most importantly, not only Ley had currently no interest in anything stable, they also had little of value to bring into her family. Besides, all those weird 'feelings' associated with all of this were just unnecessary distractions from her own goals, right? Right. Yes, definitely. It was something she didn't need in her life. She was eventually left alone. As Duality walked off, the girl only waved her hand broodily without even turning around. Reason being, Haunt found first book which Ley desired. The one that she would make use of the soonest, dealing with enchanting. She hid the nail file and put on the missing claw of her Ultima again. Ley reached for the book, levitated back to the ground and made her way to a nearby armchair, conviniently hidden in the corner of the room. Falling heavily onto it, she opened the book and began skimming through its pages. Time passed slowly, minute after minute. A few stories above, Duality was finishing the research on her little guest of honor, to Ley's obliviousness. The book itself was... average. She skipped the basics and moved onto advanced techniques to brush up her memory. Most of them were known to the enchantress, but the piece of literature proved its worth by having at least three topics Ley did not have a chance to delve into just yet. A pile of cellulose covered in leather and various other materials was slowly growing bigger on the table next to her. Demonology, dimensional rifts, stabilization of flow of magical energies, catalogue of enchantments, physics vs magic: gravity chapter, known demonic entities across the years... But also two, generic drama/romance novels she had not yet read. Her focus was ultimately disturbed as she spotted a tiniest movement with the corner of her eyes. A stoic blade fern. Was it the wind? "Wind in the library... have I suddenly become dumb?" - that mystery would have to wait for later. It looked innocent, and the longer Ley stared at it, the more all-overish she felt. It was a familiar feeling, unique. Very rarely had she ever felt it, and the last time was... "Druantia..." - the moment this thought appeared in her mind, the fern suddenly started swinging its leaves around violently, attacking the nearby shelves and wall. Ley observed the event from safe distance, constatly keeping the book in front of her face opened on a particularly interesting topic. "Uh-huh." - a sound of acknowledgment of new situation she found herself in slipped past her lips, as she calmly stared at the plant with slight inquisitiveness. "The duel must have began, but wasn't the duelling hall supposed to be magic proofed to no limits? Why is thi-" - Ley picked up a trace of unfamiliar force. Faint, diluted by library's protective layers of spells. But it was there. As she focused and reached for it, she frowned. It definitely belonged to the child, but it was... different. Primal. Violent. Impulsive. It was wild. And wild meant uncontrollable. The Daemoness broke her focus, as a distant rumble could be heard, clearly indicating something must have gone not necessarily as planned. The muffled shrieks and screams also served that indication. "That Ghalan man must be having a lot of fun. I swear, I nearly envy them both." - Ley contemplated the situation for a moment, before reaching the final conclusion, which sounded - "Peculiar." - after stating this, she paid the events no further attention as she dove back into the words on white pages. The fern in the corner was helplessly reaching its stems towards her after running out of targets, but it was too far away to be of any real threat. Probably for its own good, as otherwise it would face complete obliteration. It was a bit sad sight to witness, as the amount of ignorance Ley was throwing at the weed would certainly heavily damage its self-esteem, had it had one. After a minute or two, maybe three, the subtle energies disappeared. Something was missing now, it disturbed the girl. Ley violently closed the book with a loud snap while simultaneously calling her trustworthy, daemonic butler. Her curiosity was piqued, but she couldn't give in to such naive feeling. She needed to do something, anything, to keep her mind busy. "Jeeves." - the blade fern was frozen in place, in position which resembled a powerless plant facing a hurricane - "Grab the tomes, we're leaving." - she stood up and passed the publication to her tall servant. Afterwards she slowly strolled towards the exit of the library, taking lead and allowing Jeeves to leisurely follow. @Duality@Denim&Venom@dragon4111@Buck Testa@reader8363 IRA The calm meadow outside the University's windows, located between its walls and perimeter fences, turned into a battlefield. The grass itself was quite successfully turning into blades, therefore Ira had to freeze it completely, ultimately creating a field of ice around her. At least a few plants somehow developed a way of using their, suddenly seemingly infinite, seeds as ballistic projectiles, shot under high pressure. Another group developed steel-like blades from the leaves. But the effects of magic turning them into tools of destruction seemed to be completely chaotic. A field of tiny chamomiles, angrily barking at her from further away, seemed to prove this point. Yet she was certain they would bite her fingers off should she get closer to them. Although she could feel the magic's ominous presence and the general direction of source it was coming from, she couldn't sense its power. A definite flaw of her training, to say the least. The combat which she went through was nasty, to say the least. The plants attacked relentlessly, forcing her to time after time form ice barriers to shield herself. She couldn't find an opening easily, and she had to find one as her powers' area of effect was sometimes hard to control, therefore she couldn't use it freely. She had to be precise. Yet, her bow would be of little to no use, unless she had her enchanted arrows with her. A courtesy she wasn't allowed. The hits fell on her time after time as she also danced trying to evade and block all of them at once. Training sessions with Rouen were bearing fruit, as she was able to move swiftly and predict where hits would land. Eventually, a few seeds fired in rapid succession hit her leg and broke off a chunk of ice from it. That's when she lost her patience. Ira jumped back, putting the tiniest amount of distance between the melee plants and slamming her palms against each other with great force. She afterwards kneeled and touched the ice under her feet using both hands. An enormous wall of ice rose in front of group of ranged foes, blocking their attacks and buying Ira much needed time. The outer feathers, next to her palms, fell out and she grabbed them mid-flight. Their structure changed, so did their shape. They now resembled a finely crafted, curved swords, and their edges seemed to shine with light, reflecting the particles at odd angles. Ira focused on remembering the white weapons training sessions she had in her life and launched herself at the close-ranged plants, slicing and slashing with exquisite finesse and elegance. Eventually, most of the weeds were cut down, as their movements seemed mighty predictable. The last two were blasted away with flames, as a nearby group of pyromancy adepts rushed to Ira's aid. Although the effort put a little bit of strain on Ira's physical capabilities, as she had to exert more strenght at once than usual, she turned towards the wall of ice still standing firm behind her. With a swift strike she crushed it into pieces and... ...found the plants frozen solid. Not by the means of her magic, per se, but they were completely immobilized. She kept her guard and approached slowly, expecting them to come alive at any moment. Poking one with her blade however revealed they indeed seemed to be... somewhat dead. She straightened up, the blades dissipated from her hands. Two of the helpful pyromancy students were running up to her, trying to keep their balance on slippery ice she created all around. "What were those things?" "I don't know, but I'll get to know sooner or later." - she observed the plants for a little while longer before turning around. Her eyes were cold. "Why are you outside? You were told not to leave the building." "We saw you through the door and decided to help." - the two explained rapidly, suddenly not certain if they didn't get themselves into trouble. "I had the situation under control. You unneccesarily risked your health or even lives should anything happen, and I would be held responsible." - the students clearly didn't know how to react. It was obvious to them her words were unjust. "Head back into the University until lockdown is lifted at once, no objections accepted. I'm heading towards the source." Ira turned around and focused on the ice under her legs. She formed a thin, but solid layer and afterwards bent its back side under her heel. As a result, a tiny ramp formed under her feet, making her start sliding forward. She kept repeating the process indefinitely, gaining speed slowly. The motion resembled skiing a lot, and left a trail of broken ice behind her. She turned around, spotting the back of the two students heading towards the University in disheartened state. "Forgot to mention, you did great! Good job you two, thanks for help!" - they stopped and stared at her, and as she looked in front of herself again, she could have sworn she caught a glimpse of smiles appearing on their faces just before she lost sight of them. Now, she should reach the source of all this madness in probably less than a minute. There were questions to be asked and answers to be given.
  11. I was wondering why Rarity has such a weird color and then I realized it's just neon spotlights casting color on her.

    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Heh, yeah. :D This is the full image, just in case it clears things up a bit more:




    2. TheTaZe


      She looks more like starlight glimmer in that image, that is what I thought at first :please:

    3. Passion


      It only complicates things as there are no neon lights available here!

      I'll believe they are somewhere behind the borders. Like with photographers!

      Rarity doesn't need Starlight to Glimmer!

  12. Passion

    Choose a career for the avatar above you.

    Since the red reminded me of Schumacher for some reason, that's gonna be F1 driver.
  13. We should absolutely get some Aeromancers to take care of all that ash. And they would have to be absolutely angry for their nicknames of leaf blowers due to their autumn tasks. Glad Ley isn't anywhere around all of this. She can remain oblivious as to what happened exactly, although she obviously cannot ignore the fact that the duelling hall got absolutely demolished. Now, to have Ira arrive at the location... gonna have to type something out today for them both. Lo and behold though, as they shall face deadly camomiles and sword fens. As I have already established in my mind, but might just briefly mention it.
  14. Oh yes dearest, Team Manehattan has earned its insignia and is now ready to breathtakingly revolutionize the World Cup as you know it!


    That sole event already made it that much more spectacular!

    1. The_Gobo