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    Mildly disturbing, m'lord.

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      *pokes head out from bush*

  2. I remember how I started with gaming when I was young. There was this wide-spread method of gaining games due to lack of appropriate app protection. 70 bucks for an AAA game? I know very well what I would do if that was the case and I would feel no shame over it. AAA devs: Keep increasing their prices in spite of literally sleeping on money. Me: Been there, done it. A LOT in the past. If situation ever forces me due to scummy practices, I can always return there. Not for indie devs obviously, but I couldn't care less about Triple-A market which has proven time and time now that with giant teams of talented people, nearly endless supply of money and years to polish their games they cannot come up with anything that would not be an absolute crap 97% of the time.
  3. I only just now have realized... my Bananas are no more :(

  4. Hard pass. The moment I saw animation changes I knew what's up ahead and was confirmed in my worries. Overly simplified animations, designs and backgrounds literally mean attempts to cut down on costs all the while trying to sell the "same thing". FiM had some substance to it, this seems to aim at slapstick and overused jokes and tropes I guess. And they changed Rarity's cutie mark, I hate them now. Plus,is it just me or is she mainly depicted as helpless useless sidekick character in trailer :x ?
  5. ... shut the f up, bot ...
  6. Ah, flash. The tool that shaped browser games for good. And created so many masterpiece animations, so many started with it and have gone so far. Another loss of year 2020.
  7. There's been a lot of dark arts of Necromancy dabbling on the forums recently. I knew I should not have left my personal notes out in the open after all...

    1. Ferret


      Embrace the dark arts~

  8. You call it destruction, others call it beautification. What is one man's trash is another's treasure. People destroy their bodies in all kinds of manners, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, unhealthy lifestyle. Tattoos are definitely one of the less dangerous ones and they serve an immediate purpose. I've known a number of people with tattoos. One girl in particular stands out, her entire family has tattoos. She herself has 3 now and thinking of more. And they don't give a damn about standing out. They do it for themselves. Because they love it. And because some of them want to commemmorate certain events in their lives. Tattoos have been with humanity for thousands of years, it is peculiar that people are fazed by them. Addressing piercings: these hold less value imo, as they don't allow for freedom of expression to the same degree as tattoos do.
  9. "Allow me to tell you humanity's greatest weaknesses..."
  10. I approve. And this should be enough for everyone to know what I'm on about.

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      it's crystal clear

  11. I have majority of my notifications off. Unless I am mentioned, someone replies to a topic I follow or a new thread is created in a section I follow (plus of course posting on my profile and reactions to my stuff, PMs etc), I will not receive any notifications. That said, the most I had if I remember correctly was 78.
  12. Up to day, I've made 0,54 posts in valid sections per day ever since I joined. Guess that shows how much of a backstage agent I was, am and going to be.

  13. Long time, no Awoo!~