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  1. This is a robbery. Hand over the name of the artist behind the avatar or suffer the consequences of your choices.

  2. Pretty much Jedi voiced all my thoughts. People fell victim to media propaganda and swallowed the overblown lies as one and objective truth without paying any interest into statistical data or historical outbreaks. To add to Jedi's, the mortality rate goes up with age quite statistically. The highest percentage was observed in people above 70yo.
  3. I will be the one to say YES. But for different reasons you'd expect. In short: I do not believe there is an upper age limit upon which you should cease playing altogether. However, on my own example, over years the perceived end satisfaction has vastly diminished for me. 10 years ago I derived immense fun from playing certain games. Now, when my reflexes have dulled and skillset is starting to fail as well, I find it hard to convince myself that competitive games which were always my forte are just as fun as they used to be. Games started feeling like chores. You CAN become too old for games, but it will not be the society that will tell you that, it will be yourself.
  4. The safest hole to fall into is the bottomless pit.

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    2. Duality


      Now you're thinking with portals. Not sure how air pressure would work if it was looped back onto itself, though - it'd probably have some sort of wind-tunnel effect as the air constantly fell through the loop under its own weight. What's the terminal velocity of air? :huh:

    3. Passion


      Hang on, Mobius loop would not have a defined center of gravity, would it? How do you even determine which direction should air "fall"? What force would be there to apply pressure?

      Would the particles simply be in chaotic disarray, colliding against each other? But it indicates that, after particles were placed in loop, something set them in motion.


      Also, now that I think of it, wouldn't perceived temperature while falling be extremely low? You'd probably freeze to death rather than starve first.


    4. Duality


      If you're somehow falling down a bottomless/looped hole the air also has to be falling down the hole by the same gravitational token. Without the air to slow you down you could achieve speeds only limited by how much the friction of the walls of the hole slows the air flow near the edges radiating in towards the centre. If there's no friction at all you'd end up falling at a speed asymptotically approaching the speed of light.

      There's a lot that depends on the properties of the hole walls too - the whole scenario could be a closed universe without any outside gravitational effect or heat diffusion through the exterior, in which case nothing would fall anywhere and the only energy in the hole would come from whatever event created it and the instantaneous influx of energy that took place in the moment you somehow fell into the thing (which could itself have caused the chaotic motion of formerly stationary particles). If the hole universe had enough energy invested in it when it formed it could be comfortably warm - energy can't be destroyed in a closed universe and heat is the lowest form of energy so it'd be in a stable thermodynamic equilibrium excepting your presence (although that would be remedied once you starved to death).

  5. Hm. While Hazbin has its charm, Helluva Boss in current state is much better. Very natural flow and it clearly doesn't tryhard to "be something", unlike Hazbin. Still, both shows are good in their own, respective fields. For characters, that's easy. #1 Alastor - I mean, how can you dislike a carefree, charming being of pure evil? #2 Charlie - she just has something to her that is nice to observe. Love the VA. #3 Huskar - grump cat, 'nuff said. #4 Katie Killjoy - probably the best, most realistically written character in entire series. For Helluva, it's definitely Millie only. She's like that one murderer who will plead innocent while standing inbetween a mass of corpses, honestly believing it was only natural. Blitz (the O is silent) deserves a honorable mention for his craziness. Loona? Nope. Other than furry factor, she has nothing going for herself other than edgyness and really heavy, overdone tropes imho.
  6. HAH, that's not the one I was expecting to witness. That said, can't believe these three weren't mentioned yet: Athos, Porthos & Aramis
  7. Only natural ingredients allowed. Amazon
  8. I'll give it a solid 8.5/10. Fine color scheme and detail, just a few oddities in my eyes. Like the curved horn or more shading on lips.
  9. There are a few but I only used cheat codes long time ago, in an era where games were too hard for me to beat. nwcnebuchadnezzar - infinite movement nwctrinity - I think archangels? nwczion - all buildings nwcredpill - win nwcbluepill - lose nwcthereisnospoon - magic nwcmorpheus - endless morale poweroverwhelming - inmortality bruh blacksheepwall - map reveal greedisgood - resources Most of Unreal Tournament commands, as they were technically simple commands. Like God, timescale etc. I also used codes for GTA III+Vice City to have some fun. Mainly the ones that caused the most chaos. Some codes for AoE II. And Half Life 2.
  10. Nice banner. Not a fan of book horse but 'tis a good book horse.

  11. Necromancy! For when you just want to be a good father/mother and raise your family in peace. "I will avenge the death of my brother!" "You have my sword!" "And my bow!" "And your brother!"
  12. Another cellphone update since I'm using wallpaper engine on PC so I have videos and a ton of them to switch from constantly. Jellyfish Prime is best Ivara.
  13. 'Tis here. And in the end I got it for free! :D


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    2. Passion


      Well. Due to surgery I wasn't able to pick up the first delivery. I explained it to Sharkbot noting it was my fault and I was waiting for them to receive it back to pay freight and have it resent.

      They told me due to low value + being international, DHL probably destroyed it. Before I managed to reply they refunded me full costs including freight and resent the shirt again free of charge.

    3. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      hope the surgery went well

    4. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      2b waifu material