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  1. Compare men vs women Olympic world records and see which sex holds more records. I see a pattern there, where physical differences play a major role. Now, as long as there really are no problems with allowing women competing against men, biology sadly dictates that they would not be able to reach top places in vast majority of competitions. It's not a matter of not allowing women to compete. It's about it making no sense from competitive standpoint. The physical differences between the sexes are just plainly visible and reflected in statistical data.
  2. Youtubers live off of this. Like every entertainer, actor and so on, they have learned reactions expected by audience. Mark in particular is one of people who is NOT scared of games as he played horrors for years, but he gives a show for the audience because thats what audience wants. If you look at his older videos, like very old from amnesia days, you will see the difference on how he changed. I suspect that devs of the games approach him straightforward at times saying "We will pay you if you play our game to promote it and if you can sell it as if you were genuinely scared of it, because that's what we're aiming at." It's normal in industry when you're big enough. As for multiplayer games... only with correct people. With people who will read the atmosphere along and will not goof around.
  3. My friend: Thanks for listening mate, I just needed to vent.


    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Y they no eat black broth

  5. This. At the time it was like an unspoken rule. Just like the fight club, rule#1 was not to talk about the Debate Pit. Even to me it always felt like a minefield. The main issue I feel that plagues, and plagued Debate Pit for eternity, was that people tended to forget that every debate should have its end. And after everything was already said, since there was nothing more else to say, they would always, no exceptions here, always deviate into off-topic and personal jabs. Maybe it will not solve the issues, but if the staff cannot currently afford to treat the wound, it's better to get rid of the limb altogether than let it fester. Every coin has two sides. What issues arise with it will be dealt with in time, but one seemingly major issue will be resolved for now. This is nailing the problem. The whole idea of Debate Pit was heavily tied to the times where community was much, much larger. And the ideology of self-regulated forums was much more viable to go by with. As time passed and people started drifting away, self-regulated forums as ideology, while still viable, started to work less and less. The issue is that past around 2015-6 whenever I would enter debate section, I would find that most topics would have the conversations devolve into series of objective opinions, strawman arguments and logical fallacies. And the issue was that majority of debate participants would outright REFUSE to see the greater perspective and attempt to review their posts to see if they MIGHT be wrong or not. Majority of people believed their opinion was the one objective truth and would drag you through hell to prove it. The above idea was always about mutual trust that people will know their limits and will, themselves, make sure that the debate quality is appropriate from their own side first and foremost. Wishful thinking of course, but if people would not be able to decide when it is time to step back, and would only continue going forward at all costs, then they probably aren't suited for long debates. Do I think closing the debate pit is a good idea? Quoting Mike Shinoda: "Am I insane to say the truth is that I don't know?" - closing the section might in long run cause as many issues as it solves, but to be fair, it's not like this idea was born out of thin air, was it? It's not just somebody's whim. Yet again, even in this thread, there are people who are not willing to reflect on how the section was treating itself, even in spite of other users outright confirming that the section was problematic indeed.
  6. I don't know. I don't remember. It was during my University times. The earliest memories I have is seeing one of the episodes out of order. Next memory I have is that I THINK I watched 1st season. Then I created a lie to my friend saying I made a challenge I'll watch it all for a 6-pack of beers. The challenge never existed. More sadly, neither did the beers. It took me about a year before I registered on first forums, which were RP centered. Once I got pulled into RP, I've made a lot of bew contacts (all of them sadly now forgotten). Then once things went downhill, I found asylum in these forums.
  7. Ok, that profile header is just absolutely amazing.

  8. post-18085-0-94274000-1381802918.jpg.cff4acca70fbd07994c5e36b64bc52ad.jpg

    It's been many years now, but thankfully I have this saved as attachment <3 Still my favourite piece of "received" art. And it's spooktober so it's only fitting to pull it out now again :>

  9. Never again shall I go to so called "haunted house". 'twas more screams and dudes running with stun gun and a chainsaw rather than atmosphere and proper scares. Low budged effort I guess.

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      It sounds like all they relied on was shock value.

  10. I did it again.


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      I thought your motto was the third one: 




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      Treeglow Flicker

      @Sparklefan1234 I think I have used that one a few times in the past. :P

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      @Treeglow Flicker  Second one = Brohoofs. :nom:

  11. No matter the question, wolves are the answer.

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      "I'd like to place an order."
      "For pickup or delivery?"

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      @Stone Cold Steve Tuna I mean, you won't say that having your food handed over to you by wolves wouldn't be badass.

  12. Definitely one of these two. Both of them were massive forces of positivity in the world and brought smiles upon faces of millions of people. Neither truly deserved to die the way they did. I personally know people who were influenced by these two. Steve's passion and courage was inspiring, as it was clear as day he loved what he was doing. Chester's adaptations of lyrics written by Mike and not only helped countless people go through various issues in their lives.