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  1. Passion

    Let's talk warfare

    Let's not try to excuse something that is obvious. Sure, a tank is a tank, and according to the above, RD referred to it in pretty obvious setting. Nevertheless, I raise you this: What purpose does a tank serve in MLP world? You've mentioned yourself that Cheese has a funko tank for himself and Pinkie's cannon is a 'party' one. Therefore why your initial conclusion is that tanks are used for warfare there? Tanks are used for warfare in our world. In their world, these 'weapons' clearly serve different purposes. The transfer of human understanding into their world is flawing the vision here.
  2. I doubt it. Considering that humanity as a whole has an instinct to drift towards physically fit units, and provided that sports require much more effort to become good at, then I believe regular sports will always predominantly outpace E-sports. E-sports is all about playing 24/7 and learning mechanic of a game, combining it with your innate ability. Regular sports, at least majority of them, require exhausting physical training, psychological one, diet, tight schedules and much greater resistance to pressure. E-sports may become popular, but I doubt they will ever come close enough to regular sports. Regular sports have been admired for thousands of years. Doubt this would change anytime soon.
  3. Passion

    Food Favorite fast food place to eat?

    Ain't got a favourite. I hate them all really. The only weakness I've had lately is pizza due to the fact it's the most common thing to be delivered around. But I'm working on breaking this one too. I'm growing fat, and for someone who has been really slim for his entire life, this is a shocking realization. Throughout my entire life people joked of me that wind will blow me away one day and I loved it, I enjoyed being slim rather than having more body. And now it's done, now the metabolism changed and Jesus, now I need to *actually* do something about it myself! That's why fast foods lost their place in my life nowadays.
  4. That depends entirely on how close the person to you is. If it's just a random person from the internet, if I was on your position cutting off contact would be an option, but not necessity. But, say, for example one of my friends was saying that, I would literally, openly confront them about their mental condition. "Dude, it's just a cartoon, what's wrong with you? If you met someone with similar life attitude as Pinkie in real life, you'd do the same to them? Knock it off and cool down already, seriously, you're sounding disturbing." - and I'd have made my best to come off as serious as possible.
  5. Huzzah. Ley's post has been finalized. I had to practice out very simple descriptions to return to them later on with fresh mind and figure out how to improve them on my own, first. You are absolutely permitted to get bored by reading that one Ley's post ;P
  6. !!! I thought this one was lost to the ages! The fact that I've found this piece of artwork is like one of the best things that happened today!post-18085-0-94274000-1381802918.jpg.cff4acca70fbd07994c5e36b64bc52ad.jpg

  7. Hey @RaphLuna, I've edited your message a bit as the image you posted contained links to an artistic studio outside the forums. However, the artist you've mentioned is known here on the forums as Unicornia Workshop, therefore I have switched the link to their commission shop so you can still give them credit for the work they're doing As per exceptions to advertising content located in guidelines, while it is perfectly fine to leave links to your own content, please try to avoid sharing links to storefronts of shops of other artists, especially if they are located outside the forums.
  8. 1. Rouen is depicted as a martial artists with near impenetrable magical defense, or rather the idea that, quote, "magic has little to no effect on him". What that means I figure that the weaker spells and magical effects would be absolutely ignored, while strong ones would work in like 5-15% of power. But that's my subjective view of things. 2. Underestimating or straightforward ignoring, absolutely. But only until she is actually forced to realize the truth. And that's why I'm requesting some details, to keep it IC and decide which what is fair to be done. Of course, don't expect me to instantly try the moves that would be considered her counter thanks to OOC knowledge. I've got one really smart idea, but to be honest only Ley is capable of using it and she would first need a reason to do it. If she's not allowed to, logically, discover what kind of powers are affecting her, I'll have no reason to try the trick out. It's purely dependant on your writing if you give Ley enough hints to come up with the crazy idea. But it's at once a double-edged sword, so I don't really consider it unfair. And who knows, maybe she will never get to come up with anything since they won't even meet *Shrugs* The ways RPs go are unknown. 3. That's a tough one only for Ley. She is not allowed to make a fool out of herself in public, so the urges created by your character will gride really loud against her instincts. Ira? Meh, what, you never danced in public? Ple-eeease! 4. Sounds legit. I technically still keep Ira's ace in sleeve in her application. Meaning transmogrification of liquid substances, including blood. But I consider it OP to a point I doubt I'd use it even in mortal type of scenario. Make her a potential cold blooded murder? Sure, no hesitation for Ley if she needs to. But Ira? Nuh-uh. 5. Yeah, good luck to us with that. I hardly can see that happening xD
  9. Okaaaaay, so... 1. Considering Rouen is magic resistant, wouldn't Adaline's skillset fail to work with him completely? 2. I can have Ira fooled time after time. She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to sensing magic and estimating auras. Ley on the other hand is all about perceptiveness. She adores observing combat and others. But naturally, considering her overblown self-confidence, I can see her completely failing to spot the danger initially. Nevertheless, she has strong magical senses so I figure once and if she'd discover what's going on, she'd be at the very least more wary about things than the others. And then comes Jeeves, who is basically a demonic entity. It is really a question to Duality at this point to establish how her ability would actually affect Jeeves. 3. I already devised a plan on what to do with her should things go awry, and I'll do it anyway if I'm ever forced to. And although I'd love to know what are the exact details of how her powers work, I'll leave it be until time comes to actually force this conversation. So, once her powers are put to use. For example, is music required for others to join her? How does she actually force her? Do they need to watch her? Does SHE need to do something? What would you do with people who outright refuse their characters to join in into this spectacle? 4. Considering, from the few posts you've written, we are dealing here with deviations of near-invisibility like stealth capabilities and potential indications of mind control powers, which are both extremely powerful tools, how would one even defend themselves should you desire to attack from hiding? You've mentioned she has little offensive capabilities, but at once said she can easily kill stuff if she wants to. Isn't this a bit contradictory? 5. How can *I* find her and interact with her if *I* want to do it? I have a vibe you're presenting her as unreachable unless *you* want her to be. I need to have answers to at least a few of those so that I know how to actually properly interact with this character once I'm forced to.
  10. Certainly this profile's anthem.

    1. TheTaZe


      *cat girl intensifies*

  11. I'd like to bring forth a peculiar case in terms of this discussion. The case's name is "Rouen, The Anti Mage." Known for nullfying magic around him.
  12. One day, one day I'll finish this entire map without a mistake! But this day is not today.

    PS: It's actually hard with just mouse and keyboard.

    1. Cypherhoof


      yeah, osu! begs for a touchscreen or tablet, really....

  13. Guess it's time to bring this one up before duplicates start appearing around~ The story continues for the worse this time. Not only did the EU initially pass both article 13 and 11, but they have also outright discarded any and all amendments proposed to these articles, devised to find middle ground between the parties demanding this change and the rest of the population. Effectively, everyone, including the forums itself, will feel the impact of the articles being passed by EU government. For US, some of the reasons are stated above between conversation with Taze and Jeric. For EU, well... basically this means more expensive internet, gigantic companies monopoly on its certain spheres, censorship of content and site access, faulty filters, issues with browsing and enormous limitations to data and information sharing. Another successfull attempt of limiting the population's ability to unite against the common cause, as whatever fishy happens in the world now, you will most probably not be able to share it with anybody, as sharing links will be banned. No more inconvenient and annoying threads about scandals and corruption. The greedy artists along with a number of major companies lobbied for the changes. However there were some who saw what they will bring. Wyclef Jean comes to mind as one, as he was openly stating the internet should be embraced and improved, and stated that the articles are step in opposite direction, to hinder and block it. How come there are artists who do not have issues with article failing? This is rhetorical for me, and what I will say next is only my and my own opinion and conclusion. You are free to challenge it and pick it apart of course, stating an opinion does not mean I cut myself off from any criticism. Greed and money. Sure artists lose a lot due to internet, but that does not mean they earn little either. In my eyes, if they support the articles, they don't care about the damage it'll do. They only care about their own additional money. Newsflash: If you are not earning enough when you're considered a star... maybe you don't deserve to be one. And maybe you should become a better artist then.
  14. Impulsive, stubborn and hard to reach. But as well honest and good willed. Aaaaand maybe a little bit touchy ? That is if you ask ME. Pretty sure Ira and especially Ley would have different views.