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  1. Gaming Is Fortnite Killing Other Games?

    It does have an impact on the system but in very specific and narrow field. However, if OP wants to call it Fortnite, I'll call it PUBG. Or you know what? Let's raise the stakes. I call it ArmA II on which both of these games were based. Or whatever was before that. Sure, Fortnite has influence on games and companies that value income and monetization over everything else. But what about MOBAs then? How many really good and enjoyable RTS have you found coming out in recent years? Only SC2 comes to my mind, you could say MOBAs murdelized RTS scene. NieR: Automata, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Witcher 3, Prey, Wolfenstein, Divinity, Breathe of the Wild, Total War series, Life is Strange, Injustice, Evil Within and Uncharted beg to differ. And this all is only from 2017, and I could keep going.
  2. I would go for flight due to physics. Basically, while teleportation is great, I am certain I'd eventually get tempted to show those flying annoyances thaf I can fly as well by constantly teleporting into air... acquiring velocity with each tekeport... reaching terminal in 12 seconds, as teleportation would probably basically make you keep the forces that are working on you. What would mean I'd have to teleport somewhere into high mountains with thick snow layer and attempt to land on a slope which would gradually soften my fall, hoping I don't die but just suffer minor injuries :x
  3. I love that moment when you have an issue, go to consult it with someone and during the process of explanation you realize the solution on your own, so you just go "Thanks" to the person and they have no friggin idea what it was all about, while you walk away satisfied. And then you hear "Sure thing mate, recommend myself for future." and you're just done xD

  4. Homework Help

    The only thing I can think of here based on the above relates to conduction and soil heat flux density. Maybe that's the term you're missing? Mantle/hydrogenic convection, perhaps?
  5. The above avatar represents the Element of...

    The Element of Imagination
  6. While you brutes will be going all out, I feel obliged to inform you that Ley's next post might be merged with Particle's as one creation. Though this may take a moment to come to fruition and it probably will not affect other characters. Mostly probably.
  7. Open Salem University

    LEY @Denim&Venom@Duality@Buck Testa The dean's implications that Ley had affiliations with the Daemons left her with mixed feelings. Indeed, she rhapsodized in her uniqueness to some extent... but on the other side, she never asked for what happened to her. Her life would always be tainted with this stigma. Then again, the whole, partial transformation actually beautified her, what was an unexpected albeit quite appreciated by her side effect. It was also, to some extent, entertaining to listen just how many issues her own figure caused them. "All deserved, they are honored to have me." - a vain thought snuck in into her brain. Further explanations gave her a lot to think about while Wave Particle was busy explaining bureaucratic details of the duels. "Multiple, fully-empowered Daemons...? So... can they actually not be as strong as I imagined?" - her stare was pointing downwards as she was holding her chin in right hand, lost in deep thought. Her clawed, left hand was holding her right elbow - "Can I actually defeat her? Stand up to her power?" - a long forgotten spark of hope ignited in her soul again - "And the Inferno incident... how come *I* of all people have not heard anything about it?" - another furrow flashed across her forehead - "Maybe this heaven-forsaken University could help me, then." Ley moved her right hand to her chest, feeling her own, steady heartbeat. She focused on her body, searching for the silvery wires of her soul. Somewhere in there was a part that felt alien, an intruder. Unfortunate effect of her horrifying accident. Tiny part of the soul of the Daemoness she foolishly attempted to summon and take control over. It was locked away, it was under constant supervision. And it was absolutely terrifying. Ley lived in bottomless fear of letting her guard too far down, and eventually having her own will overthrown. The chances for that were, unknowingly for her, next to none however. The ritual which caused her transformation was interrupted too early for the Daemoness to attain any power over her. Yet, seeing how this was only a tiny part of the Daemoness' power, Ley had no idea just how powerful the creature she attempted to bring into this realm was. Her pact only allowed her to learn two things. First, that she would have to, one day, face the Daemoness and best her in combat, and second, her name. "...Edna." - Ley's voice was filled with sorrow and fear, but also determination. Her palm clenched tightly into a fist as anger appeared on her face, shivers going down her spine. She did not even realize the name slipped from her lips as a whisper, as her thoughts have consumed making her forget about her surroundings. An unexpected sound violently pulled her out of her contemplations into reality. It sounded as if somebody collided two tables with each other. Although she could not locate its source, she was now standing nearly eye to eye, or to be more precise eye to chest, with a towering female wolf. She was interacting with her tablet, a tool Ley considered useless in magical control, distracting and absolutely unneccesary for any spellcaster. The newcomer was introduced as Dr. Fenris. Yet another teacher Ley didn't really feel like getting to know at this time. Considering her recent adventures with University staff, as well as the fact she still temporarily had her spirits down due to her inner monologues, she decided to opt out from meeting yet another potentially annoying personality. "Shall we be off, then?" - the pink haired girl inquired, a bit impatiently - "I will wait further down the hall, I am positive I passed next to library during my... travels. I think." - with these words she made a swift turn on her heel, but turned her head back to look at the group again before stepping forward - "Lady Druantia, Miss Fenris." - the words were thrown as a temporary goodbye and Ley walked off a number of steps away, far enough to be out of anyone's immediate vicinty and interest, but in eye's reach so that Miss Particle would not have to search for her. IRA @Arid_Blitz "That old fool..." - upon hearing Rouen's attempt to take the blame on himself, she couldn't help but to mentally sigh. His heart was definitely in right place, unfortunately it sometimes dictated his actions and he listened to it rather then act rational. It was bread and butter for Ira to suffer Lilith's 'punishments'. Neither did Ira ask him to stand up for her. "Acghk-" - the incomprehensible word was half-coughed out by Ira at the remark. She pierced him with a stare full of disbelief, not knowing whether she should laugh at the remark or actually get angry and offended. Once could say he managed to, for a moment, shut Ira up for good. The redhead was forced to refocus her attention on Lilith however, as it seemed the headmistress addressed her. The mention of whiskers tickling in all the right ways made Ira tilt her head inquisitively, as if she had suddenly heard something really unexpected and slightly incomprehensible. At one point, she would have to ask Lilith how would she know that Rouen's whiskers tickle "in all the right ways". The idea of Lilith speaking in general did not even cross Ira's mind, in fact, she made special care to erase that explanation out of her mind. This was a golden question that needed to be asked in time. Frosthawk's smile was wiped clean however as Lilith changed her mind and ordered a private training session together. Standing in there in shock, trying to stomach the prospect, Ira allowed Rouen to leave the area without a word. She was not going to, however, let Lilith do as she pleases. As the headmistress was walking away, she shouted behind her. "I have severe doubts about your physical prowess in comparison to Rouen! And I fail to notice how training with you would bring me any closer to defeating him! I'd rather say I'll lose my natural skills training with you!" - its not as if training with Lilith was something absolutely horrible. Au contraire, she was a skilled Ice magic user herself, however the physical aspects were best left to ones who were good in them... And, additionally, Ira didn't really enjoy spending more time than necessary around Lilith. Their relationship was simple. Ira was doing her job and Lilith was trying not to interfere in her methods or work when unneeded. The idea of disturbing this delicate balance felt dangerous. A figure she had not noticed previously approached Lilith and engaged in conversation. Upon closer look, Ira recognized the character as school's well known janitor. All in all, he was quite a vibrant person on the campus and Ira appreciated him for that. She had helped him in his duties countless times as her punishments, so they've gotten to know themselves a bit better, however right now was not the time to greet yet another "old friend". She simply limited herself to waving to him as a greeting, making sure he'd notice her. Eventually, seeing she's going to achieve nothing with Lilith, the redhead turned around and picked up her bow, examining it closely. The enchanted, decorated wood didn't have a scratch on it, therefore she simply tied it at her back and turned towards the crowd of her students observing her actions in silence. She furrowed her brow slightly. "None of you say a thing. Least you want to turn into charming, frozen sculptures." - a few muffled giggles answered her - "Nazir, I know it's you in the back!" - everything went silent again. Ira sighed and gave up. "Lynn..." - she took a few steps towards the crowd, motioning them to move out - " mentioned last year you had some ideas on how you would like improve on your offensive capabilities. Have you managed to think this over through the summer break? Oh, and Cirrus? Try not to flood the classroom on our first lesson again, will you? Took me hours to dry my shoes." - a few nervous laughters could be heard as the group walked away towards Ira's default classroom, leaving Lilith and Ghalan to themselves. Ira figured that if he needed anything from her, he'd catch up. Right now it was not the best moment to be getting on Lilith's nerves by neglecting one's duties.
  8. Say something totally random!

    The Playstation 3... will retail for... 599 US Dollars!
  9. The above avatar represents the Element of...

    That'd be an Element of Vengeance, I reckon.
  10. The above avatar represents the Element of...

    Absolutely undeniably an element of equality.
  11. Sometimes I wonder why I am so inconsiderate when choosing my words and got to act like a total douche o.o

    Man I became insensitive.

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      You guys brohoofing this are not helping me mental state! XD


    Khajiit has wares if you have coin. Khajiit also has claws. And stealth skills. And did not steal the money while you were reading this. Khajiit is innocent.
  13. i love the amaited u profile pic by the way

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      None of these are mine, except of signature which I've created myself using two images from internet.

      Otherwise, all of these belong to different people.

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  14. MHW might be the last game I buy in a long time, but I'm not sure I'll be able to play with friends, and playing it alone does really not address me.

    I have Witcher 3, HOTS, DS3 on horizon again, Hyperdimension Neptunia series...

  15. Say something about your 'latest visitors'

    PathfinderCS 7 minutes ago The Recherche 15 minutes ago Sunset Rose 15 minutes ago Manaka Hitomi 2 hours ago Wannabrony 12 hours ago Califorum 15 hours ago It seems I have been visited by an absolute elite team of MLPF veterans recently. I'm pretty sure mere words are not enough to give them appropriate credit.