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  1. Passion

    Do you judge people by their avatar?

    Completely wrong, at least in my case. See, while I can easily see the point your post is making, I have never also stated any of my judgments are correct. In fact, I hate the term judgement nowadays, because the way it is being thrown around made it lose its heavy, original meaning. The one where judgments were made based on reliable data and after heavy consideration of all pros and cons of any situation/deed/thing/person. People tend to call opinions "judgments" nowadays, while these are clearly two different terms and ideas. This solidifies my stance on this term But now to actually stray from the path of trying to prove something, I make assumptions and observations based on avatars, simply because I like thinking I am not speaking with air and that the one who receives my words is not just an empty shell of a human. I need to give people some substance. I am allowed to believe that a person has choosen an avatar for a reason, like assuming that Bas here enjoys Pokemon. I certainly do not judge him by that. But the whole process is contextual. IF, just IF he was for example sporting an avatar, I don't know, f.e. glorifying Stalinism or any other similar regimes of horrible reputation, world-wide hated and considered as banned for good reason, I would then form and express a judgment that he's a despicable human being for openly supporting such ideologies. (Note: this serves just as an example and by no way does it reflect my actual thoughts on Bas)
  2. Passion

    Do you judge people by their avatar?

    All the time. No exceptions.
  3. So basically an announcement LV will keep doing what LV is already doing?
  4. Passion

    Visual Art So I like art.

    No choice for me than to get a tablet myself and create godly masterpieces as well, I guess. (Ps: Nice work Ody :x)
  5. Passion

    Gaming Ragnarok Online

    @Usager is it like 100% Spanish across all boards? Pre-renewal x9 is like the best version + rates Did I see P2W on the main page though :l ?
  6. Gaming companies: "Look how great we are at ruining our image!"

    Gilette: "Hold my beer."

  7. Yeah sure, why not? I mean I am not going to live with the delusion that if I don't think about it it won't happen. Knowing when would at least let me plan it ahead and actually don't leave this mortal coil with "so many more things I wanted to do yet!". I could make sure I do not leave any unfinished business, rewrite any will I might have, do the things I want to do before I die before... well, you know. I ACTUALLY die. For some knowing when they'd die would take the meaning of it away. For me, it would give it a complete new meaning. I could finally discard the thoughts of "what if I'm not here tomorrow? In 3 weeks? 5 years?" It would actually be a relief.
  8. Passion

    Gaming Ragnarok Online

    Oh dear me. I used to play HP, Gypsy, Bard, Hunter, Paladin, Professor, Linker and something else I don't remember. Often running at least 6 accounts at once, keeping Pally Devo, dances/songs, HP buffs up along with restoring people's mana and trying to dps in the process, tho I was mainly focusing as main full support. Was able to keep full PTs in Ice with my regular Priest solo alive, though it was one of the biggest challenges ever. Other than that, I've been main HP lure priest for bosses and basically nearly never died. Good times.
  9. It doesn't stop. It just does.



    Between Activision, EA and Bethesda, there seems to be no brakes in the shame train with companies trying to outperform themselves in terms of how much they can f themselves up, industry along.

    With Activision so far winning the race. Games too expensive to make? We need to monetize everything to afford publishing and development? We need to cut costs across the board while demanding studios to publish faster and more? No worries. I bet our new CFO will fix everything if we give him 15 MILLION DOLLARS.

    Witcher 3 budget was 30 million. Yet Activision, for a major company they are, were not able to publish any real game that would be an original title and not a remake of previous ones. Not to mention the quality and user experience.

    1. Kyoshi


      Let's not forget Activision is the same company that put Microtransactions in a remake of a beloved game that didn't have them, because those weren't even a thing back then.

      Also; Black Ops 4. $60 game. $50 season pass. Has microtransactions, such as a single outfit for one character for $8. Or an emote for $5. Or a tiny red dot sight for $1.

      EA and Bethesda are definitely fighting for control in the shittiness department, but it is a losing battle because Activision will always be one step ahead, or one thousand steps.

    2. Rikifive


      Gaming industry is a complete trash nowadays. >_> ~and where it goes worries me.

  10. Passion

    What Are Your Biggest Pet Peeves?

    Lately, people who think that Sabaton's "Last Stand" is about crusades and knights and stuff. Like, seriously, stop being ignorant and educate yourself! Swiss? 1527? Where's the place for crusades there!? This has been somewhat bugging me for like a few weeks to see how absolutely blind to history people are.
  11. Passion

    General Media Star Wars Planets

    Hands down Felucia. The colorful, trippy jungle canopy with probably insane wildlife amounts and most exotic sights. Can imagine as deadly as beautiful, but still worthy choice.
  12. Massive Attack is still one of the better bands I haven't heard about.

  13. I sometimes have sleep problems.

    Do you have some too?

    I can help with that.


    Trussssst in me...

    1. Passion


      Wolves don't sleep you 'foo! Wolves always keep vigil.

    2. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      You Khajiits are no fun. *Angry hiss*

  14. Passion

    What kind of forum poster are you?

    It's that time of the year again, when dead topics rise from their graves. Staff only ever lurks anyway. Our presence makes the commonfolk nervous. (Yeah, joking here of course. We're all just as commonfolk as we get :P) That being said, I jump to whatever topic garners my attention and usually limit myself to being a cynical party-spoiler who takes everything too seriously but still jokes around way more than he should. And I'm kinda a blunt douche. ... ... ... Oh wait, but we were only supposed to state major areas? Uh... yes. Sure. I knew that. I was just testing y'all. Status updates. I stick to status updates.
  15. *Only very lightly pretends to hug @Chrysalis as she is the only one who deserves my hugs here amongst this... bunch* What? She's the only one that preserved the stylish looks. Plus she's evil. That scores her more points. And that's a heart to heart evil hug. I'm telling you it is.