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  1. Due to life, I can't be part of the fandom anymore. Life has just gotton to hard and I just can't make anymore time to be around here or commit time to MLP. So for now, this is goodbye! I've made a lot of cool friends around here and hope you all do well. Maybe one day ill stop by here and see how things are. See yah fellow bronies and pegasisters! MLP Lives on!

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    2. Misty Rose

      Misty Rose

      But hopefully you'll have enough time to watch episode 8 one day ;) I'm sure you'll like it.

    3. Serious Sam

      Serious Sam



      But in all seriousness I wish I had known you better; you seemed like a nice person from the posts you made on here. Until next time friend...until next time.

    4. ghostfacekiller39


      Well...damn. First person I talked to on this site, boop. Just gone.


      Huh. You'll be missed, dude. :/

  2. Pony boy! Where are you?

    1. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      I was seriously about to ask the same thing...

  3. Cheese pizza for the most part since they are vegetarians but topping may vary like: Rarity: Diamonds Applejack: Apple Slices Pinkie: Chocolate Chips Rainbowdash: Oh idk, clouds?
  4. I love Rarity's vector on the new banner!

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    2. Tech Reel

      Tech Reel

      Applejack obviously doesn't, lol.

    3. PonyBoy15


      i know, its like she's kicking her lmao

    4. Tech Reel
  5. Welcome to the boards! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. Hey there and welcome! Just in time for season 4 too. Post up some of your artwork, we'd all like to see.
  7. How the hell am i suppose to read 500 notifications!

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    2. Tech Reel
    3. PonyBoy15


      anytime after 4:30, my gf has ruined my free time lmao

    4. Tech Reel

      Tech Reel

      Lol sounds good

  8. In your avatar, it looks like Rarity is about to tickle someone

    1. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      She can tickle me any day ;)

  9. Back in college, My AutoCad teacher was a very strange man. Came into work in a hawaiian shirt, jeans, and work boots. he would teach the class for like 5 minutes, the walk out of the CAD room. You would end up finding him in the cafeteria stuffing his face. When teaching, he would vaguely explain how to do things and using the program became a challenge. He always passed us though, even though I barely did any of the assignments and walked out of class for the most part.
  10. Rarity in your sig is staring at me seductively o_o

    1. PonyBoy15


      That lip bite though, she wants it

    2. Champion RD92
  11. Can anyone let me know when the official RP thread is up, I don't want to miss out on it
  12. yeah now that I look at it, it does lol shes has a happy expression on like this ^^ so her eyes are closed. I dont think i added a mouth yet haha thanks for reminding me