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  1. I never update my status on here...maybe I should start???

  2. Literally all of my friends think I'm disgusting, but my favorite pizza of all time is pineapple and onions. It is soooo good
  3. My favorite colors change between orange, green, pink, purple, and yellow ochre. All time favorites though would have to be orange, green, and yellow ochre
  4. I agree, I'm sure Twilight, as a princess, has a decent amount of income, but Rarity owns three high end boutiques in high end locations (other than Ponyville). So I would think she has the most money; I also agree that Applejack has a decent amount, but the farm money is probably being split between all the Apples that are working the farm and is also probably being used to repair farm equipment and all I don't know that she gets to hold on to many of her profits. Meanwhile, fashion is usually made pretty cheap and sold really high, so yeah, Rarity.
  5. all the fucking time...I've been trying to clean up my mouth for professional reasons, but in my personally life I don't censor myself at all. And part of being from Jersey is swearing all the damn time
  6. Unfortunately this usually happens to me when something serious is going on, or it's super quiet in class...sometime when it gets super awkward that I'm's actually pretty awesome when you look back on it lol
  7. Happy birthday! I wish all the best to you. ^>^

  8. The last time I was sick was probably about a year ago...I don't really get sick that often. The last time I was REALLY sick though was a few years ago...I think it was 2013 ish...I had the flu and wanted to die. While I don't get sick very often, I do get nauseous almost everyday and don't really know why...meh
  9. I used to be a super light sleeper but ever since I started living with my boyfriend, I've become a pretty heavy sleeper. When I was living in a dorm or by myself, there was always silence, so if I heard anything I woke up, but now my boyfriend snores a lot so I'm used to sleeping with noise and now it takes a lot to wake me up. Pretty funny how our bodies change.
  10. Stardew Valley for sure. I play way more often than I probably should XD
  11. I like my steak made out of tofu But my boyfriend likes his as rare as possible
  12. Mind - Extroverted 36% / Introverted 64% Energy - Intuitive 82% / Observant 18% Nature - Thinking 20% / Feeling 80% Tactics - Judging 18% / Prospecting 82% Identity - Assertive 37% / Turbulent 63% Mediator (INFP-T) {No one can stop you from dreaming!} Famous Mediators include: JRR Tolkien, Johnny Depp, William Shakespear, Arwen, Frodo Baggins, Tom Hiddleston, Alicia Keys
  13. I usually go to bed anywhere between 12 and 3 am...been trying to get a better sleep schedule going, but what can I say, I'm a night owl
  14. I'm currently playing Stardew Valley while watching my boyfriend play GTAV
  15. I don't usually walk around completely nude because I'm cold ALL the time, but I do usually walk around in just a sports bra and undies or's super comfy :3