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  1. Update: My new waifu is Mio Akiyama from K-ON! I freakin love Mio, she's soo cutee <3 She's also a great bassist and a fantastic singer. Like oh my god, wayy better singer than anyone on MLP. Maybe except Twilight. Mio is very easily scared, like me, so thats another reason. She punches Ritsu when she messes with her. I punch my friend when he messes with me. She's also smart, which I envy. She also has a nice body(yes I'm young enough to say that). So thats why my #1 waifu went from Yang Xiao Long to Mio Akiyama.
  2. I have two best friends that I hang out with at least 5 days a week. Another really good friend of mine that has been my friend since our freshman year, now she is the biggest crush I've probably ever had. Three really close friends of mine that went to my middle school, one I still talk to because we go to the same high school, another I don't talk to much but I know how hes doing, and the last one I haven't seen/talked to in a year, probably aren't anytime soon(unfortunately ). Then theres this other friend I'm close to, but we don't talk much because hes part of a different crowd, but still the same guy I knew freshman year. I have like two or three more friends I'm quite close to that are older than me, then after all these people theres a bunch of friends I know but aren't really close to. Now for the internet, I suck at making friends on the internet to be honest, I don't know how :/
  3. To be happily in a relationship with this girl I really like(and marry her in the future), to have good grades, to have success in everything I do in life, to be somewhat wealthy, to be close to my family, and to be able to live my life happily until the end. That's what I really need to happen in my life.
  4. An old friend of mine left the forums a month ago and I didn't even realize

  5. Updated Yeah!!! Name: Whatever I go by nowadays Gender: Male Age: 16 Location: A Place(America) Likes: Pokemon(games only. Oh and Pokemon The Origins), Anime(kind of a newb), RWBY, Football(Soccer), Basketball, Punk and its sub-genres(mostly sub-genres), MLP, Super Smash Bros, Godzilla, and some other cool stuff I can't remember Dislikes: Indiana Pacers, Danny Granger, Boston Celtics, Rajon Rondo, Miami Heat bandwagons(it breaks my heart as a TRUE Miami fan), Manchester United, Robin Van Persie, Juan Mata, bugs, ghosties, annoying people, and other crap I can't remember Hobbies: Basketball, Soccer, Pokemon games, video games, drawing, and writing. Other Interests: Japanese Culture. Thats it Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. If that's really important
  6. Uhh, I came here to look for ideas, hahaha. First thing I can do is sell some video games(jesus christ). Unfortunately in 2014 everything cool just had to come. Freakin Godzilla movie, RWBY figures, conventions, cosplay materials that I will possibly need, and some other games/consoles. God, this year has too much stuff coming out
  7. Just gonna throw this out there, I listen to pop punk, post hardcore, and metalcore. So I'm not exactly sure thenlast two genres I mentioned really count as punk :/
  8. Has RWBY gotten better than at the beginning?

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    2. Panne


      how does roosterteeth exactly work? because RvB have freeking glorious animation and voice acting... is that funded by Microsoft though?

    3. Mio Akiyama

      Mio Akiyama

      Well I think RvB had more money to work with and all that good stuff(I don't think RvB was funded by Microsoft). As for the voice acting, I guess the RWBY voice actors ajust meed some practice, since I think this is like their first project. I didn't really watch RvB but I know its like a Halo thing or something so its possible that they literally recorded whatever they did in Halo(I doubt it though).

    4. Panne


      RvB actually is tied into the official Halo storyline, kind of, it mentions a rebel that happens in the actual game. It starts out as a bunch of idiots in a canyon trying to shoot each other but by season 1 they have a government conspiracy on their hands and by season 3 a giant time paradox happens. Also RvB didn't actually get any custom animations until season 8 I believe, which happened in 2010, until then it was literally like you said guys talking over xbox live filming this.

  9. I saw that getting punched in the boob thing or whatever it was. Was it weird? Yeah. But. I honestly think the guy who started these posts is like bored out of his mind and treated the mlp forums as yahoo answers. Seriously, there are some weird stuff on yahoo answers
  10. Wayy too easy. I can't even express how easy it is. I can go to youtube right now, go to a pony video, and be all like "poniez r gay, lulz" and cause a massive shitstorm. If theres one negative thing I absolutely agree with, it's that bronies are extremely butthurt.
  11. Furrealz? Well, I wasn't on the forums last march, I think
  12. Pretty sure there are more fans of derpy than there are of a good number of the mane 6. Just saying
  13. What i don't get is how derpy and celestia are thought of as underdogs. Theres absolutely no way derpy and celestia are underdogs silly forumers
  14. Hogwarts? Nahhh son, Beacon Academy

    1. Demonic Soulz

      Demonic Soulz

      *Is already in Beacon*