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  1. Imagine how much more popular and successful MLP would be with a competent company.
  2. Every cartoon on YouTube now is just dark parodies of cartoons you watched growing up. "Dude, I took this kids' cartoon and put violence, swearing and sex in it! I'm so original and subversive!". Taking something for kids and putting violence, swearing and sex in it was played out when Robot Chicken did it back in 2005.
  3. I have absolutely no faith in G5 being as good as G4, or even good at all. Everything, from causing Faust to leave her own show, to taking down fan projects like Button Mash and Fighting is Magic, to seasons 6-9 of G4, to how mediocre the movie was, to Pony Life, tells me that the show succeeded in SPITE of Hasbro, not because of them, and Hasbro has no idea why people liked MLP: FiM in the first place. G5 won't be good unless they get a great team to work on it like they did for G4, and I just don't see that happening.
  4. Hasbro took down, an alternative to yayponies. They took down a site where people can watch the show, thus gaining new fans, instead of having to watch it on Discovery Family, a channel that isn't included in a lot of cable packages. Why does Hasbro continually shoot themselves in the foot?
  5. Disney dropped a trailer for their upcoming movie, Raya and the Last Dragon. Coming March 2021.
  6. How much did Starlight's magic blast in A Matter of Principals affect Discord? I know Dubuc said in a Tweet that it didn't affect him, but Discord was only able to get his physical form back after Starlight zapped him with her magic, meaning it must have had some effect on him.
  7. FINALLY, we get a release date for Pony Life on Discovery Family.
  8. Do you think G5 could be a YouTube Premium show? For those who don't know, YouTube Premium is basically YouTube's attempt to compete with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. I think YouTube would be a good fit for G5. YouTube has billions of users, meaning lots of potential viewers. And MLP is a family-friendly cartoon, so there's no need to worry about getting strikes for "non advertiser-friendly content".
  9. Anyone playing the new Crash game? I am, and I love it. It's easily the best game of the post Naughty Dog era.
  10. Found this interesting Reddit thread: If enough people send videos, we just might get Nintendo to do something about Joycon drift.
  11. Goddammit, Nintendo.
  12. How do you feel about achievement systems in games? Personally, I can take or leave them. They don't add or subtract from my enjoyment of a game.
  13. The last thing Smash needs is more Fire Emblem characters, echo or not. Like it or not, Steve from Minecraft is as popular as Mario to an entire generation of gamers.
  14. So much bitching online about the choice. Steve's only the main character of the most popular game of this generation. Him being in Smash makes sense.
  15. Why doesn't PBS make a PBS Kids streaming service with all the PBS Kids cartoons? I'd love to have access to every episode of Arthur.