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  1. Five years of build up to her main character to what amounted to RD constantly getting humiliated and bullied by her heroes to the very end, only for the episode to justify their hazing, comes across as the writers making an episode for people who hated the character while punishing and mocking her fanbase for expecting something meaningful and worthwhile and wasting five years of their lives being invested, especially since abandoned it almost completely afterwards after the episode. And now knowing how the episode was originally set up, I hate it even more I said a while back that the writers hated their audience if they weren’t invested in their own interests, ideas or precious darlings, and when I said that I was really hoping I was just venting. 3 seasons later of them seemingly not learning their lessons and making the same bullshit, and a bunch of leaks later showing how most of RD’s episodes were originally set up I’m actually more inclined to believe it Sorry for being aggressive and coming off as hyperbolic, but I refuse to believe they made the episode out of good will
  2. It was really obvious they were only paired up with Starlight to desperately get people to like her so much by getting her attached to returning popular characters, much more so with Maud
  3. It's really more from how her redemption was handled than anything else with her laughably bad backstory, but it also came out in a period where people were starting to get really sick of villain reformations, especially since most of them were really bad and I think Starlight was really the worst of it. Of course the show never learned its lesson, if the entire bloody changeling race, Garble, Ahuizotl and Caballeron were any indication
  4. image0.jpg?width=420&height=560

    Managed to get this. Really happy since I can see this getting really hard to get in the future

    1. Muffinnz


      Why would it be harder? MLP will still exist for many more years

    2. Megas


      Lots of comics stores currently aren't open and are very low on stock due to companies not shipping/not being able to ship

    3. Muffinnz


      Oh, I thought you meant forever

  5. Hate: Season 9 - Sparkle’s Seven is really good Love: Sparkle’s Seven - The Zephyr parts can get creepy
  6. Maud Pie and fuck me running this is gonna be a really dull quarantine
  7. I've admitted to liking Ever After High a while ago. Not enough to buy the toys, but enough to watch the show. And I'm legit sad they never bothered to continue with it
  8. I need to get around to watching Wrestlemania. Two of the matches I was most worried for are supposedly amazing

  9. TMNT3 - Mutant Nightmare for the Gamecube is worth playing just for the ability to play Turtles in Time.

    If you're willing to subject yourself to 2 hours of the most mediocre beat-em-ups, it's worth it just to play one of the best beat-em-ups ever


  10. Wondering why Disney+ doesn't have any Simpsons characters for profile icons given that was one of its biggest selling points

    1. Sparklefan1234




       Uhh...No reason. :ooh: *Whistles "When You Wish Upon a Star"* 

  11. Twilight is still better, but that’s cheating, so Celestia is still better
  12. A weird one. I ragequit halfway into season 9 getting so mad at it, and never finished it, never finishing the show and I don’t intend on ever finishing it. Hadn’t even watched a good portion of S8. Reading the 4chan leaks last year more or less gotten me to disregard the second half of the show almost entirely, save for some exceptions like the first half of S7, the movies, and specials like Best Gift Ever and Rainbow Roadtrip(which I consider the finale). Similarly I saw most of EQG, save for Sunset’s Backstage Pass, as I was let down by the last two specials, so much that I didn’t want to watch it. But I did watch Holidays Unwrapped which I really enjoyed. So yeah, I was burned pretty bad by both so I guess with me hating it I could qualify as a “not as much as I used to be” fan, though I probably lean towards EQG given I still gave it’s non-ending a chance Now the part that gets weird is that it was after all that where I started buying more Pony merch, even openly. Buying more figures, the EQG Minis, even some of the comics. Been enjoying the comics more and the recent Stop-motion shorts have been a real treat. I kinda hate myself for actually getting invested in merch after everything was all done, including me swearing off the show :p