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  1. I still need to watch more Beast Morphers, but I liked what little I watched. As for the rest, Samurai and Megaforce were honestly terrible, Dino Charge was great save for the ending, and Ninja Steel is probably the most average Power Rangers show(though a godsend compared to the beginning of the Neo-Saban era)
  2. Pony Life is a lot better than S9 Ehhhh, that's not her redemption arc, that's just the end of the first movie. Rainbow Rocks was literally an entire movie dedicated to giving her a redemption arc
  3. Never happened to me. And I used to drink this stuff regularly. Even now when I significantly cut off soda, the drinking one for the first time in months and it didn't happened Even if it did because I wouldn't have cared because Dr Pepper is good for your soul
  4. Pretty sure that's one of the movie's most popular songs, likely just behind "Welcome to the Show"
  5. :mlp_gag:"Friendship? I don't need to get all hopped up on dope!"

    1. Sparklefan1234


      In which, Hank Hill becomes the inspiration for Queen Chrysalis. :P

  6. Been focusing a lot on collecting the WfC/Studio Series transformers figures lately, honestly one of the best Transformers toylines in recent memory. Managed to get Earthrise Sunstreaker and Elita-1, Siege Soundwave and Springer, Kingdom Cyclonus and SS 86 Hot Rod And MP Arcee for good measure
  7. Really not liking the direction IDW has been taking the comics with S10. I know the main series has been on a downward spiral for the longest time, but a lot of the things they've been doing right now is something else.

    If it weren't for the Transformers crossovers I'd have dropped the comics already

  8. It's raining outside


  9. large.png

    1. Woohoo


      All I see are open clear skies. :dry:

  10. My two cents 1) Most people are pretty well aware of the fact that the NCC writer wrote it, in fact a lot of skeptical fans were blasting that fact out loud lol 2) Director is pretty much the same position as Jim Miller in the main show. How much say she has in the story is up for debate(Jim Miller had more say than he let on). That said the special was still produced and story-edited by Nicole Dubuc. As far as Pony Life goes, directing has been credited with at least her and 2 other people. Writers mainly consist mainly of EQG Writers and a couple of newbies, with most episodes(from
  11. They decided very late they wanted specials. That's really all there was to it
  12. I just hope the Lambros are in this one too along with Sunset and Hot Rod
  13. [resize output image] "Dash?! Where the heck are you? Dash!"

    [resize output image] "Rainbow Dash isn't coming, she's rolling on the ground eating bark and Applejack's saying 'dang it' a lot"

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Instead of ponies all I hear nowadays are the Rainey Street Players. 

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