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    Dancing (mostly when alone :D), listening to music, drawing (especially MLP), baking, the mlp forums, watching mlp fim, LOVE being with friends,talking about mlp, MLP in general, LOVE eating anything that is sweet,physics (I'm trying to become better), acting, wikiHow, writing, singing (again, mostly when no one is around, but once I'm nearly forced to sing and start singing, I love it!), reading, video games... and too much more to say!

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    Emerald Shine
  1. Emerald Shine

    Have you ever seen the user above you on this site?

    Never seen this user before, but I have now (?)
  2. Emerald Shine

    Make an excuse to not attend the above avatar's party

    I apologize for not being able to attend your most magnificent party. I was very busy shopping...buying you some new shades (sunglasses)! (The horror, the horror!)
  3. Thanks to everyone who contributed!
  4. Emerald Shine

    Twilight's got a weird sense of humor

    I wouldn't really compare her to Sheldon, since many times Sheldon appreciates other people's jokes and comments. His jokes are mainly well thought. I think Twilight should appreciate and tolerate other pony's remarks as well. In my opinion, she needs to have an episode only with Pinkie Pie, so she can learn to deal with her element: Laughter (essential to the Elements of Harmony).
  5. Emerald Shine

    Guess what gender the user above you is.

    I say it is a she! Female according to me!
  6. Emerald Shine

    Rarity as Princess

    I don't understand why people hate her, really. Maybe there just need to be more episodes for her so that other people see how she truly is?
  7. Emerald Shine

    Apple or Android?

    Hm...I don't know...I think I'm wi- NOPE! Just kidding! I'm definitely android, no doubts!
  8. Emerald Shine

    General What did you dream about last night?

    Wow! That's really cool! I had a dream the day before yesterday that I was with 5 friends and we were all preparing well because each one of us were going to be one of the mane six. It was awesome, but it didn't feel like I was with the mane six (even though they looked like them). It was cool though. I was with 'Rarity' in her boutique and I was baking (me being Pinkie Pie). i have tried lucid dreaming SO many times, yet I never can. Someday.
  9. Emerald Shine

    I Have Returned

    I know!!! I saw so many videos of pet foxes and it breaks me that I can't have one!
  10. Emerald Shine

    I Have Returned

    Oh my goodness I love your signature!!!!!!! It's too much for me to take.
  11. Emerald Shine


    Hello! Welcome here! I remember when I joined 2 or 3 years ago! I think I totally forgot to introduce myself . I'm glad you found your way over here! I hope you stay with us! . Bye!
  12. Emerald Shine

    Movies/TV Your favorite TV/movie marathon

    I really love watching Doctor Who! I caught up so fast because I watched so many of them almost all night. When instead, I was supposed to be sleeping due to school But I think it was totally worth it! Strangely though, I rather have time to watch MLP (maybe 1 or 2 episodes a day? ) rather than binge watching them...interesting...
  13. Emerald Shine

    Random Pony Store Drawing o~o

    Wow, it is really cool to see how well you drew this. I agree, this is so very detailed and amazing in my opinion. Oh, how I wish I could draw like that! You have inspired me! I will do some drawing myself!
  14. Emerald Shine

    Magic circle.

    that's awesome!great job on it! it's really nice!
  15. Emerald Shine

    What is the latest pony related merchandise you bought?

    wow! I remember posting something on this thread more than five months ago and I am now reading other people's posts and I'm thinking: Wow! This thread is active till today!!! Congratulations to everypony! Oh and last time I bought any mlp merchandise was like 2 years ago, sadly... since then, I've been looking in stores at all the merchandise and buying them in my dreams :'(