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    MLP, internet, movies, rock music (and music in general), playing guitar, cartoons, videogames, history, meteorology, various sciences, etc... For other interests, just ask me.

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  1. Acons

    Health How often do you have a cold?

    I would say I have a cold between once and twice a year. What I dislike the most about this is the nuisance when I swallow...
  2. Acons

    General What is snow like where you live?

    I've never seen actual snow where I live, exactly. Some years ago it almost did, but finally it didn't.
  3. Acons

    General Have you ever been in a fight?

    I don't remember being in a fight or punching someone, nonetheless. There was some bullying in a couple of the class I was, but most of the fights were occasional and outside of the middle school, and they were usually between "canis". I just tried to ignore them.
  4. Acons

    An observation

    I already heard about this somewhere. I like the idea!
  5. I was joking, I know it isn't real. But that dismembered unicorn plush is a bit... xD
  6. I've never had most Indian food, and I also never tried escargot. Where I live is pretty typical, specially in fests, like this (photo is not mine): Is... that... real??
  7. Acons

    Equestrian Language Project

    I find interesting the creation of a fan conlang with MLP universe. I thought I was the only nerd who like this idea! (Despite that, I would still say, after all, that Ponish is English)
  8. Acons

    Can you whistle?

    I can, somewhat. If you want I could record myself whistling during some seconds and upload it here...
  9. Acons

    Food What's your favorite soda flavor?

    I like Coke, Fanta and Mountain Dew, and also some of their white-labeled versions. I like Dr. Pepper too, but it isn't sold where I live and here it can only be bought in import stores (with expensive prices). I've never tried Root Beer, by the way.
  10. Acons

    Food Do you like cheese?

    I love most varieties of cheese, even strong-flavored blue cheese like Gorgonzola, Roquefort or Cabrales. And of course Gouda, Cheddar, Edam, Parmesan, etc...
  11. Acons

    What's Your Learning Technique?

    When I have to study theory at home, I usually highlight the most important concepts in a lesson, and then I copy the highlighted content by writing. Some people make notes using this method, but I write in rough and repeat this any times I need until I learn it. I never liked studying by just reading the lessons.
  12. Acons

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    She doesn't even believe her own words xD
  13. I don't remember the exact day when I became a brony, but I think it was in Spring of 2013 (April, I think). But I knew of MLP long time ago, maybe in 2011 (but then MLP didn't caught my attention). I used to see some MLP-related things while searching and looking things (I don't even remember what) in Deviantart, some wikias, forums, etc... But it was in Early 2013, when lurking some forums, MLP and its fandom started to caughting my attention. I started watching episodes and the fandom, I loved them and from then to now... Here I am Have a Happy Anniversary, MLP:FiM!
  14. Acons

    Ico el Caballito Valiente vs FiM

    I knew of this movie by other brony who showed me this. Visually it has some resemblance with FiM, but I don't this last one took inspiration...