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  1. Hi, Coru! So you finally decided to make a presentation here. That's nice. Well, welcome to the forum and have fun!
  2. The one I use the most is Chrome, occasionally others.
  3. In the second picture, Trixie's not flying, she's just reducing the effect of the gravity by using self-levitation (and I think she does that because Starlight taught her). Twilight Velvet also uses self-levitation in "Once Upon a Zeppelin". I don't think every unicorn is able to self-levitate (I'd say most of them are limited to telekinesis, light emission and a couple more of spells, mostly related to their special talents), but it would be interesting to explore how unicorn magic works, how this vary and what's the potential in each individual, like what kind of spells can each unicorn perform or something. Does somepony here have any ideas about this?
  4. I think I've never seen a roach. But here flies are everywhere. And I also dislike wasps, and I see many when I go to the swimming pools.
  5. She's not that bad (I repeat, that bad) at magic, since she has now Starlight as teacher No, I have no idea...
  6. My answer is, obviously, no. If you enjoy and feel happy with something, it's never a waste of time
  7. I'm not Romanian, but she's extremely cute. Great job!
  8. I was afraid at first, but when I started telling people about being a brony, I've never received a bad reaction. Ok, until now I just could make a person watch MLP, but the reactions were mostly neutral (some didn't know about MLP) and some positive.
  9. There are nice people there, but also a lot of stupid people doing stupid questions. But I'm not going to lie, some of them are pretty funny. Anyways, I'd select what and who ask something.
  10. They are not birds, they're mammals with bird wings. And if they can have offspring with other ponies, I see that theory as something somewhat absurd. Now, that RD pic is very cute.
  11. This is a form of magic, it is just a more subtle form. Anyways, I agree with the rest of your post. Is it possible that could still exist cultural differences between places in Equestria which have more population of a race (Pegasi in Cloudsdale, for example)?
  12. Only wear them sometimes, usually for watching TV, PC or reading
  13. I've never met classmates who were bronies in the strict sense of the word, but I've met some who knew about the fandom and the show. I've also met a couple of people who had watched the show.