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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. 485104 *boop* Headache? Really quite well thank you! This year's been pretty damn awesome And such was my last post here, 4 years ago. I used to love counting along with you all, doubt many of you will recognise me but just wanted to preemptively congratulate you all on reaching 500K. You can have my cheers when you finally reach it! I didn't believe it would ever happen, and honestly I believe it isn't too far away (in the great scheme of things) Thanks to people like you forums like this continue to stand very strong, and that's important to me as this place was very important in my personal development. Now I'm an adult, and I've long since moved on from an internet presence in the classical sense, but I am very happy to visit here occasionally and see how it is developing. This stands out to me as one of the best online forum communities out there, so again thank you for all that you do~
  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Merry Birthiversary!

  5. Huh. I started reading through this thread and stumbled upon someone quoting the title post. I then noticed it was from me. And then, well... "WAIT WHAT I CREATED THIS THREAD??!" Much love for everyone posting here <3 I've read everyone's comments
  6. Hey everyone. I figure this is for the best. Just letting everyone know I'm leaving the forums. It's just because I'm not interested in the show anymore, that's all. If anyone needs to contact me, I'm sure I'll still pop in to check my mailbox for a little bit. Thank you to everypony who I've had the pleasure to meet here. This is such a wonderful community and I'm really glad I spend a year here learning from all of you. Thank you, and goodbye :3

  7. Love that smile

  8. Everybody's looking good as always Got new hair for the summer
  9. Nice new antenna you've got there in your head Jonas
  10. Wait, WHAT? Today is my 1 year forumiversary?! Yay, I suppose! xD

  11. @@iceestarz - Woah, that's your house?! Geez, are you both midgets or is your house really that big? *so jealous* Nice picture btw Anyway, found this on my phone.
  12. Woah, what happened to the laughing emoticon? :'(

    1. Grepper


      That's weird. I wonder if they mean to replace it with another one.

    2. Deano


      Hmm :/

      It's super awkward when I type :lol: and nothing happens -_-

  13. Nope! I keep it very messy, and I like it that way My hair is naturally very curly, so it's not like I can help it
  14. Ta daa~! It's been a while. New hoodie = new pictures.