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  1. Although I truly don't mind the heat, we can get some really hot summers in California...the only reason I would consider this bad is how that results in the constant state of drought we're in, as well as the forrest fires.
  2. Luna, always. She just seems like such a lovely cuddler. I'd be afraid to cuddle Chrissy simply due to all the holes in her hooves...wouldn't want to accidentally stick one of my hooves in there...
  3. "Cute" and "pretty" aside, Rainbow Dash is certainly, by definition, the hottest. She's sporty, cool, and confident. That's hot, in my opinion.
  4. I think that one of the whole points of the finale was kinda the fact that this would be the last time that the Mane 6 would have to defeat them specifically. That whole arc, in my mind, seems through. If there's any more conflict in Equestria, it won't be by them.
  5. It's jort season, bucko!
  6. I truly don't buy any of that kinda stuff...any fears I've had in the past of this category have been overcome simply by the mantra in my head "It's not real." However, I am way too paranoid of a person to not believe in it to the point that I'd carelessly go messing about with it. I stay away from them while keeping in mind that it's only real if we make it real.
  7. Lunar Glow

    Lightning Dust Fan Club

    Despite her being presented as a villain, I've always had an affinity for her since the beginning. I think it's because she wasn't designed to be "evil" without good cause. I've seen real people go through what she did; people that felt like they weren't enough, so they ended up becoming somewhat mean, defensive, and overly competitive to compensate for it. It's hard for everyone to find the right balance. Long story short, I love this horse
  8. The first to come to mind for me is certainly Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. It's always such a serotonin booster. Cute graphics and overall soft gentleness to it that I love. Additionally, The Sims Freeplay. It in no way competes with the real game, but for a free app, I can still spend several enjoyable hours on it. WorldCraft 3D (a good Minecraft knockoff for free)
  9. Why, Sunset Shimmer, of course!
  10. I think that Discord's intentions are mostly okay/good...but in the end, I don't think that he truly cares enough to put effort into trying to teach valuable lessons. It all just happens by accident. He may be reformed, but he's still no help, really. He may not be actively evil anymore, but that doesn't automatically make him a good person. You'll see that he's still immature and still has a lot to learn. So yes, I'm mostly with the latter.
  11. Cuddles. The most intense and lovely of the breed. She is but a touch-starved mare. Put the cuddles in the bag.
  12. I would have never assumed that a TV-Y show could make me feel as disturbed as the Mean 6 melting scene...I wouldn't want my kids seeing that at a young age. That was a cruel way to end things.
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