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      Thank you! <3

  2. There is a very obvious bias in the wording of your poll, as well as the question. I agree with the other users who have said that there's really no polar alignment with how you stand on the show, because there really can't be if we're on this website. We all still have a place for it. For me, the number of times that My Little Pony has saved my life and made me feel loved and safe will never be discounted even if Season 9 was even worse than it was, which seems nearly impossible. So the series hasn't been ruined for me, but I will say this: the entire series feels slightly less satisfying now knowing that it ends the way that it does. It hurts a little, but I'm not going to dismiss MLP out of my life because of it. I'm going to cherish what it gave me in the early years.
  3. I'm surprised that they were so quick to take it down, just for getting some thumbs down...they have to be prepared for criticism in their line of work, and I don't think they handled it very well. That being said, I wouldn't mind Pony Life at all, seeing as I still feel unsatisfied after Season 9 and how they chose to wrap up the entire series...I'm desperate for content that settles!
  4. Oh, certainly. I'd be surprised if Hasbro wasn't a l l o v e r i t. They love weddings and nice stuff like that. Sugar Belle and Big Mac are excellent background characters that deserve another episode that delves deeper into their story, especially because this MLP generation is drawing to a close. Besides, there are a whole bunch of lessons about friendship to be learned at weddings...
  5. I completely agree with this, and I think it would be the most realistic yet interesting way for Twilight to go bad...she would just be destroyed by the awesomeness of her own power to the point where she would overwhelm herself and snap.
  6. I mean, when she handles things through singing and dancing, you get that kind of look... But thank you for pointing that out! I never noticed before!
  7. One of my friend groups is called "The Daily Duke," because we all went to high school together and would have lunch on the daily with our advanced US history teacher "Mr.Duke" as a group. We just kept it going through to college!
  8. I think it's lazy, so I certainly agree that they're just trying to appeal to meme was obnoxious and not even entertaining in it's insanity.
  9. I'm not a fan; I think it's an illustration of Twilight Sparkle before her character developed. And after all that the show has been through in helping her character grow, it was just uninteresting and uninspired to sit though a human version of it. Sure, maybe it would've been cool to reflect on how much Twilight had grown, but they did't need to create a whole other human character for it... I give her 3 stars, just because she's still my lovely Twilight...
  10. While I will always defend my Twi, if I'm being honest I still don't truly consider Twi a yes, Luna certainly is the best one. She's very well-written, reserved yet likable, quirky yet elegant, and has a solid background to her. 10/10
  11. While I don't believe this is something that is going to happen, hypothetically if it were to happen, I believe that the animation would probably be remodeled into once much like the MLP Movie. The characters would probably be cheaper, and the movies/episodes would turn careless and just into material that could be churned out to make more money. That's just my two cents on the matter though