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    Besides "Friendship is Magic," I'm also a fan of "My Little Pony And Friends," aka: G1! Feel free to take to me about that one too! Besides ponies? Actually, I love all gens of MLP!

    Varied I guess. Love to do crafts (I could lose a couple fingers and still count the number of cards I've bought one hand.) Still an avid gamer, mostly retro, in fact I'm currently not even interested in a current gen console. My favorite genre is RPG but I expand quite a bit from there. The last thing about games I'll note is that I prefer both my shooter and my racers Arcady; not realistic (think Halo and Burnout as opposed to Ghost Recon or Gran Turismo). I'm a huge cat lover and try to spend time with ours daily. My wife and I each had two when we got together, so there are four of them running around the house.

    Feel free to add me here or contact me with questions, concerns, or comments.

    I'll try to explain this the best I can in text

    Part One: JL
    This is my first name; Jill. More years ago than I care to admit, a young girl realized that her initials: J.L. phonetically pronounce her name: Jill.

    Part Two: mle
    This is my middle name, Emily. It's a bit harder to explain but I'll try. Basically it is each letter pronounced separately m (Em) l (el) e (ee)or, Emily

    Part Three: Capitalization. The J and the L are capitalized while the m, l, and e are not. This is to separate the two names, and (in my opinion) looks awesome in cursive.

    Part Four: Pronunciation: I accept a few differnt ones. I use Jill Mlee for the two syllables; though some people seem to have difficulty with the abnormal "ML" consonant blend; so Jilm (think film) lee is also good... Finally,if you need 3 syllables, that's cool too, something like Jill Ma Lee

    Part Five: Additional information. I always mention the JLmle in the third person, your are free to do so as well, or not.

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