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  1. Surprisingly good episode, aside from Applejack's ghost (it was annoying after a while), and being a bit predictable... I thought it was going to be boring because of the grannies, but it was actually very funny thanks to Rainbow Dash!
  2. I thought it was okay, but there was a little time problem. The episode insisted too much on Fluttershy's different roles as a salespony (there were 2 or 3 scenes that were almost identical...), and not enough on how the problem was solved. All Rarity had to do was to fire the 3 fake Fluttershy, and that's it, normal Fluttershy was back. Also, this episode was too similar to Putting Your Hoof Down.
  3. Much better than I expected. I thought Pinkie Pie was going to be annoying as usual, but fortunately her sisters quickly helped her understand the situation. I liked that Mud Briar added some character development to Maud Pie, as I was getting tired she was just featured as "Pinkie Pie's sister". I hope they won't make any more episodes with just Pinkie and Maud from now on. Just one thing that disappointed me, is that Pinkie Pie still hasn't realized she was idealizing her sister. I thought seeing Mud Briar would have helped her understand that, since he's basically the same as Maud, but nope.
  4. Great season premiere! I really didn't expect the movie continuity. In general, for series, there is no continuity between the actual series and movies (when they make some), which actually annoys me most of the time... Another thing that always amazes me with this show is how they easily add many new characters in a single episode, and here these new characters aren't even ponies anymore. It was very refreshing to see new "creatures". And finally, I really liked Ocellus, she was a nice addition to this episode.
  5. Mmmh, at first there were 2 things I found odd : - Star Swirl actually making an appearance, I was 100% sure he was dead. - The 5 other Pillars felt a bit random at first, but ok why not... That aside, loved this season finale. Can't wait to see Twilight and Star Swirl's relation being developped in season 8. I bet there's going to be a "Twilight helps Star Swirl finding a new home" episode.
  6. Good episode overall, I was very surprised at Starlight's spell, she can do almost anything with magic! I didn't really expect that last scene (the "improved" Dragon Pit), it didn't feel like it was actually concluding the episode, I thought Starlight was going to move on from this game or something.
  7. Didn't like this one. It was funny to see Rainbow Dash trying to fool Pinkie Pie one time, two times.....but the WHOLE episode? Heck no. It got annoying and repetitive to watch very quickly, and neither Rainbow Dash nor Pinkie Pie did anything to stop it. It would have been much better if the episode only lasted 10 minutes, because the original idea can't fit a 20 minutes episodes... And wow, Pinkie Pie was really scary at the end Only thing I actually liked was the pie made out of concrete xD
  8. Amazing episode, and very funny too (thanks to Iron Will and Twilight's parents). One of my favorites off this season. It's rare to see Twilight that mad, I liked the ending and how the cruisers were understanding the situation.
  9. Really didn't feel it at first, but it was actually a very enjoyable. And to date, is it the only episode about the fact a cutie mark could oblige somepony to do the same thing for the rest of their live? Because it's a pretty important thing in MLP, and this episode proved it wasn't true. On a side note, Rumble's voice reaaaaaaaaally changed from Hurricane Fluttershy.
  10. They were in such desperate situation it felt like a season finale lol. I liked this episode, but I found Fluttershy quite different from usual (she was very hasty). Also I loved that line: "Anypony living in a tree is OK by me."
  11. I found this episode a bit weird: like how Pinkie Pie was suddenly forgotten in the middle of the ep, Twilight and Starlight shouting lasers at Rarity... And Rarity's new style was nice, but I wonder why she didn't think about it in the first place. I guess she was too devastated... And finally Zecora is back!
  12. Good episode, I liked the story about Somnanbula. There's just one thing that felt very weird, it's how Pinkie Pie wasn't too stressed when Rainbow Dash was about to take a bath of acid: Also, I know it's a show for kids, but it was way too obvious the veiled pony was Caballeron.
  13. Great episode overall, and the more Starlight & Trixie, the better. Some people didn't like the lack of ponies in this episode, but I think it shows how diverse the series can be now.
  14. While I didn't really like this episode, I did like the original landscapes and musics it had: But yeah, that aside, it was quite boring... Also, apparently Sweetie Belle knows a shield spell
  15. Really didn't like the first part of this episode. I didn't understand why Spike didn't want Ember and Thorax to meet. My reaction was the same as them : -"I accidentally invited you both at the same day." -"SO WHAT??" The friendship problem was also very predictable, and I just didn't like when everyone lies/hides something... Fortunately the second part saved the episode, Thorax and Ember's new friendship is very interesting.