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  1. Bas

    Is your pic and sig from Demon King someone?

  2. Hi Dia

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      Dark Horse

      Is that... :o

      Naw. Couldn't be..

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      Wait..........he lives?

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      Why am I following this guy? 

  3. Jeric

    Miss you Dawny! 

    Happy birthday to my favorite Aussie Doc. 



  4. Birfday wishiz - i givz dem to yu.  *huggz*

  5. happy birthday =) 

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  7. King

    Rate song, then post another!

    s'alright, not really in the correct mood for that though. 7/0
  8. King

    On Community Engagement

    A couple years back we used to have a weekly stream hosted by a staff member called Marco. Usually a bunch of staff would join a call, play games, make art and generally have a good time while allowing the community to hang with us. Honestly that's one of my favourite memories. Id love to see something like that return but we don't really have anyone who would be up to streaming regularly. Still, even if we can't bring back the stream it would be nice to bring back some of the old events that never really made an appearance over the last year or two.
  9. King

    Rate song, then post another!

    Ooo this is much more my style. 9/10 Have something French
  10. King

    For Good - My Wife's Death

    Im not great with things like this, but I'll try my best to put my thoughts into words. I can't pretend to have been close to your wife but from what I knew of her she was an amazing woman. You were lucky to have her and the world is a lesser place without her presence. I wish you and your family all the best in the years to come, though I know you guys will do wonderfully. Your kids have an awesome father who will no doubt raise them to be positive influences on the world around them. They'll make both you and your wife proud. All my love to you and your family Jeric. Im not nearby but if there is every anything I can do, simply ask. One day I would love to meet you face to face, finally go on that camping trip we talked about.
  11. King

    Welcome to MLP Forums 2.0

    Sweet new upgrades. Time to break it
  12. King

    Rate song, then post another!

    Not bad , not bad 8/10
  13. King

    Nintendo Switch - Meh

    So I don't actually own a Switch yet but I have played around with my friends and he and I share the following opinion. I felt it somewhat necessary to say this given that most reviewers seem to really be praising Nintendo for the Switch. Firstly, the launch game selection for the Switch is simply too small. There really is no reason for me to get the Switch when a Wii U can play the new Zelda game. Most of the other titles are either shovelware or simply not enough to hold the system up on their own. Snipperclips ( I think thats the name) is a relatively good game but, again, not enough to hold the system up. Secondly, some of the design decisions are really kind of poor. Im going to butcher the terminology here but stay with me. The first issue here is the poorly thought on joycon + grip thing physical connectivity. If you insert the joycon the wrong way into the grip thing, it gets REALLY stuck. It takes a lot of effort to take it out and could potentially damage the joycon. That's simply unacceptable, especially when its so easy to do. Second issue is the fact that the controller grip you get with the system does not come with a usb port to allow you to charge your joycons while playing. You have to buy a whole different controller for this function...again, really dumb decision given how much the system is. The UI is terrible. Im sorry but given how good the past Nintendo systems UIs were, the Switch is a huge step back. Its so very very bland and boring. Its like they didn't even go through any effort to make it interesting. It may seem like a small issue but it's really kind of sad given what they've done in the past. Friend codes and friends list limit...neither of these are good. Friend codes are dumb and nobody wants them. A 300 person limit on your friends list is ALSO dumb considering we're in an age where networking is so huge. All in all, the system really isn't worth it for me. There's not enough there for me to warrant a purchase until maybe Christmas this year, if not later.
  14. King

    Rate song, then post another!

    Christ this sounds like its from the 80s, I kinda love it. 9/10 Have this again since Im obsessed atm.