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  1. You

    Is your pic and sig from Demon King someone?

  2. Hi Dia

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    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Is that... :o

      Naw. Couldn't be..

    3. Buzz


      Wait..........he lives?

    4. Vaddix


      Why am I following this guy? 

  3. Jeric

    Miss you Dawny! 

    Happy birthday to my favorite Aussie Doc. 



  4. Birfday wishiz - i givz dem to yu.  *huggz*

  5. happy birthday =) 

  6. Merry Birthiversary! 

  7. "Last Visited: 28 Minutes Ago"

    Ahem. ;)

  8. It says you last visited the 9th? Hope to see you around more. ^^

  9. Jokuc

    What happened to you? :c

  10. More like Satan's Cutie, am I right?

  11. s'alright, not really in the correct mood for that though. 7/0
  12. A couple years back we used to have a weekly stream hosted by a staff member called Marco. Usually a bunch of staff would join a call, play games, make art and generally have a good time while allowing the community to hang with us. Honestly that's one of my favourite memories. Id love to see something like that return but we don't really have anyone who would be up to streaming regularly. Still, even if we can't bring back the stream it would be nice to bring back some of the old events that never really made an appearance over the last year or two.
  13. Jeric


    1. King


      Yes, you know my love for Halo <3

  14. Ooo this is much more my style. 9/10 Have something French