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  1. I do not support the use of marijuana unless it is used in a genuine medical situation in which the marijuana is truly the most effective option for the individual suffering from medical problems. A very common mindset today is that something is okay if it's not hurting anyone. I don't agree with that because I believe behaviors that people participate in that harm themselves should be taken seriously. Smoking weed for recreational purposes is harmful. It's by no means the worst drug out there, but that's not the point. The deeper problem at hand is the reliance on any kind of substance in order to produce a desired effect. No matter what particular substances and effects you substitute into that statement, the deeper problem remains. This covers anything from relying on several cups of coffee every morning to fully wake up, to not being able to make it through a few days without taking a hard drug. The human body has a tremendous range of adaptability, but this can be used in a detrimental way. If someone develops the habit of relying on any substance to produce any desired effect, whether that substance is anything from caffeine and sugar to hard drugs, the body will adapt to that. Any natural mechanism previously in place to operate with the relevant aspects of the mind or body will be sidelined in favor of the external substance, which is one part of the ensuing development of a reliance on that substance. I know I'm guilty of relying on caffeine in my day-to-day life. Most people rely on a substance of some kind. But ideally, we should never do this. I know this is difficult as this is an ideal I strive toward myself and struggle with all the time. Excessive caffeine consumption (which I am guilty of), use of marijuana (outside of medical applications), alcohol, tobacco, hard drugs -- all of these things harm the body and the mind on many levels, ranging from the specific harmful aspects of the substance(s) in question to the more basic system that people trap themselves in of relying on an external substance to produce a desired result. This system of reliance degrades the individual's own faculty to produce a desired result without relying on an external substance. This has a wide range of harmful effects, such as wasting time, producing anxiety when the substance is not available, and being a drain on financial resources. We don't need any kind of drug to be awake, or fall asleep, or feel happy, or feel calm. All of these things can only be found in their true, natural, and genuine forms if people refuse to participate in the drug culture that destroys countless lives and undermines civilization.
  2. No one should date unless they are ready for marriage, and they are dating with the intention of finding a potential husband or wife. That is what the true purpose of dating is supposed to be: figuring out whether or not someone is your soulmate and lifelong husband or wife. If two people are not compatible in this way then they discontinue dating and either remain friends or part ways entirely. If they are compatible in this way, then they progress to marriage over time when they are ready for that stage. Children and teenagers should not be dating, and neither should people who think it's some kind of game. Dating is not a game, it's not entertainment, and it should not be done casually. Modern and hedonistic corruption teaches people that casual dating and casual sex is okay, but this could not be further from the truth. "Casual dating" only comes in one of two forms: dating among children or teenagers in which they're too young to really understand what they're doing, and dating among teenagers or adults in which the goal is some sort of casual sexual "satisfaction." It's natural and understandable that older children and teenagers will often be interested in dating as this is a part of growing through adolescence into adulthood. However, this behavior should not be supported or encouraged. The vast majority of older children and teenagers do not have the emotional maturity or life experience needed for a healthy relationship, and in most cases attempting dating at that age will only lead to conflict and sadness. People absolutely can and do learn from such situations, but it's far better to avoid them in the first place and wait on dating until you're an adult. There are plenty of opportunities to forge lifelong, powerful friendships when you're a child or a teenager -- this is very important and valuable, and there's nothing wrong with focusing on that and waiting to worry about romance until you're older. In regard to the other form of casual dating, that which solely has sexual goals, that is very wrong. Sex outside of marriage is a sin for a reason. In countless cases, having sex for the sole purpose of "fun" and "enjoyment" leads to evil things such as abortion, or one parent abandoning the family and leaving the other to raise the child alone. It also increases the likelihood of people having children when they're not spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or financially ready for a child, which in turn increases the chances of the child having a negative childhood, whether from lack of ability and wisdom on the parents part or outright abuse from the parents. Sex is supposed to be between a married man and woman, as an expression of love. Not as a "game," or "entertainment," but as an intimate and special event that should only occur in marriage between a man and a woman who truly love each other and are in all ways ready and willing to have a child in the event that occurs. This modern, hedonistic, and inverted culture of casual dating that is perpetuated by those who seek to annihilate true values and culture only leads to worse things such as casual sex outside of marriage. This is why I do not support casual dating. In short, dating should not be done lightly or casually. Make acquaintances, forge deep friendships, get to know people you might potentially be interested in. But don't date until you're an adult and emotionally ready for it, and absolutely don't date casually. Dating should be reserved for those who want to find their lifelong husband or wife, and should never be done for any other reason. This is not a popular opinion, and there are many reasons why that is the case today, and those who understand the gravity of this matter must remain vigilant as we observe the corrupting vector of modern civilization.
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  6. Hi, welcome to the forums I hope you have a great time here.
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  10. It's very possible I'm doing it wrong since I haven't been here for awhile, but I got an error saying the name SCS was in use when I tried to change my display name back to that as it was my original username. Thanks in advance for the help
  11. Moral relativism tends to define people's perception of profanity these days, but I disagree. I also disagree that morality is relative. I used to use profanity a lot in the past, and I strongly regret it. It's not a good or constructive way to express yourself. At best, it's bland and empty, just riding the profanity bandwagon. At worst it's hateful, hurtful and disgusting. Words considered profanity came to be considered as such for a reason. Whether they are scatalogical, sexually-oriented, crude, angry or hateful, they are just indecent, unnecessary, and uncreative. If you need profanity to emphasize your point, you're not writing or speaking creatively enough. Normalizing and furthermore promoting vulgar discourse comes out of the same corrupt ideologies that fuel things like much of modern "art," the same ideologies that try to sell the lies of moral relativism. I'm not offended by profanity because I've heard it all and then some, but profanity is something I will never again enjoy, support, or partake in.
  12. Philippians 4:8 KJV: "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

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