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  1. "Kept you waiting, huh?"

  2. 495,972 Almost 7 years in the making and we're almost half way to a million!
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  4. Hey, long time no see! Hope all is going well :)

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    Long time no see! Hope all is going well for you!

  6. I just read this post of yours, and I can't believe any of that needed to be said! Requests are art done for free, commissions are art dome for pay. Those are the definitions I learned from the Amino app.

  7. Hi! How's everyone doing?

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  8. I am a Christian, and I do believe that animals go to Heaven. From what I understand, the Bible does not directly address the issue of whether or not animals go to Heaven, so the answer is indeed a mystery but one I can speculate about. I believe that animals, as well as plants and pretty much any form of natural life (so not AI, or other man-made entities) have a soul of some kind. This soul is different from the human soul, because the Bible makes it clear that specifically humans were created in the image of God. However, that does not mean animals, plants and other life do not have a soul of some kind. It may be similar in some ways to our own, but with key differences. My intuition here lies within the grand orchestra and connection of life. People are able to form connections with animals, and vice versa. Studies have suggested that emotional statements and positive/negative spectrum of music can even affect the beauty and longevity of a plant (loving words / beautiful music resulting in the most beautiful and long-living plants, no or neutral words / no music as a control, and hateful words / aggressive music resulting in premature decay and death). This to me indicates that all natural life has an underlying soul that transcends biological, chemical and all physical processes to something deeper, incomprehensible, but the crux of life, the foundation of consciousness. Hypersaturated platforms of scientific reductionism attempt to argue that life is nothing more than the synchronized result of random-good interactions of key foundational elements, while I would argue that the reason why these foundational elements interact at all is due to an underlying blueprint, a blueprint from the soul. The soul fills in the missing gaps of why that science perpetually fails to answer with any iota of satisfaction. Souls created by God. Reasoning as such, I believe that it is very possible that God has a plan for all souls. While humanity are the only partakers in God's plan for Salvation through Jesus Christ, that does not necessarily mean that God does not have a plan for other "types" of souls. For example, I believe that angels who have remained loyal to Him since the beginning of time will be in Heaven regardless of them not being partakers of the aforementioned plan for Salvation. The Bible may omit details about such other plans due to their lack of direct relevance and importance to human life, or perhaps such things could only be understood with a prerequisite level of knowledge of the deeper mechanics of soul, life and creation that are either impossible or inappropriate for humans to understand. Therefore, I personally do believe that precious animals have a place in Heaven. Especially as they essentially exist in a state of innocence where their nature and actions are influenced by the fall, but through the impact of their harsh environment on instinctual functions as opposed to sin carried out through conscious decision-making processes. Similarly, I believe that plants and all other natural life have a place in Heaven. The Bible does tell us that ultimately the old Earth and Heaven shall pass away and be replaced anew. What exactly this entails is in large part a mystery, but God promises us that He will dry the tears from everyone's eyes. That there will be no more sickness, pain, death and suffering. Therefore we must simply trust God. We must humble ourselves and accept that the answers to the big whys of the meaning of life and past/present/future of Creation are beyond our understanding. The exact nature of Heaven is beyond our understanding. We are not meant to understand everything. Instead of seeking the forever receding shore of endless knowledge, we should take comfort in trusting God to guide and show us only that which we should know, that which we are capable of knowing. With that humble realization comes great peace.
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  10. Happy birthday! :D Hope everything's doing well!

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      Thanks so much, DQ! And for your well-wishes last year as well. Everything has been going great for me, although I sadly have grown farther and farther away from this site. This is probably the longest I've gone before logging in again. I value all the people here I knew and my times here very much, and I always end up feeling the urge to check in again even if it's been a year or more since I did anything here.

      I hope everything is going well with you! :)

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