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  1. I gashed my finger something fierce when trying to open a bottle.

  2. Movies/TV

    So much of Steven Universe's story is driven by emotional baggage. It wouldn't surprise me if Pink Diamond and Rose had some sort of prior relationship -- perhaps one which was one-sided -- that prompted either Yellow or White Diamond to expedite her shattering. Really, we're bound to have the pieces fall into place if and when White Diamond is first mentioned/appears on-screen. I do hope Rose is the one responsible for shattering Pink Diamond: it would be a shame to amend the moral ambiguities of her character by having her framed.
  3. An interesting question, and one which I came across recently. The simplest distinction is that a religion begins with the presumption of the supernatural; ideologies, on the other hand, emerge from a secular, materialist premise. Religions may adopt ideological components (e.g., Christendom; Islamic Government) -- just as some ideologies become religious in the nontheistic sense (e.g., cults of personality; state worship). An ideology, however, won't typically invoke a deity (beyond an abstraction, anyway); instead, ideologies appeal to natural rights grounded in social norms and articulated by philosophy.
  4. *lurks on your profile* Hi.

  5. ... lurk, lurk, lurk... *leaves you an attraction flyer for the now defunct "Boardwalk & Baseball" amusement park* ... lurk, lurk, lurk...

  6. Due to the tremendous generosity of donors and our artists' input, the GoG is being extended throughout the summer! If you haven't already checked out the gallery, I encourage you to do so. Check it out here: Keep an eye out for special announcements coming down the road. We have more than a few surprises in store.
  7. Kiri is a real human bean and a real hero.
  8. Spoiler alert! You're going to be disappointed, I fear.
  9. Who or what is your spirit animal and why?
  10. I'll ask the obvious question: Did you ever hear the tragedy of Dark Plagueis "the Wise"?
  11. The soundtrack for Drive may be my favorite movie soundtrack.

  12. And building a frickin' CV, which is a huge pain in the ass if you haven't done it before. Life Advice would probably be the section for discussing career preparations and decisions. There is the caveat of the minimum 40 posts required to post in LA; however, given the importance of these topics, that's a fair demand, I think.
  13. "All rise for the luminous Yellow Diamond!"

    "And the lustrous Blue Diamond."

  14. who dares to mge me

    1. SCS



    2. Yellow Diamond

      Yellow Diamond

      1v1 badlands spire

      prepare to be 20-0'd