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    Lesbian ships are best ships.
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  1. 1% battery on my tablet right now. I'ma try and be more active here.

  2. I think visiting this site every two weeks or so is working out well for me. Anyways I finnaly watched AttackOn Titan season two. And too bad it'll be another two years for season three. Imight start reading the manga, but only if I can find where the manga picks off after season two ends. 

    Also after I finish watching Ajin I really want to watch Knights Of Sidonia. Then maybe, maybe, Kill La Kill. I've tried starting Kill La Kill on three seperate occasions. Each time I made it to half way through episode two then stopped. Also after Ajin I need to finish watching Little Witch Academia.


    Then after all of those series I think I might start watching Sonic X.


    And maybe watch Steven Universe again. Though steven universe is kind of eh for me now. And there's also Rick and Morty season three which I havn't watched yet.


    Anyways be back in another two weeks.

  3. Request Shop

    Would non pony oc's be okay? If not then just use the first one.
  4. Request Shop

    Can you draw this one for me?
  5. Also I'm sure everyones heard but Scootaloo has lesbian aunts.

  6. Fizzlepop Berrytwist is best pone.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tilgoreth


      I honestly like it more than her real name.  . .

    3. Kyoshi


      Isn't Fizzlepop Berrytwist her actual real name? 

    4. Tilgoreth


      Technically yes. But it's more a gag name they threw in because why not joke about silly pony names.

  7. I forgot NaNoWriMo was coming up. I think I might drop everything else and work on it. 

    Except maybe the two people I'm editing for.

  8. Okay so the season seven finale was actually really good. Defintly one of the best finales in the series. 

  9. Episode 24 of season seven was pretty good. Went in a differnt direction than I was expecting. Defintly had some funny moments, and I honestly thought the pacing was pretty good. 

    If done properly this could have ended up being a new "Amending Fences". It isn't, and that's fine. It's still a fun episode.

  10. So i watched the leaked episode 23. And it was better than I expected. I really wasn't too interested in it from reading the premise. But it was actually a very funny and well done episode.

  11. Spoiler

    I haven't found them anywhere.
  12. Here the fimfiction FlutterDash group is doing a writing contest for October. Details found here:

    I'm one of the judges for the contest(I prompted the admis too start it) so I can't submit and entry and I can't help anybody who wants too submit one.