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  1. I've been really inactive recentley. If anyone cares I'm more active on FimFiction.

  2. I forgot about those. I guess it was just meant as a joke then. but babies sneeze just like adults though.
  3. Biggest flaw: Bon Bon didn't give Lyra those flowers. Guys she's cheating on her girlfriend! But that was an easy fandom joke. Missed opurtunity. I mean come on, how hard is it to animate Bon Bon giving Lyra the flowers? She was standing right behind her! Also still don't like the resolution very much. I love the new style they gave her, just not what it was meant to imply. If they really wanted a "beauty is on the inside" moral Rarity should have left her mane the way it was. It feels shallow that she had to change it. The episode didn't really go anywhere. It felt just like a "day in the life of" episode without anything really happening. And again welcome to the Starlight Glimmer show! But for real GlimGlam is showing up way more than she did in season six. And she arleady showed up a lot in season six. I mean what is Starlight going to be adopted by the Sparkle family now?(can she please be? Hasbro make it happen). On a side note there are like five or six differnt fics on fimfiction that deal with this episode in some way. Two of them revolve around what Spike did to comfort Rarity. And those are written by differnt authors. I just think it's kind of weird we are getting so many fics this quickly. (Then again there was a fic called Much ado about a Belle, that came out about a month ago. And it dealt with how Cheerilie felt after "Hard To Say Anything".) EDIT: Why did it take so long for that issue of Vanity Mare to come out? I mean what gives? Also is the show saying that only a year has passed since season two? Pinkie said it's been a year since the baby cakes first sneeze. Unless that happend in like season five, I don't see what else the writers could be implying. What's sad is that it isn't unreasoble that season three to seven encompases a year. Which means that Starlight has only been a good gut for like three or four months at most.
  4. It's sad when I look at my highes rated fimfiction stories and I don't think they're that great. 

  5. So haven't posted much recently. Mostly because I've been working on writing some fan fiction. Which I am having trouble with currently. Also e19 was good. 

  6. So Rarity's new style is cool. Can we see ore of it? No? Dang. This episode felt weird to me. There wasn't much of a resolution to the conflict. It was just like:Oh yeah I know how to style manes and add hair extensions! If they wanted a "beauty on the inside" moral Rarity should have left her mane the way it was. Also when Rarity asked if her mane was okay at the end that dialogue felt strange. At that point it probably has been close to half a year since she lost her mane. It would have been normal for awhile. also welcome to the Starlight Glimmer show! It's definitely a deliberate move to include Starlight more.
  7. I haven't posted here in about a month.

    1. Sylveon


      Yeah, a friend of yours came online earlier to get you unbanned.

    2. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Happens to everyone really. BTW, I'm halfway done with your request.

    3. Yumekai


      Yay you're back!

  8. Is my reputation really dead? Does anyone even like me anymore? No?

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    2. Hierok


      Of course we do still like you. What is happened doesn't care that much. :twi:

    3. Tilgoreth


      Cool guys. And @WiiGuy2014 even if I had put more effort into the rp, I couldn't have come up with a better ending. At least not one that matched show canon. Good job man.

    4. WiiGuy2014



      Glad to be of assistance!

  9. lol I should stop. Yeah I'm done. I'm weird, but you don't need to know in what way. Listen I'm sorry, It just doens't bother me anymore.

    1. KTAG


      what doesn't?

  10. So I figured I should apoligize for my weiridness. I won't explain what that means. But never have any doubts that Tilgoreth is a weirdo. I just am. And do I care? No. It could honestley be worse, but I have decided to never ever share that with anyone. Cough. Welll never again at least. 

    1. Johnny1226


      Weirdness is normal here 

    2. Someguyinablazer


      Everyone is weird. Screw normal.

      I don't hate you. I dislike MLP, the Walking Dead, The Last of Us, and Orange is the New Black bores me. Also I sometimes drink the water i cook peas in. See? I'm weird.

    3. Foxy Socks

      Foxy Socks

      It's okay, I am weird too. FB_IMG_1503964401124.thumb.jpg.5ec3f7f0c222993dd57a5373f3062b7a.jpgFB_IMG_1504392300244.thumb.jpg.408ac706ceaf26dff1800f20b3f5663a.jpg

  11. Okay I can't find the request I made. It was completed right? Yeah could you just pm me that, I really can't find it with all these comments.
  12. Hey I'm back. I assume my reputation is dead? *silence* I guess I was right. Oh well. 

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    2. Tilgoreth


      Yeah sorry guys. I'm a weirdo. Woe is me. Well I don't care, I mean hey you like what you like right? I just like women wearing a certain garment that they don't normal wear. *cough* So you don't want to talk to me anymore right? 

    3. Snow


      Hah, MLP Forums is the place where we don't talk about that stuff yo, I ain't one to judge so its cool, but it is stated that all fetish stuff is taboo here, which is something I really like about this place, if you want to talk about that kind of stuff just do it elsewhere and there wont be any problems resulting from it right?

    4. Tilgoreth


      Okay alright.

  13. Come on. He said he just made some innuendos. Why'd you ban Tilgoreth over that? I just don't get it.