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  1. I love that one also. Also how how have you been?
  2. I’ve recently realized I’m actually transgender. Which means I’m really a girl. I can’t really do anything to transiton now. But just identifying as a transgirl feels better than saying I’m a guy. Anyways that’s it. I’m just a transgirl.
  3. So I’m a transgirl now. I’ve been thinking about my gender a lot lately. And honestly the last time I did this was when I was 13. 




    I really wanted to be a girl when I was 13. It was something I thought about constantly. And I guess I stopped thinking about that sometime before I turned 15. 






    Anyways I’ve just realized that even though I don’t hate being male, I’d much prefer to live my life as a girl then as a boy. So that means I’m transgneder. And that I’m a transgirl. 





    Cant really do anything about transitioning now. But I’ll see.

  4. Kind of don’t think I’ll dver really be active on this site again. Though I’ll try checking in occasionally.

  5. Are you doing well?

  6. How are you doing?

  7. Yeah that's what I said. And even if you haven't seen the leaks the trailer for mlp s8 was released and it already confirmed one aspect of the leaks if you hadn't watched the leaks from before.
  8. Yeah it's funny this leak is true because of what else we already know.
  9. I'm an atheist so I don't got to church.
  10. Well considering the other leaks this is probably true.
  11. Yeah that's why I want to write a redo fic of it
  12. Well okay. I just thought there was a more meaningful way they could have written the episode.
  13. So how are you doing?

    1. Starlight


      I'm fine, thanks. You?

  14. To be honest there are a few reasons why I stopped being active on this site. One of them just being this site didn't feel very active itself. But also due to various other reasons. None of which are important since I've already resolved those.



    i can't say I think My Little Pony is the greatest show ever. But I still do enjoy it. And because of that I may as well still be active on this site until it ends.



    I'll never be as active as I was. I'm not even as active on fimfiction as I was five months ago. But that's more because I stopped writing fan fiction. Anyways I understand nobody here really knows me. But I do want to say I am sorry for my past rude behavior

    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      I wasn't even aware of any past rude behavior. Even if you using some censored swears in the RP we played in, i could tell it wasn't entirely out of mean spiritness. What do you say to that, @Tilgoreth?

    2. Tilgoreth


      I was speaking generally. And a lot of that happened in pm's or locked threads. And a lot of that behavior carried over to fimfiction and Reddit. And I'm just done. At the end of the day I'm never going to please everyone, I beilve in a lot of other things most people would disagree with. But I'm also done being mean. 




      A part part of that also relates to things that happened back in August and September. None of which anybody knew about since it all happened over email or pm's. If you'd care to know than pm since it's against mlp forum rules to talk out.

  15. That's not even made clear if that's actuallly the case. And even if it was it doesn't explain why they wouldn't remmber her from elemntary school.
  16. She didn't bring anything on herself. The mane seven just feel like bullies putting people down.
  17. That still felt mean. Self awarness doesn't make you clever, it just means your not dumb(since that why the writers did that, to go "look at how self aware and clever we are) Exactly. But this is also just a problem with kids shows in general. They tend to be very vague about when things happen i relation to one another. I don't agree eith ttlhat at all. I honestly thought susnet was overly mean.
  18. I guess this one just felt like the most shallow out of all of eqg and mlp. And there is some pretty shallow moments in both. Mostly in the "look how great we are at being friends" without ever actually making any meanigul attempt to address friendship or even bullying in the case of this episode. I know this is a kids show and I shouldn't expect much, but it's really starting to grind on me.
  19. Wow I feel like I'm the only who really didn't like the EQG Forgotten Friendship special.

    1. Sparklefan1234


      There were parts of it I didn't like (Celestia/Sunset reunion) but I enjoyed the special overall.

    2. Tilgoreth


      Fair enough.

  20. Wow I feel like I'm the only one who didn't like this episode. Like honestly I thought this was the worst eqg special so far. Wallflower was the onoy good thing. And even she wasn't really great. Tbh personally I hated the self awarness for the songs. It's okay at first but now it's just like "look how smart we are guys". And it kind of felt overly mean that Wallflower didn't get to finish her song. Even if it was silly she started singing in the first place. Honestly this episode reminds me of everything I hate in Disney channel teeange shows and none of the remotoy good qualties norm
  21. Wow it's only been a month since I last logged on here. But it feels longer than that. 

    Okay I know I'm even less well known here than I am on fimfiction but I figrued i'd say this. 

    I probally won't ever be very active here again. Partly because forum games don't really interest me and partly because mlp has kind of already worn thin for me. 


    I still like the show but interacting with the fandom just started taking away my time from things I cared more about. Even if that just meant playing video games.


    Long story short I'm basically done here aside from logging in occasonily. I might be more active here again during season 8 of mlp, but no gurantee. 


    That's it. I'm not deleting my account or whatever and I'll still keep it, I just won't be as active.

  22. Are spoilers allowed for this discussion or will I be insta banned? Because there are some spoilers I could talk about. . .
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