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  1. Pathfinder in Apex Legends is just Bastion with sexy legs. Think about it.

    1. PathfinderCS


      I am!? D:


    2. Kaneki


      Lol no, this one:


  2. Sprint, unlimited Kickstart plan for $25 a month. It's available to those who port numbers with a $10 autopay discount. The network is quite decent in Indianapolis. If you can hit their Band 41 signal (the ex-Clearwire cell spectrum), it's actually pretty good, and I think it's sad that they have to result to mergers to keep themselves from going under (the pending T-Mobile and Sprint merger). They've gotten a lot better.
  3. Sleep (or lack of, even with medication).
  4. Ooooh, I can take this one! I have problems with sleep disorders (RLS and general insomnia), so some nights I don't even get rest, if not a couple light hours. I think it stems from working nights a few years ago, with being unable to adjust to normal sleep still.
  5. Lil Peep - Awful Things (not embedding to avoid rule breaking)
  6. Insomnia sucks.

  7. Kaneki

    Your username is (kind-of) the name of my bank.

  8. Raspberry Beret by Prince and the Revolution
  9. Deku is a treasure and way better than Bakugo. (sorry @Bakugou Is My Man <3)
  10. I don't think I have a high enough IQ to enjoy it. :^) It's okay, I guess?
  11. Fellow bloomer.

  12. Hulu is the only service I pay for, considering Funimation removed a lot of older series on Crunchyroll. I just leech off my parents' Netflix other than that. The app interface is rather annoying, especially on Roku due to how.... slow it usually navigates.
  13. Kacchan is mean but he must be protected.

  14. Yo! Haven't seen you in a while.

    1. Malloy


      Hi! You'll have to refresh my memory since it's been so long, haha!