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  1. Playing as chaos again in Warhammer 40k, I got into the longest match ever and it ended up crashing. Idk how to resolve the matches any faster, I was spamming robots and various other units and got the demons out sometimes, I guess I need to micro more or something, but then the orcs still held me off and were even taking more strategic points behind my back.

    What gives?

  2. CCG because you can actually find the cards to play lol. Tho, if it were more available TSSSF is funner, at least temporarily. But the CCG has some nifty cards like this
  3. Gaming

    And also and and These are all good and memorable as well as the PlayStation logo itself, modern consoles just don't give the nostalgia there.
  4. When I played Casualties in Hotline Miami 2
  5. People calling it Scootabuse or Spike being a mistreated slave or such. May or may not have had an effect on it.
  6. If one wanted to they could measure each, it'd require far more science than would be reasonable tho lol. And science would likely need to have a full plan in advance to record reactions and stuff. But this episode was well conveyed for me. Others, perhaps not, but so far the people who are mad at it seem to be projecting or misunderstanding the episode. So if someone understands it and its right just means the others have bad perspective. Like when Bob Dylan changed music genres it made alot of their fans angry, but its objectively speaking good music still.
  7. That's like eating a cake and its delicious but accidentally had a cherry stem in it, minor issue. We would need to weigh velocities of all good and bad and to all audience members, so its just better to check what kind of audience enjoyed it vs didn't enjoy it and weigh each of those. More people enjoyed it, and the ones who enjoyed it are more reasonable than the ones who didn't enjoy it. Both sides could have perceptional biases. The ep did convey its point well though, if not people would be more often noting how the message was poorly said or such. Instead we get people mad because 'they were mean to muh ponies!' or because 'Hasbro is being rude to us!' which means they missed the point. Which means their negative doesn't count as much because they misunderstood it, but still partially counts because it wasn't showing itself well enough to appeal to them. In a way its like food, some people just never ever ever try sour food. Or spicy food or pickled food etc. That's them missing out, they can't objectively say the food is bad. Plenty are enjoying it. Like how the Simpsons made fun of how they went to Japan just to try Japan's version of Western food. They could say ew Japanese food is gross 0/10. Doesn't mean their opinion means anything to those who enjoy the food already, and saying its bad because to them it tastes bad, that's just them not being used to it. So saying its objectively bad is objectively wrong, it has objective value. Technically yeah. But because we are not having a huge science over this, and because its what I have seen elsewhere I am prone to thinking its a healthy representation. I may very well be wrong. But in the objective case of good art being perceived poorly, is that we would expect those that do enjoy the art, if they understands the intent, that it is possible to understand the intent thus they have more weight to it than those misunderstanding the episode. Tho it could be an expressional flaw on the writer's part, the fact they get side-stepped by their own emotional needs does prove its more on them being silly than the show. Like if I mention a study that offends a demographic of people but its true, then some people end up focusing more on the emotional aspect and ignore the technical aspect. It doesn't mean it was a bad study, it means the audience isn't good enough. But this being a show they are to blame somewhat because ya know, appealing to demographics being valued. However critics gonna criticize, and etc, so they might've been displeased with any other episode anyways if they more often than not criticize the show, and this could give them anger and the show more negative attention, which gives more optimists more chances to fight the negativity which means if anything, making the show fan demographic more optimistic about the show which is a good thing, but this isn't a strict possibility, and theres more possibilities we could prolly get into.
  8. No art can be objectively bad, like you draw a singular line, then compare it to a Dali painting. One is objectively worse. Or like you draw a sandwich just a sandwich then say its representative of something entirely unrelated no one could have figured it out on their own. Overall we can see from the votes above the episode had more hits than misses. So it has more enjoyment than unenjoyment. Which means it accomplished a bit of its purpose, appeal to a demographic. Some shows can't even do that.
  9. Jerks and stereotypes coming off as negative do not mean its a bad episode. If people get mad its because they think its about them which means they should be taking a look in the mirror. For all you know its a vocal minority, not a majority of people being referenced here. I do not like this attitude of 'this episode made me feel bad so it is bad' that's the most childish thing ever. That's like saying Rick n Morty is bad because it approaches subjects that make you uncomfortable or that Family Guy was always bad because it makes fun of the audience. You are just being sensitive. The episode was funny, if you are salty that's because you want to feel justified and identify more with the jerks. And no, background adults were not being jerks. Just they were a silent majority compared to a vocal minority. And by background I mean the ones that we don't see joining the crowd, the ones that never show up from other episodes they used to background in. We don't see Time Turner Lyra Derpy etc. So if you think its literally dissing every adult fan get real. Its just dissing the vocal minority. Which you might be a part of considering you judge episodes for a blog hobby. But no show technically should be immune to criticism just its when you get Mean Spirited it hurts enjoyment right? Seems like you are identifying with them, how about you take a look in the mirror instead of saying the episode is bad for personal reasons. If many enjoyed the episode it objectively can't be bad. Funny how you say its mean spirited, when that's what you do.
  10. Criticism =/= attacking dude.
  11. Had protein powder with half n half and two bags of pork rines today, hours later starting to feel sick. Bleh. Not the smartest choice in hindsight, but I did buy salad, maybe I should've had that instead lol.

  12. I do feel like alot of content creators in the fandom are a bit shallow or narrow minded. But that's why I don't watch those videos for it to ruin it for me lol. Personalities they admired? But that quote from Aizen, 'admiration is the emotion furthest from understanding.' To understand someone ask why are they making the videos. Why are they producing this content. If you understand their motivations they are humans, not heroes. I do understand the EW MARY SUE mentality ppl get. They never heard of the theory of relativity lol. But, reason 2 isn't even analysis related entirely, reason 3 is her personal problem, same with reason one.
  13. How is that a problem?
  14. The people at my funeral would be confused by such a song. And I don't believe in the human ideas of heaven or hell its not likely (polite way of saying impossible). But through technicality and great unknowns there might be something. Either way we won't know right. And its a scary topic for me. Why would I want to die, and its going to happen anyways. That's like being forced into a dark room after getting a lobotomy that was also forced.
  15. Their saw equivalent would be getting the fainting flower ponies to be given the option to destroy the other's flowers to escape starvation. Full parody. Instead of the pit with needles its a pit of legos lol.