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  1. Its been a while

    1. GlimGlam


      It certainly has welcome back bro 

    2. Platinum Night

      Platinum Night

      Welcome back. :)

  2. Cephalopods are winning!

    They are the best animals! Cuttlefish go!

  3. Shuga! Where you been?!!? Been wanting to talk to you! What, got you on Steam, I think.

      Wanted to ask if you're still the Yugioh expert to get ahold of. Got me a buncha Beast cards I been meaning to work together & I'd like your stance on things!

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    2. Widdershins


       "Eldritch Abomination cards" Eeee! Do tell me what they are! Sounds amazadorable!!!

      But I think the keyword there is:



       Like, ONE. Not like hearthstone where every single expansion that comes out, each new possible deck arrangement has a new recipe that is incapable of being beat by any other previous deck recipe or renders half of everything else in the same expansion as completely useless. Warrior decks have been unplayable the past, some, four years maybe. And that's a ninth of the game!

       Like, you gotta spend money to get what ya brought up. You gotta luck into it. And you can tell that person to play nicer, because you wanna have time to have fun so maybe use a different deck... or just not play with them.

       As opposed to Hearthstone, where Rogues get a combo you literally can do nothing to stop, & nobody plays rogue for any other reason, so you MUST immediately concede the moment you see the Rogue's face pop up. Because you know it'll be over in half a minute anyway, so might as well not waste your time. Only reason Quest Rogue decks stopped being used. NO one would ever bother to play against them.

      I hate Hearthstone. Have I mentioned?

      Beats me why I keep playing it.


        Got Rescue cat & Rescue bunny! And the adorable "Emerging Emergency Rescue Rescute" spell! ... what do you mean link beasts? The Chain Dog or Key Mouse?

       Sort of the issue there is keeping my critters alive long enough for the bonus to stack up. Or actually getting more than one out at a time... suppose Rescue Rabbit helps to do the 3-Hump Lacooda thing...

    3. SugarCoatxMarblePie



      a lil busy right now will say more later if u ping me again

      But note extra deck cards tend to be 1 ofs not 3 ofs

    4. SugarCoatxMarblePie


      Yeah so it was the two xyzs (black border) idr the combo tho I can find the video I saw the combo on

      what else may interest u


  4. I would hire a development team to make the best videogame for the brain that's both challenging, plays at your pace, and has good aesthetics and storytelling. I would hire the Skullgirls Animators, Lauren Faust, The guys who made Nes Battletoads, The guys who invented DnD if they are alive, The guy who made Devil Daggers, The Co-op developers on Starcraft 2 and the StarCraft/Brood War developers, Some of the guys who worked on Doom (the recent one), and the people who made Panoramical. And some random games with good sound design like Donkey Kong Country or Mario sorta sound design so it
  5. Them being forced to give up their dreams goals ambitions desires responsibilities, to participate in a school which is a full time job. I feel like they broke character too much so even if they got development its going to contradict writer to writer and whenever Hasbro steps in, making it a moot sentiment and a wasted pursuit. Maybe they should've been episodic like the original PPG. That's why they liked S1 and S2 more than any other season. Well, and S3 killed it being random and a half a season etc.
  6. Cute Twi pic Sparky @TwilySparky Do you have a higher resolution? Personally I see everything involving the school as Dash quitting the wonderbolts, Rarity quitting her boutiques, AJ quitting her farm, Fluttershy taking a job involving many eyes being on her, etc. Its clearly an executive marketing decision, so I am not going to be for it. It causes way too many plot holes and out of character moments. G5 is going to need to happen soon anyways. I just worry the executives are going all in on psychological priming for the audience too much instead of trying to make a good show.
  7. Mythbusters lies sometimes though, their episode on subliminal messages the guy scratched his nose which is what they said, then they said it doesn't count because of x y z, when it totally counted, they just don't want to cultivate a paranoid audience or they'd end up testing if bpa makes frogs gay or something.
  8. Its just the ones overprotective of 'MY Twilight Sparkle' and a newcomer becoming the new fish out of water type, and she was a villain and replaced twilight it got them salty. Sorta similar to Angel or Trixie people didn't like at first.
  9. If theres anything almost a reference its when she kills someone by using cupcakes lol
  10. I found this video and it seems fun. What do you all think?
  11. I've been meaning to say this for a little bit, but I just wanted to say that your profile pic is absolutely adorable.

  12. You seriously have an entire episode as your signature.



    I obviously have seen nothing in my life yet.

    1. TheTaZe


      Oh my god, I thought you said an entire episode of Spongebob at first. I was so confused.

    2. SugarCoatxMarblePie


      Yeah someone I knew in Discord made it, took em a little bit. And it fits the sig limitations so I thought ya know what, might as well. lol

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