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  1. Never understand how ESPN salivates more over the Patriots losing than the team that beat them winning.

  2. And after the tree has stood in a bucket outside the house this past week, it’s going up. I can’t wait.

  3. A rare status update from me, went with my family to get the tree.

    1. Splashee


      The tree for 1st December? :wau::oneheckofahat:

    2. Phosphor


      I hardly ever setup a tree in my house. Yard's full of pretty Blue Spruces and Green Giant Arborvitae.

      Don't get any ideas  :P

  4. Automatic. Never driven stick and I don’t expect to ever learn.
  5. Caught it on Buzzr which airs this version of Card Sharks in cycles (they alternate between the versions hosted by Jim Perry, Bill Rafferty and in this case, Bob Eubanks). I determined the airdate based on an online guide and found it on YouTube.
  6. An interesting find. Some contestants got tickets to see My Little Pony: The Movie according to this plug on Card Sharks. After doing some research seeing it on Buzzer, this episode originally aired the day before the movie's release.
  7. If you want to stop buying an author’s books because you don’t like them as a person, that’s up to you. If you want to deface the author’s material, then you’ve got a bigger problem than said author. Not only are you creating a personal grudge, you’re also giving the author publicity. People who are curious about the controversy will find out what upset you so much. They may turn on you worse than the author.
  8. Just over 50,000. My mom insisted on keeping my family's old minivan until it reached 200,000 miles which it did a few months ago.
  9. Apple, peaches, pumpkin pie. Found the cider? Holler "Aye!"
  10. During tax season, I work. Outside of that, I do a mid-morning workout at the gym. Depending on my needs, I either go grocery shopping, do yard work or relax.
  11. *is watched* Hmmm...


    1. Yoshi89


      Here, have some chocolate.


    2. JingLBabe


      Hm, with or without nuts?

  12. Open the door and it's on the right with the nightstand in the corner. My bedroom faces northeast so during fall and winter, I can't sleep late unless it's cloudy since I have the sun in my eyes when I wake up.
  13. He he  :P

    Angel Bunny and Fluttershy tongue out.gif

  14. *bap* Hullo. :catface:

  15. We have Shop-Rites and Stop & Shops out here. Closer to the city there are Foodtowns and Key Foods. Earlier this decade, Walbaum's and Pathmark went out of business.