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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I was bored out of my mind after a long day and began browsing through netflix, until I came across mlp fim. Remembering G3 days I rolled my eyes and I pressed play to see just how bad it was. Well, sufficient to say I was hooked after the first two episodes and marathon through the 1st and 2nd season during the weekend. This happened three years ago.
  3. Well, mine would be MLP fim 2017! I just it doesn't get ruined...
  4. They're cool in my book. Are they perfect? Of course not. But, they are still enjoyable. It did take bit of time for me to get used to their setting (high school, really?) and character designs (Luna's outfit been the biggest offence). Now, I don't mind that much and can continue to watch the movies and wouldn't stop me from watching future EQ movies.
  5. I'm on the same boat as well I just watch the show, no stuffed toys, figures, fan fictions, heck, I haven't even been to any conventions, and I've been a fan for three years. I might consider buying the movies and/or seasons just as a sign of support but that's about it.
  6. Got the Amazon free mlp app and wow it's pretty addictive, lol.

  7. People are like that. They love to find what's not in there and make a big deal out of it. In fact, I can't read Shakespeare anymore without think that every line is about sex. "The lady goes into a closet" that's sex. "Someone putting thread through a needle" that's sex. "Guy takes a walk" that's sex! (Thanks professor). I guess its the same with homosexuality, people just look for it even if it isn't there, just like LostButterflyUtau stated.
  8. Dark souls 2 pvp, and MLPForums.
  9. Cipactli

    General What do you sound like?

    I really wish I could share my voice, but I feel really ashamed of it, in fact, I can't even listen to it, even when I'm alone.
  10. Cipactli

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Currently, "Unleash the Magic."
  11. Dragon Quest VII, in ps2, I think. It took me eight months to finish it all the way to the dragon trials.
  12. Same boat as some members here. I've got not best friends oniline, or offline, I'm all alone. Not, that's a bad thig? It's been like that since I can remember.
  13. Finally, out of school for the day, got plenty of HW though...

    1. Burning5


      I'm with you but just got off work.

  14. Cipactli

    Confession Time!

    I'm a closet brony, and looks like that it's not going to change anytime soon. This is the first mlp forum I have ever joined and I've been a fan since 2012.
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