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  2. Now all the forums can see I come back around just to post on your profile :c

    1. SFyr


      But, I am best pony. :c

  3. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  4. birthday, Happy! :]

  5. You may just be the biggest dork I've ever met. :)

    1. SFyr


      Awh. <3 Then I guess we can be the biggest dorks together, dork. ;p

  6. Life has a funny way of working out to be just fine.

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    2. PathfinderCS


      Life finds a way; as they say.

    3. JonasDarkmane


      No rhyming deer!


      Life usually works out. Just takes willpower :)

    4. SFyr


      I like to think so. ♥

  7. My favorite man is now my fiancé. <3

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    2. Nervous Stitch

      Nervous Stitch

      Thank you both c: University is important to both of us. No reason to not get our degrees!

    3. SFyr


      Once again, congratulations !! :D

    4. Stormfury
  8. Pleassssssse hug me *tries to hypnotize you*

  9. So much to do, so little time!

  10. Blessed to have such sweethearts as friends.

  11. If you have newfound information or forgot to include something on your last application, I don't see any harm in applying once more, although your first application may still be taken into account if it wasn't too long ago!
  12. What a hiatus! Moved apartments, gained a new roommate, a new feline roommate, switched majors and started a pony convention! I apologize for my abrupt disappearance. On a good note, my shop is open for business once again! Be sure to read through the original post and shoot me a personal message if you have a commission request, or any comments/questions/concerns. It's good to be back! :crackle:
  13. got a new look! Love our PV devs...sometimes c: